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    any vtx3d 7850 2gb x-edition owner ( VX7850 2GBD5-2DHX ) ?

    I bought an hd7850 vtx3d x-edition 2gb used and I have problem at 1900x1200 whenever a streaming video starts. In 10-30 sec my pc was bricked while the screen goes light blue with running thin lines (seems as high analysis problem) , needs reset. All other appls run correctly at this res. At...
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    any vtx3d 7850 2gb x-edition owner ( VX7850 2GBD5-2DHX ) ?

    Hello, I search for anyone who has this card. I have this card and I could like someone to let me know which is the correct version of bios for the above card ( if possible please send me a screenshoot from gpu-z or from catalyst center , "INFORMATION" ---> "SOFTWARE" )and also to send me...
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    Powercolor HD 7870 GHz edition UEFI vBios

    Hello, I like your help please. I don't know enough about vga-bios updating and now I have a problem. I bought used an HD7850 vtx3d 2g x-edition ( tried on win 8 or win 7 monitor is the Dell wfp2407, 1900x1200)). This card don't has any switch for bios. When I raise the analysis to...
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    problem hd7850 , update Bios

    Hello, first message here, I have the following problem I have bought this card used, is the 2gb vtx3d x-edition. The monitor is dell wfp2407, supports 1900x1200. Either in win7 or win8 , at different computers, using any resolutions except the 1900x1200, after loading any amd drivers for...