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  1. Thassodar

    Fractal Design Announces Core 3000 USB 3.0 Case

    My question is: Will it fit a 6950 comfortably? I have one of the original, dial BIOS switch PowerColor 6950s, but I can't find the length for it anywhere. The website for the case says it supports cards up to 270mm in length with both hard drive bays installed. According to the information...
  2. Thassodar

    Anime Nation

    Definitely not Tsuritama, for reasons said here. The aliens were pretty huge, but got wrecked by the townsfolk who were normal sized if I remember correctly, so not a mech anime. I think it may have been subbed by Dattebayo? Don't take my word on it though. The main character wore an all...
  3. Thassodar

    Anime Nation

    Alright Anime Nation, I need your help. There's a anime that I recall watching years ago that was pretty damn sweet, but the name eludes me. Here's what I remember: There's a small fishing village/town Aliens begin to attack the village The aliens didn't know that the village was preparing for...
  4. Thassodar

    Kepler Unbeatable: NVIDIA

    That is EXACTLY what I was thinking as I read this! Bulldozer talked a lot of smack before it launched, and underperformed terribly. I sense the same for Kepler, but with a higher price tag because fanboys will pay for anything with a green logo.
  5. Thassodar

    AMD Radeon HD 7950 Clock Speeds Revealed

    Noob question: If I were to purchase a 7950 with, for instance, my tax refund and ran it CrossfireX with my 6950 2GB, wouldn't the 7950 run at the lower clocks of the 6950? I don't remember where I read that at. Second noob question: I'm assuming I'd probably need a PSU bigger than 650W for the...
  6. Thassodar

    AOC Intros Two New Monitors for Small Businesses

    I'm glad AOC is getting more exposure, I've been using their 21.5" 1920x1080 monitor for about 6 months and it's great! Relatively cheap too, now I just need two more.
  7. Thassodar

    BIOSTAR TA990FXE Socket AM3+ Motherboard Pictured

    Any word on a possible price? This is a sexy looking board, if it's reasonably priced it may be my first step towards BD.
  8. Thassodar

    NZXT Launches Phantom Big Tower Pink Edition

    Looks like someone puked Pepto-Bismol all over it. On any other site there'd be feminists frothing at the mouth because this is supposed to be a case "aimed at women".
  9. Thassodar

    $80-$100 headphones

    Last week I got a pair of Creative Fata1ty MK II headphones and they sound pretty good, they're just not loud enough IMO. There are a bunch of people who will tell you not to get them, though, because they have something personal against Fata1ty (pro FPS player); I got them as a birthday gift...
  10. Thassodar

    FX-Series Processors Clock Speeds 'Revealed'

    It's all about the cash money for me; will it be worth getting it brand new to replace my current processor? As an AMD fan for MANY, MANY years I held off of going to The Dark Side JUST so I could see how these stack up to Intel. If I can get better/comparable performance than my current...
  11. Thassodar

    Batman AA

    I've been using those and they SEE it as a 360 controller but all the mappings are waaaaaaay off. I go forward on the thumbstick, Batman goes backwards. The same situation in the menus too. The face buttons are all mapped wrong as well, A = 3, B = 4, Y = 1, X = 2. I have no idea what the...
  12. Thassodar

    Batman AA

    I would like to enjoy this game but I simply can't find a fix so that my Logitech Dual Action controller will work with it properly. I tried to play it with keyboard and mouse but, like a lot of console ports, I just don't like it as much. I've had the game almost 2 years now and that's the only...
  13. Thassodar

    AOC Announces USB-Powered Full-HD Monitor

    I have their 21.5 inch e2243fw monitor and I think that claiming it can run on USB is totally doable. I leave mine on all day and all night and it puts off almost NO heat, so I doubt it consumes much power either. I got it super cheap ($119!) and it's 1980x1080 and plays everything pretty damn...
  14. Thassodar

    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    I don't think the twin fan ones have the BIOS switch :banghead: I have a PowerColor card I bought a few months ago that is reference design and it looks nearly identical to the one in Dr.Phd's post up above. Flashed just fine :D You may want to look on youtube and see if there is unboxing for...
  15. Thassodar

    AMD A-Series APU Smashes IGP Performance Records...Surprise

    I have to take a screenshot of this: TheMailMan78 saying something POSITIVE for once. The end is nigh puny mortals, for this is surely a sign of the Apocalypse.:eek:
  16. Thassodar

    Sony Announces PlayStation Vita, Revolutionary Portable Entertainment Device

    *Unhooks from wall.* "Alright lets play some games with random people!" *3G ON* [Battery low!] "Son of a bit-"
  17. Thassodar

    6950 > 6970 help

    Ah see mine is the 2GB version. As far as the 1 GB ones I THINK it's possible, but none of them have dual BIOS. I'd think that it's even riskier with the 1 GB ones, though, because the 6970 by default in any form has 2 GB minimum. If you're trying to go cheaper you may want to look into the 68xx...
  18. Thassodar

    6950 > 6970 help

    Yikes I didn't see this post until now: I got my reference design (not the PCS ++ version!) PowerColor 6950 from Circuit City for $253-ish. I think I ended up paying $280 because I overnighted it. It also came with a $15 mail in rebate. The reason why I went with CC is because Amazon had the...
  19. Thassodar

    Playing One Hour of Dead Island

    How would you- But pizza might get- So many moans at once- I MUST DO THIS :rockout:
  20. Thassodar

    Playing One Hour of Dead Island

    Ten minutes of in game footage: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/to-kill-dead-island/714103 I think it's shaping up VERY well and is going to be a best seller. Unfortunately the video is the Xbox 360 version; even so it looks GREAT. The PC version is easily going to be up to benchmarking...
  21. Thassodar


    Would have been better off getting Shadowrun, which this reminds me of. Such a unappreciated game...:shadedshu
  22. Thassodar

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    They just added them Tuesday but from what I gather (from personal experience) is that you get a Planar Lure - Outfitter and go up to a Rift Tear. Once you use the Lure the Rift busts open and it's like a normal Rift but the enemies are have different names, usually names related to crafting...
  23. Thassodar

    XFX sent me this .

    See? This is why great customer service is key to making your company successful. This one guy out of however many thousands who bought 5770s will now shout from the rooftop how awesome XFX is for many years. He'll probably stick with XFX cards for a long time to come as well! You gotta treat...
  24. Thassodar

    Do you participate in endgame content?

    So I've been playing the endgame of Rift for about 5 days now and I have to say I am enjoying it. Being my first time doing endgame stuff in a MMO everything is relatively new to me. The quest for the best gear is pretty cool, money is my main motivation though. The ability to switch roles on...
  25. Thassodar

    Rift - Planes of Telara

    I haven't had any problems finding parties, Carrion is still going plenty strong. Always people in Meridian, always at least 10 people in invasions. Guardians, however, are lacking in numbers by my understanding. They never really show up in force to invasions and the general consensus (heard...