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  1. Steevo

    NVIDIA Titan V Achieves 82 MH/s in Ethereum Mining

    The amount of mental gymnastics to support the idea of this card is astounding, it barely beats 1080Ti except when its overclocked to beyond what its cooler is capable of handling, its costs 3K, its stock forms is 10W more at idle than a Vega 64 stock (60W Vega to 70W Titan V), everything about...
  2. Steevo

    Latest Steam Client Beta Introduces Shader Pre-Caching for Games

    Both NV and AMD generally only STORE the cache once built to improve future performance, this downloads the cache so its already built and first time performance is as good as can be. Its like when Physx precooks a lot of the rendering and other stuff, but without the performance hit for non-NV...
  3. Steevo

    NVIDIA Titan V Achieves 82 MH/s in Ethereum Mining

    The connectors have nothing to do with what it will do, and everything to do with what it SHOULD do. I imagine the outcry from the green camp will be, "look at how awesome this is" when if AMD tried this or this came up in testing they would be ridiculed for their outrageous power consumption...
  4. Steevo

    NVM Express, Inc. Debuts NVMe Over Fabrics Compliance Testing

    I'm going to assume we will shortly have a flash fabric standard that allows the CPU to treat flash drives as an extention of the primay storage pool, much like AMD's Hetrodgenous memory architecture.
  5. Steevo

    Windows 10 Antimalware service executable slows Firefox launch, every time.

    As the title states, every time Firefox is launched the Anti-Malware service scans it. In the day and age where heuristics, and trusted files exist, this seems like a blantent attempt to sabotage other options.
  6. Steevo

    AMD Develops GDDR6 Controller for Next-generation Graphics Cards, Accelerators

    It will eventually be on the same die.
  7. Steevo

    AMD Develops GDDR6 Controller for Next-generation Graphics Cards, Accelerators

    Lower cost of implementing. Interposer is expensive. AMD has shown even with HBM power supply die side is still huge, so saving 20W where cooling density isn't an issue...... isn't the issue.
  8. Steevo

    Microsoft Azure Becomes First Global Cloud Provider to Deploy AMD EPYC

    I wonder how much of this is contractual sales based on Xbox chip sales.
  9. Steevo

    Onward to the Singularity: Google AI Develops Better Artificial Intelligences

    The first AI will come from either quantum supercomputers, or will need to be a special built chip and process size will have to be signifcantly smaller than it is now to make the thing work, as we are already up against technological limitations.
  10. Steevo

    Onward to the Singularity: Google AI Develops Better Artificial Intelligences

    To add to this, attempts at single simple tasks like turning on a light when a specific tone is played, but not other tones and learning how using simple circuits for AI seemed to have quantum mechanic properties, since changing out any of the transistors or wires more often than not (broke the...
  11. Steevo

    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    Rockstar needs to get slapped down as well, the whole single player updates are dead since they found their cash cow. Or, they need to open up the game so modders can create more content. It's a no win position currently, either you have to play online with random people that prevent you from...
  12. Steevo

    Industry Leaders and Experts Join Forces to Fight Against Loot Crates

    Are loot crates hard to break open, that it should require experts?
  13. Steevo

    GE Healthcare Partners with Intel to Accelerate Imaging from Edge to Cloud

    What a load of horseshit. Intel marketing back at full stroke speed.
  14. Steevo

    'Scientist', 61, prepares to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself in homemade rocket

    I shattered my S7 screen and awaiting the replacement.
  15. Steevo

    Japan Opens Prototype Quantum Computing System for Public, Worldwide Use

    Considering the nature of quantum calculations it would be great at determining the most efficient way to do things.
  16. Steevo

    'Scientist', 61, prepares to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself in homemade rocket

    If thebearth weren't round my GPS job wouldn't exist, we use timing and Doppler effect from satellites orbiting the earth to calculate the position on earth, three intersecting planes will tell us we are in one of two positions, and logic dictates we cannot be underground and receive the signal...
  17. Steevo

    MSI Intros TXE 3.0 Security Update for Intel 100, 200, and 300-series Chipset

    https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/researchers-find-glaring-intel-me-security-flaws-company-outs-detection-tool.239016/ DURR HURRR
  18. Steevo

    Vanguard RTG beta testers wanted

    I want my video settings back. I am getting tired of editing the registry to get reasonable settings and some functions.
  19. Steevo

    Sudden "shadow acne" on modern hardware

  20. Steevo

    EA Makes it Tougher to Cancel Battlefront 2 Pre-orders

    EA is shitty, and sometimes people need to smell the shit, see the shit, wake up and realize they are surrounded by the shit before they are willing to call their sarnie more than "processed food item on bread by EA"
  21. Steevo

    Intel, Micron Increase 3D XPoint Manufacturing Capacity Through Fab Expansion

    Limited production sold some, quick let's make our planned expansion seem like it's due to overwhelming demind, create a sense of urgency.
  22. Steevo

    Sudden "shadow acne" on modern hardware

    Artifacting from tile based rendering, welcome to the tradeoff for performance and visual accuracy. I saw sprites and shadow errors when the 1xxx series card were released.
  23. Steevo

    Need For Speed Payback Now Available Worldwide

    After reading reviews, this isn't a "cookie cutter" game, it's a turd cutter, the assholes hope to cut a big one on microtransactions on top of selling you an essentially unbeatable game due to rubberbanding AI players, low or no awards, "cards" in a racing game combining the worst of both...
  24. Steevo

    Phone flash memory failing?

    Probably a controller issue where certain performance states it's not getting enough voltage.
  25. Steevo

    Need For Speed Payback Now Available Worldwide

    Underground was fun, cars and parts, and just enough strange to the races to make them interesting and that right mixture of difficult and still winnable. I have bought a few others that are cookie cutter games, not enough shortcuts where you might accidentally bump into a wall