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    TSMC 28 nm Technology in Volume Production

    ok, continues to save ...
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    Lian Li Announces PC-TU200 Mini-ITX Chassis

    Wow cool cool
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    Samsung Announces New 27-inch 3D LED Monitor for Gaming

    And not to forget ... HOW many monitors have you seen with full-hd + 3D + 27"
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    Gigabyte Announces Ultra Durable 4 Motherboard Construction Technology

    So because of the G.I.G.A.B.Y.T.E letters it must be crap? HA
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    Which graphics card is better for three screens?

    Do the GTX580, then .. add multiple ones edit: srry didn't read the post. Must have thought I was still on reddit
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    What are you going to upgrade to in September?

    Looking for Ivy .. hoping for sandy drop .. need pc now! BF3, Path Of Exile, Skyrim, Red Orchestre 2(preordered). ATM I only got an HP Elitebook 8530p(4 gigs) <-- All this is bothering me. Mostly all the great upcoming games. looking for 2500k + 8 Gb of 1600 Mhz ram + GTX580(looking for drop but...
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    Scythe Displaying New Products at IFA 2011 in Berlin

    Will have this
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    Rosewill Intros RK-9000 Series Mechanical Keyboards

    We need ... More of these standard layout keyboards, which in the same is gaming oriented. The standard layout of keyboards IS the standard because it won over other layouts. -IT WON
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    what do you recommend?

    Keep it, who knows what the next thing gonna performe like. You would get a bunch of extra gpu power, but worth it? when you already got last-gen card (mid-higher)
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    How many watts is your power supply?

    Antec 850 Watts
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Think this is new http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd_Z9x0Jj20
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    AMD A-Series APU and FX-Series CPU Launch Schedule Detailed

    Welcome treehouse, took me some time to join but nine years :O
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Yeah totally waiting on rev 1.1 or whatever, the 590 is'nt out yet either
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Yea but kinda like the dual LGA :drool: figured there'd be a Sandy bridge version to. Maybe only for the 2011. And again only speculation. I'm upgrading some time soon, so will only be able to go one CPU. But i think if PCI-e 16x 3.0 might support higher watts, Then 2 x GTX 590 without...
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Hi all. Just had to post. Really looking forward to this game and my rig at that time. I've hade P4 3.0 GHz for the last six years now . . . Time has come, new rig will look something like GTX590-27(24)" inch best for gaming monitor(3D + max res = or less than 2ms) and maybe dual socket mobo...