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    Intel 311 Series Larson Creek SSD Pictured, Tested

    Actually closer to 3x-4x the price of MLC..
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    LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon Processor on Ebay

    Intel has never asked me to return their ES chips..
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    Computex 2011 Launchpad for Intel X79 Motherboards

    Going without any USB3.0 is a bit disappointing, but Intel isn't invested in USB3.0 so they might as well let it be someone else's problem/investment/development in the add-on chip space. I'm sure the USB3 bridge companies aren't complaining :p I don't see much usage for USB3 at the current...
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    NVIDIA to Launch Optimus-like Technology for Desktops at Computex 2011

    That's cool I guess.. Its Nvidia's fix for higher idle power consumption versus ATI/AMD cards.. I see its benefit in gaming laptop situations, but not sure its really needed on any desktops though. I don't think AMD needs anything similar, their idle power consumption is pretty minimal as...
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    OCZ Appoints Steve Lee as New SVP of Product Management, BU General for PSU Division

    Well it could definitely affect the user in the long run.. I see they are making some acquisitions of talent but it brings into question what the actual value and stability of the company is. The paper is certainly written to make quick bucks; some of it is conjecture, some of it not...
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    OCZ Appoints Steve Lee as New SVP of Product Management, BU General for PSU Division

    Weird that the 'OCZ fraud paper' didn't make it onto this site.
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    Xigmatek Introduces Elysium Big-Tower in ''9XL'' Format

    Compensating on size much guys? Unless you guys are putting a SR-2 board or equally monster setup in this case.. bleh.
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    GELID Announces Slim Silence I-Plus CPU Cooler

    Well I think the point is that you can put this into a tiny 1U-height case, probably not an actual 1U server case.
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    OCZ Technology Ships One Millionth Solid State Drive

    Revenue ≠ Profit Their revenue is supposed to be $189 Million.. but they are still losing money
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    OCZ Technology Expects That Fiscal Q4 Revenue Increased by Nearly 100% to Record $64M

    lol, and their SSD profit margins ARE spectacular? There's a reason why they are only mentioning revenue and not profit.
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    Greenliant Sampling World's First Industrial-Grade, Single-Package SATA SSD

    Regardless of the actual figure being higher, You often make 100,000 write cycles on top something?
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    OCZ the First SSD Manufacturer to Announce Successful Transition to 2X nm NAND Flash

    Well this isn't the actual reason (the real reason is related to the larger die capacity and fewer dies per drive), but less capacity is less, nonetheless.
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    OCZ the First SSD Manufacturer to Announce Successful Transition to 2X nm NAND Flash

    lol @ OCZ marketing BS. "First to complete transition to 25nm"? Nope.
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    GeForce GTX 580 Cooling Solution Detailed to Public

    Well, well Nvidia. Good to see you're finally releasing the GTX480 like you promised so long ago.
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    Toshiba Introduces High Performance Blade-Type SSD Modules with up to 256 GB

    4 chips is sufficient for maximum speed here.
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    Zalman Kick Starts its SSD Lineup

    Wow this is an unexpected announcement.. Makes sense for silent computing I guess, but they are no doubt getting these OEM'd from somewhere in Taiwan.
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    Super Talent Introduces the World's Smallest 64GB USB Drive

    Yes, but not everyone uses thumb drives for your application. I use my usb drives to transfer files between computers everyday at work and at home.. so having a 3mm nub for me (the DeLock) would be a pain in the ass.
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    Antec Releases One-of-a-Kind Open-Air Chassis: The LanBoy Air

    Sweet, its been forever since I got to play with Legos! Not really my style. It also seems a bit hokey for such an expensive case ($200), with those screw holes are exposed, etc,. but it looks like there's plenty of mounting options for fans, I wonder how deep those side panels are around...
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    PhotoFast Announces GMonster 3X V1 SATA 6 Gb/s SSDs

    Gonna enjoy losing 1-4GB of your data? DRAM belongs in the DIMM slots.. DRAM and in the mass storage area is only good for buffering out the changes in transfer speed Sandforce uses cache, just not DRAM cache. Simply put, more capacity = more places that can be written to simultaneously...
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    Evercool Releases Cross Flow System Cooler to Market

    I know what it should be measured at, but the specs stated show nothing about measurement distance.. Which is why either the flow numbers, the sound numbers, or both, are BS..
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    Evercool Releases Cross Flow System Cooler to Market

    Flow rate is almost certainly exaggerated.. Also for noise output: So, you could measure the 'noise' of an Indycar engine at 23dB if you measured far enough away from it..
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    Noiseblocker Updates MultiFrame Fan Design, Adds Insulating Gasket

    I'm not sure here, but will that gasket shape actually seal against most radiators..?? It looks like there will be some leakage around the mounting holes..
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    Intel, Micron First to Sample 3-Bit-Per-Cell NAND Flash Memory on 25 nm Process

    Its actually an exponential decrease of wear endurance as you go up in bits-per-cell; SLC to MLC to TLC and wear endurance decreases as you go to smaller process technologies (50nm->34nm->25nm etc). The result is that in our testing, the limit of these flash cells is on the order of 100-300...
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    Active Media Products Expands DOM Product Line with New Low-Profile SATA Modules

    lol @ crappy photoshopped images