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    Actual Amount Of Memory /OS install time Questions

    Dude, seriously you spent so much money on i7, 6GB RAM etc ....stop being tight and just replace the freaking ODD.
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    Gigabyte RMA Problems. I will no longer recommend them!!!

    Gotta agree there mate, yes Asus can make some good mobos but the last one I had was an Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi ...ended up selling it on the cheap as DTS connect would freeze the computer when outputting via optical. They even admitted that it was a known fault with the board that many users...
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    Need testing of new GPU-Z feature: Monitor Info

    Doesn't detect my secondary monitor. Running the primary and secondary both through DVI. Primary monitor is an Optima 24", secondary is Acer AL1916w 19". Operating system is Vista home premium 64 on an Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 512MB. Any ideas?
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    C2D system shows as AMD system

    lol!! Didn't happen to fall asleep at the LAN did ya? :P
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    How much HD does a modern gamer need?

    Mussels, if you're in Melbourne go to BlueWireLAN ...it's also nicknamed "the anime LAN" :P Horrible for that asian crap .. www.bluewirelan.com
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    How much HD does a modern gamer need?

    No it's not. It's legal to create a backup of a game you own. But by cracking it, you are circumventing the copy protection inbuilt and THAT is the illegal part.
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    How much HD does a modern gamer need?

    BTW my Games ISO's total 536.05GB :) Nothing decent lately though.
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    How much HD does a modern gamer need?

    That it, my harddrives are not big by any means but I feel constrained. 6x500GB, 1x320GB Just about to order my 7th 500GB drive Currently using 2.5TB of space. This is all in my Antec 900 :)
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    Question regarding CPU-z

    It's just the SPD values for the RAM (Serial Presence Detect) ie the settings that will always be associated with your RAM. It's just show what values the RAM would be running if it were at 166MHz
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    How-to: Pencil mod your HD 3870!

    lower resistances, increase voltage..nah can't see it killing your card if you don't know what you're doing. :rolleyes:
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    How about these temps....

    MX-2 is better than AS-5..leave it as it is :)
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    How To Clean The Dust From Your Pc

    for my Antec 900 I've modified it so it has 3 side intakes and 3 front intakes..the dust filters clog up pretty quickly so all I do is shut down the PC, get out the vacuum cleaner and go to town on them ..only takes 30 seconds ;) To show the mod...
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    Beautiful water cooled rig

    Thanks for that mate, can see that now I look properly (especially the location of the IO panel) Anyone know where you can source one of those LCDs for system monitoring? :)
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    Beautiful water cooled rig

    very sweet..is that BTX though, it looks back-to-front ;)
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    Sata DVD drive issue

    Check your event viewer to see if there's any errors. I had a similar problem, replaced the SATA cables and it was fine.
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    GPUz not working on 2900XT/XP/Catalyst 7.10

    Trying to run the program and I will get either one of two problems. Either an error will popup stating "Could not start driver. The system cannot find the file specified" or it will simply not respond, kill off my explorer (not responding) disallow access to the task manager and not allow me...