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    AMD Stock Plunges Due to Forecast of Slowing Cryptocurrency, Console Markets

    Those idiot thinking GPU for miner is the only business that AMD do! /sigh GPU Division is only a part of AMD and doesn't made that much money this year either. Vega disaster rang the bell? Stock manipulation... I smelled! /sniff /sniff BTW, just added 3k shares :) Cheer!
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.8.1 WHQL Drivers

    Yeah, who cares! Since, I can only afforded 1050! /Sacasm
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    AMD Releases Beta Driver Specifically Geared for Blockchain Compute

    Wow... with all the comments and finger pointing. you people do realized that's AMD created/produced the GPUs and the reference card, the rest is up to the AIBs. AMD can't tell them what to make! And why would they? And yet, no one POINT FINGERS at them (AIBs). Also, it's doesn't matter if...
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    Noctua's Alleged Manufacturing Discrepancies Put to the Test, Found Lacking

    Hmmm... Even Molding machines cared whether they are in China or Taiwan?! OK, that's new. /sacasm *sigh*
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    AMD Announces the Ryzen 3 Series Desktop Processors

    I'll replaced my wife's PhII with the 1200 (with a little OC). She couldn't tell the different either way. LOL. But a very happy WIFY BTW: Thank for the Review Wizz! keep it up! Cheer.
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    AMD Announces the Ryzen 3 Series Desktop Processors

    With the kind of yield that's AMD having, it is quite possible if AMD didn't laser cut it. I'll definitely picked one up just for the GOOD OLD KICK!
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    AMD Announces the Ryzen 3 Series Desktop Processors

    ^^ Same post from PCPer. You must have gotten INTEL INSIDE! - Final blow to I3... RIP.
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    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    We have no information in regarding to Vega's performance as of yet. it all rumored... as for me, the articles just indicated that Vega will be available up to 250W and 300W of power usaged, Nothing more.
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    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    YES, but what is the PERFORMANCE PER WATT?! That's the most critical information missing. Without it, how do you compared? The article should has title it as: >> Vega available with 250W and 300W of power!<< THAT IT'S!
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    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    To all the fan boys and girls of NV and AMD included INTEL POWER USAGES and POWER AVAILABLE are 2 (TWO) different thing! If the performance/watt is good base on whatever we are reference on than 250W and 300W are awesomeee! The more the better. Power available is only a part of the...
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    AMD Vega May Launch with Less Than 20,000 Units Available

    ... and the world revolved with or without you.
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    AMD Dragged to Court over Core Count on "Bulldozer"

    Oh, bloody hell...! I'm filing a class action lawsuit against the DEVs for not developing software that's fully utilized all my 8 cores for all this years. :rockout: Any idiot lawyers in the house?:roll::nutkick:
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    NVIDIA Prepares a Controversial Change to its Driver Update Distribution

    Screw the 10 percent! It only 10%, who cared!? Urghh.... and I'm that ---> 10 Percent! Why, thank you! :banghead:
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    AMD Releases Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Drivers

    As you can see, I'm new here. :) why all the hate. Free yourself, you'll feel much better. @RCoon > Sorry, I wasn't pointing at you, I'm just commenting that to the general. Cheer!
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    AMD Releases Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Drivers

    and Matrox is using AMD...
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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 Ti Pictured

    Great news for NV fans. The overpriced cards had dropped! Go get your 780, Titan.. whatever you wanted and go to your corner and enjoyed!! Remembered to thank AMD for the prices dropped! Also, feel sorry for the previous suckers! :toast: Great news for AMD fans. Those overpriced cards...
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    $450 Pricing Looking Increasingly Likely for Radeon R9 290

    IMO It would be very interesting if AMD place the 290 (non X) at $399 (had been speculated). it would be game over for the 780 (even the 780Ti) and the Titan. Since I don't think NV will dropped another $50 across the line, including the 770. Who know? :) From the performer point of view...
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    AMD's Revolutionary Mantle Graphics API Adopted by Various Developers

    Any willingness support from the software is a win win, whether it's AMD or NV, ultimately us, the customers. Hardware is nothing if software can not utilized <-- Microsoft, do you hear that? :banghead: Here how I looked at it. If it free! Hell, yes! Please... If it not... putted on...
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    NVIDIA to Cut Pricing of GeForce GTX 780 and GTX 770 Post GTX 780 Ti

    I'm just curious what's NV going to do when AMD release the R290 at $449?! Let's the game begin! Fun times. :rockout:
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    AMD Announces Radeon R9 290X

    cranked up the fan speed to 70% and you're be golden!:pimp: GG AMD:nutkick:
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    Reference Radeon R9 290X Taken Apart

    And then we stripped it all off... re-dressed with some other fancy after market goody... :banghead: I just wanted a bare board:D
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    ASUS Radeon R9 280X MATRIX Graphics Card Pictured

    You know this for sure... How??? Those are just the SPEC. NUMBERS! What's really counted will be the architecture on the silicon! We'll see... :ohwell: