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  1. lnd2288

    The Mouse Bungee Returns To Keep Your Mouse In Check

    LOL. WTF. j.k but i always choose wireless mouse when am gaming i know its not as good as some corded mouse but i can deal with it. tangle free. good product for some really having trouble with there corded mouse.
  2. lnd2288

    Corsair Announces Availability of New Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers

    YES YES YES. finally gonna get me water cooled CPU. lets see how well corsair h100 performs .
  3. lnd2288


    gonna try in a bit post a pic up
  4. lnd2288


    i have driver 11.4. ram @ 1602mhz cpu @ 4.2ghz-1.35 volts
  5. lnd2288


    i have intel 920 DO @ 4.2ghz
  6. lnd2288


    honestly yes u should get the 5970 i still have that card and it run every game flawlessly. tessellation not many games out there right now have that option but anyways i easy score 3dmark vantage 34500 point @ 920/1200. its a very good card and future proof to at least the amd 7 series
  7. lnd2288

    PCCooler OC3 W120 Combines Tower-Type Air Cooler with Water Block

    very cool idea i wonder how well it really do under stress. maybe more potential for extreme overclocking.
  8. lnd2288

    Stealth American --World's Smallest Watercooled Full PC>>>UPDATE 1

    insane and beautiful. loving all the mods and build so far keep the good work/pics.
  9. lnd2288

    Sony VAIO L Series All in One PC Combines Productivity with Entertainment

    back in 2006 i think, i had a multimedia PC from Sony very expensive and hard to do upgrades.
  10. lnd2288

    [Case Gallery] rsabatino

    good so far. paint the inside black/flat black, gives it a much better look
  11. lnd2288

    [Case Gallery] Majestic's Vulcan

    cool / everything looks so tight in there
  12. lnd2288

    SteelSeries Announces Family of Exclusive Diablo III Peripherals

    man i been waiting for this game for so long. i cant wait to play it. nice headphones!
  13. lnd2288

    [Case Gallery] Plush-Raven

    man am in love with this case but to expensive. lol very nice tho great work
  14. lnd2288

    Q6600 upgrade?

    definitely if your going to spend money your best bet would go for an i7 or sandy bridge to see increase performance and less bottle-necking your gpu/increase performance multitasking coding etc. in my opinion.
  15. lnd2288

    [Case Gallery] Project Crimson

    awesome very nice cable sleeve. cool red theme and overall great work building this pc.
  16. lnd2288

    Sony Announces PlayStation Vita, Revolutionary Portable Entertainment Device

    very nice i wish they can make a windows/psp/handheld portable console to run all types of games would be so awesome. great product tho.
  17. lnd2288

    [Case Gallery] big red box

  18. lnd2288

    [Case Gallery] It walks the dogs

    8/10 loving the side panel mod i have it on my haf 932 an it looks awesome. great rig u got there.
  19. lnd2288

    [Case Gallery] Acid Burn

    cool loving the green colors.
  20. lnd2288

    [FS/FT] Motorola Atrix 4G F/S/T

    i have that phone and loving every bit of it, to bad to see it go even stupid at&t haven't gave us full 4g network but yea its an awesome phone by the way guys.
  21. lnd2288

    highest record single 5970??

    yes i will post it up asap when i get home to my actual pc.
  22. lnd2288

    highest record single 5970??

    does anyone knows what is the highest record for a single 5970 on 3dmark vantage/3dmark 11? doesn't matter what system it is or in. volts/core/memory?? i would love to know so i can squeeze every bit of performance on my gpu. i so far reach a 37,000 barrier on a single 5970. 930/1200 @...
  23. lnd2288

    [Case Gallery] Converting a HAF 932 to a HAF X

    Cool mods i like wat u did with the 230mm fans inside was a big difference in temps ?
  24. lnd2288

    Upgraded from 5970 to 6990, performance lost

    was sup every1 my honest opinion is to keep your 5970 is real good card for now and like they said b4 wait till the next series card. you still have way more power than you need currently. i myself own just one 5970 and runs every game at there on max. i thought about upgrading but you wont see...