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    ide to sata

    I cant seem to get it to work got power to drive and adaptor card. tried with drive on all settings (master/slave/CS) but bios dosent see it. Gonna test it with an ide hdd if i can find one.
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    ide to sata

    Thanks for quick replies i will try different jumper settings and solaris what do you mean about wiring ide straight to sata port
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    ide to sata

    I have a dynamode ide - sata bidirectional adaptor and am trying to connect an ide pioneer dvd-rw to a sata port on a amd chipset mobo but cant seem to get it to find the drive. Just wondering if anyone else has ued one of these and do they work with optical drives. Thanks
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    Computer making Ambulance noises

    I means basicly your cpu fan has failed
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    drive encryption/copyright

    Not sure if this in the right place but i looking for a way to put files on a removable hard drive or flash drive to lend to people with read permissions. But want to prevent people from making copies. The only way i can think i encrypting the files to the hard drive serial number or unique...
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    I have A Dell Poweredge.

    Check this out http://www.directron.com/h435f512ep.html
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    I have A Dell Poweredge.

    That card on tigerdirect should work but you need to make sure it has vga or dvi connections or you wont be able to connect your monitor and as for the x8 - x16 converter it most likely will work but will make the card slightly larger than standard.
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    I have A Dell Poweredge.

    You found a graphics card to fit in a x1 slot?
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    I have A Dell Poweredge.

    No pci-e comes in x1, x2 ,x4 ,x8 ,x12 and x16 types. you have 2 choices, if your x8 slot has an open end it will physically accept a pci-e x16 card but work at x8 speed (still much faster than pci or agp) or get a x8 graphics card wich may be hard to find but i do believe theyre about. Check...
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    I have A Dell Poweredge.

    Just a quick thought it does have a pci-e x8 slot so you might be able to use that
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    I have A Dell Poweredge.

    Forget it that is a server machine and has no video upgradeability
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    Need a lower end card

    Hi sorry to be slightly off topic but did you say an ati 9600 works pretty ok with win 7
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    Le-1620(singlecore) vs Athlon X2 Dual core 4050e

    I wouldnt touch emachines personaly
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    OS Missing. Help!

    Your last screenie shows you have 2 identical disks it is possible they were in a raid and you have changed your bios sata controller to ide mode and now raid in not seen.
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    Can't get pass 255 Mhz FSB

    Increase cpu voltage and reduce ht link
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    awesome new memory..set up questions

    1111 is DDR rate which is 2 times memory bus rate of 555 which cpuz shows and is accurate
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    Hard drive swap, different connections

    All mobos support hdd's on the ide socket your problem is what has already been said your windows instalation has chipset drivers for your old mobo installed and that causes it to restart when it tries to load those drivers upon boot. One thing to try is to plug hdd to old mobo and remove as...
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    AMD 500+ overclock suddenly failing

    Sounds like the life of cpu going. I have a 4000+ (2.1ghz) wich used to oc to 2.7 and now nearly 2 years later struggles to reach 2.3.
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    Microsoft and Hauppauge First to Bring Freeview-Certified PC Solution to UK Viewers

    Ive been watching freeview on a dedicated htpc using Mediaportal for over a year now and never had a problem.
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    [Case Gallery] ThermalTake

    AGP Aperture AGP Aperture ? Not sure why AGP Aperture is relevant with a PCI-E graphics card.