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  1. Wyverex

    possible GPU upgrade (to R9 270X), will PSU hold?

    So, there's a high chance I'll be upgrading my rig with a new GPU some time soon (options are either 2nd hand HD 6970 or a new R9 270X) and my concern is will the PSU I have hold (PSU upgrade in addition to GPU upgrade is unfortunately not an option). GPU to be replaced is HD 4870 (512 MB...
  2. Wyverex

    Age of Conan goes F2P

    ‘Age of Conan’ goes FREE and UNRATED Free-to-play FAQ Free and Premium Content Overview Looks like they will finally solve the low population problems :D But, I do think that their f2p model is quite bad, terrible limitations.
  3. Wyverex

    NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment

    Continue here I think it's great that there's still pure science research going on. Applied science & technology is great, but they usually evolve faster after breakthroughs in fundamental knowledge :)
  4. Wyverex

    Magicka & Magicka Vietnam

    Anyone playing Magicka? The game looks awesome :D Anyhow, I'm primarily posting to find out US prices. At the moment, EU prices are: 10 € for Magicka 40 € for Magicka 4-pack 13 € for Magicka Complete Pack (Magicka + Vietnam + Wizard's Survival Kit)
  5. Wyverex

    Thinking about HD 6950, PSU good enough?

    So, I'm thinking about getting XFX HD 6950 1 GB. Now, by W1zzard's review, HD6950 would actually use less power than my current HD 4870 and I don't have the money to upgrade both the GPU and PSU, but XFX site says that a 650 W PSU would be the minimum to use it... So any opinions on the...
  6. Wyverex

    Portal 2 fun trailer videos

    Valve put several promo clips for Portal 2 in last month or so on YouTube, and since nobody else linked those... here goes:Valentine's Day Gift Buying Portal 2 Co-op Intro Portal 2 TV Spot Aperture Investment Opportunity #1: "Panels" Aperture Investment Opportunity #2: "Bot Trust" Aperture...
  7. Wyverex

    Back To The Future episode 1 (out of 5) free!

    As a celebration of 25 year anniversary since the first Back to the Future film, Telltale games is giving away the first episode of it's upcoming series of BTTF games: http://www.telltalegames.com/bttfoffer I don't know if there's a time limit or anything, but I'd register soon :toast:
  8. Wyverex

    Need help with LGA 1156 mobo selection

    So, a friend of mine is building a new rig and is determined to get Core i5 760. Now, neither him nor me know which LGA 1156 motherboards are good, so I'd kindly ask you guys for help. Unfortunately, we're limited to one local shop only: link (those are LGA 1156 boards, sorted by price, page...
  9. Wyverex

    Portal 2 trailer

    Portal 2 trailer & gameplay demo Didn't see a thread with this so: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2010-portal-2/101562 imho, looks (and sounds) awesome :) PS sorry if this was posted somewhere already, I couldn't find it EDIT Links to 3-part gameplay demo linked by...
  10. Wyverex

    Sound card suggestions needed

    Hi. At the moment, I have Realtek ALC889A (integrated in mobo) and it works OK. But, as I mostly play Darkfall (a MMO game), which does have some sound issues and can (apparently) greatly benefit from dedicated sound card, I need advice as to what to buy. I'm using Win7 64-bit, and you can...