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    [FS] Phenom 2 CPU's (all sorts :D)

    Not to thread crap, but this just to get more information. With these large amounts of CPUs, it begs the question. Did you test these CPUs to if they can be unlocked and/or find maximum overclocks?
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    [WTB] pci wireless card

    A lot of wireless adapters are buggy with windows 7. However, for the card I am selling, works flawlessly if you follow my method through what I've stated in my FS thread: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=102573 Thanks for looking.
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    Want some advice...

    Guys, did you read his needs? he is not an overclocker and NO plans of crossfire in the near future, why would you guys tell him to waste money on a 790FX? MK, I believe you only need 4GB of DDR3 ram for now, use it for now. If you need it in the future, add another 4GB set. I PM'd you about a...
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    2 Days till ordering!!!Need final confirmation

    I wouldn't buy that Rosewill PSU. You can definitely get a better power supply for that price range.
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    [FS][US] New Phenom II 545, AM3 Mobo, Xigmatek Equivalent, Antec PSU etcetc.

    Shipping to the CONUS only Heatware: dennisjai 23-0-0 Payment: Non-CC Paypal* or USPS Money Order * because of recent paypal policy changes, I would like to discuss this with the buyer to make a paypal "gift" payment. No retail packaging on the used products. All parts are guaranteed...
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    [FS][US] New AMD Phenom 9950 125W Quad + New Asus M3A78 Pro Mobo Combo

    SOLD on H, thanks all for looking.
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    My Phenom II vs. QX9650 results at 3810mhz

    uh no, it would be 9.