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    AMD Fury X "Fiji" Voltage Scaling

    So it is maxed from the factory and a few percent slower than nvidia flag ship. Fury Nano will be the sweet spot. Real curious to see how dx12 changes the field. 14nm = shut up and take my money
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    NVIDIA to Launch GeForce GTX 960 in January

    Nvidia did not set the bar very high for 2015. Efficiency, thats all you got? year old 290x still gives 980 a fight. AMD is going drop a game changer with HBM
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    ORIGIN PC Launches The World's Best Gaming GPU

    blah blah blah Nvidia marketing spam. Only other time i heard of Orgin pc was when Nvidia did the press release on how they stopped selling AMD because they were bad cards.... Later to find Nvidia paid orgin pc to stop selling AMD. Who decides to accept these syndicated junk articles...
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    AMD to Reach 40 Percent of Global GPU Market Share in 6 Months

    Not much info What is the current market share? Integrated graphics included? Who is this unnamed source? Weak post...