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  1. erixx

    push/pull rad, worth it?

    Hi! I have a triple rad and I wonder if adding 3 more fans below to it would make a difference. Somewhere I read that pump speed is much, but very much more important than rad fans speed or quantity. I have spare fans so it's not a cost problem, but it makes my build more complex. I'd also...
  2. erixx

    CCleaner hacked

    http://www.reuters.com/article/us-security-avast/hackers-compromised-ccleaner-free-software-avasts-piriform-says-idUSKCN1BT0R9 check your version!
  3. erixx

    Edge browser, start page: destroy MSN

    Hi! Online help and MS forum "gurus" explain clearly how to set your homepage when you open Edge or a new tab. No really necesary as it is just 2 settings in the configuration... but... Endless times have I checked it and disabled "News feed" or "Suggested content" and set it to only my...
  4. erixx

    i7 7700K - MSI Z270 Xpower

  5. erixx

    Help! A9 and 99 lcd-codes, no boot, nothing

    Hi!!! in fact I have much more questions but... let me tell you. Today I started working with my pc that had been okay this week after some upgrades. Now and then I had a bluescreen with every core at 44x (not gaming, more like working with files, scanning documents), and I had it set to 5...
  6. erixx

    H&D back in stores

    http://www.hidden-and-dangerous.net/ -> all the info And "gog" has it on sale, both H&D 1 and H&D 2 packs. Fortunately I still have the original games in boxes, I remember great EPIC multiplayer battles. Anyone was a fan?
  7. erixx

    OFFICIAL Ghost Recon Wildlands (Discussion)

    Being a longtime, old time GR veteran, I always get excited when a new chapter arrives, but since a long long time I am always delusioned because it gets more and more kiddy. Anyway I have played them all, not bought them all, even the free to play variants. Nuf said, Wildlands has arrived with...
  8. erixx

    LCD post code "Ad": the Story

    After a very succesfull weekend tuning and benching and sunday night late gaming at 4500 Mhz with my i7 6850K... This monday morning I wanted to start working... Pressed "On" and went to make a coffee. When I came back, there was an "Ad" code. And a frozen screen. In the manual "Ad" is "READY...
  9. erixx

    Mouse pointer gone, but click works!

    Hi! I don't know if it is the Geforce driver (tested on other pc: no, it is not guilty) but since yesterday updating Geforce drivers to the latest version, this morning my Razer mouse is fubar. I see no pointer. But it is shown in Device Manager, works also in BIOS (pointer shows up), and also...
  10. erixx


    Parts: Raijintek "Paean" case i7 6850K Asus Rampage V "Edition 10" + SupremeFX headphone DAC EK 360 Extreme cooling 32Gb G.Skill TridentZ 3866@3200 1 Intel PCIE SSD750, 2 Sam 840Evo 1TB SSD, 1 WD Black 2TB, 1 Toshiba 3TB Asus GTX 980Ti Strix Corsair AX860 PSU Edit: will start to add pics asap...
  11. erixx


    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Rampage V 10th AniversaryRaijintek Paean open caseEK 360 radGTX 1080 TI - Original Nvidia Founders Edition Mods: Longer "columns" to fit the GTX 980Ti Stryx under the glass window.Added the EK 3x fans I did not use to my top to extract...
  12. erixx

    Powered USB cables issues?

    Hi guys, First time issue! I bought a 5 m powered USB 2 cable for my printers as of late I was getting random "no printer available", that had me unpluggin' them until being recognized again, and I was using 2x 2,5 m old USB extender cables, I thought an upgrade would be a good idea. The new...
  13. erixx

    Which EK pump is better?

    Just received the watercooling kit. Cool stuff these EK parts.... Horrified I find that instead of the part "EK-DDC 3.2 PWM Elite Edition (Square) Pump" I get a (round) "Revo D5". The first one is a separated pump and the second a round one. So my build would change.... I thought the DDC was...
  14. erixx

    Acer Predator XB321HK 32" monitor

    Hi guys, I am asking for suggestions. I bought this part knowing very well it is somehow in between. It is 4K but 60 hz, well, some like it, some not. And you have to know I am 50 years old, and my eyes are not that quick and my gaming is not competitive at all. But still I like to be overrun by...
  15. erixx

    Leave Insider Builts effortless now (1-August-2016)

    In todays latest insider build 14393, you don't have to fully reinstall a mainstream build in order to leave the insider program. Now it is just mark the option, restart. End. Good choice MS!
  16. erixx

    Weirdest computer incidents

    I open the thread to maybe let it live with others contributions, starting with my own "incident" or "Wincident", LOL... I have a allways on, yet in suspension/hybernation mostly, "backup server", with the most basic parts and settings, 6 HDDs. Installed Windows 10 recently. Just like anydays...
  17. erixx

    Remove fixed fan cable from Corsair h80i GT pump

    Want some modding? I just received this cooler and the idea of having an extra Y-cable in my setup, that I will not use and cannot unplug, makes me wonder if i can remove it. It is a Y-splitter cable that comes out of the pump, for connecting your cooler fans (not the CPU pump!). I am going to...
  18. erixx

    Open (no sticker) motherboard box

    Hi guys: is it normal or acceptable to receive a new motherboard from Amazon without a sticker on the box to ensure you are the first one to open it? thanks!
  19. erixx

    Fanatec Porsche GT3RS V.2 wheel + G27 pedals workaround

    I will post this just to help potential victims of poor drivers by Fanatec. I lost hours and days!!!! Based on their sales statements, you should be able to plug G27 pedals into the wheel unit and race along! Doing this, in my case, the pedals were ON/OFF buttons, not analogue axis, so driving...
  20. erixx

    "Nadella (MS) says" brainstorm

    Today we learned that in a communique from Nadella to his troops he points at 3 top goals, so lets comment them, if you like: Quote: Reinvent productivity and business processes Build the intelligent cloud platform Create more personal computing /quote Productivity is greatly hurt by Win 8...
  21. erixx

    Win 8.1 Dynamic Shadow drive: easy! But... booting?

    Hi there! I just added a clean 1 TB Samsung 840 Evo to my existing (same) SDD system drive. My existing SDD (dynamic) drive is like this (from left to right in Disk Management): 300MB restore partition - 100MB EFI sytem partition - 500 GB C-drive (windows&programs) - 390 GB D-drive (my files)...
  22. erixx

    File and drive "Ownership" Blues (NTFS)

    Hi there, having writen about my dead mobo, now I'd like to confess my years old ashtonishment that needs relieve! I use to move my hard drives between installs, builds and upgrades (also, after a letal crash...). And sometimes I have to connect them over a dock to another computer. After all...
  23. erixx

    "USB overvoltage" mobo dead?

    Dear TPU'ers, I wish to share an unlucky event, for those curious and maybe in the hope of someone understanding this. After reading some guides I did not progress and consider my Asus Maximus VII Gene dead. I left for dinner, with a game in it's menu screen, a joystick, a mouse and keyboard...
  24. erixx

    Alternative to BenQ BL3200PT

    Hi there, in various threads i said I don't see or find a monitor I would buy in the UHD, big size area... I like 30 or 32" size and dedicate it to working and gaming.... Any one knows of an alternative? thanks ahead!
  25. erixx

    GTX 980/970 Club

    Hi, may I create this club? Should it live here or in the club thread? (By the way, there is a sticky thread here of a rather obsolete Geforce 2xx series card.) Not sure if 980 and 970 should be together or not... Since years I have always got myself the 2nd tier cards, this time it is a pure...