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    Dead Space

    haha, I know what you mean, game's so wicked.
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    Dead Space

    I got it, so what I did was disabled v-sync ingame but enabled it in my nvidia control panel. still a tiny bit of tearing, but not nearly as much without it on - and no mouse lag ^^
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    weird mouse problem with crysis warhead/wars

    Have that problem on occasion, I've found that a simple restart of the game fixed it for me. usually happened when I would alt-tab or something like that.
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    I need mobo shoppin' help! :D

    Yeah I'm happy with Nvidia right now though I don't see myself going with an SLI solution anytime soon, though I may consider using my 9600gt as a physics card while I use the upgrade as the main GPU (however that works exactly :P). In terms of CPU, yeah, intel all the way, no question there...
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    I need mobo shoppin' help! :D

    As the title says I'm in need of some suggestions, or perhaps something to steer myself into the right direction. I'm wanting to upgrade my pc, new Mobo, cpu, ram etc. The thing is, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to anything related to buying a motherboard, never done it before. I'm on a...
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    Forceware 180.43 BETAs

    same here, 9600gt just went back to the 178's EDIT: Just saw the post about the updated evga tuner, awesome. And by the looks of it, the newest 180's are working better than the first 180. Might give it another shot.
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    The Call of Duty 5 Tweaks, Tips and News Thread

    Perks look good. I can see some intense jungle-esc battles taking place. Assuming this'll be as fast pace as CoD4. Either way, I'll most likely buy it, if for nothing else the story.
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    FarCry2 Editor Awesome

    I just pre-ordered the Collectors edition for the PC, so excited. October 21? or something around there I believe.
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    The Call of Duty 5 Tweaks, Tips and News Thread

    Call of Duty never really has had that steep of Reqs. That's why I love em, can almost guarantee that It'll run smooth I had the same problem here. Just reinstalled and it fixed it, only problem was that I lost my lvl55. Fortunately it doesn't take that long to level back up again.
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    Gran Turismo 5 looks like trash.

    Make sure you're playing it on a good tv >.> I have it too. Looks amazing in 1080p on 40"
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    Jelle's "Assasins Creed ( PC )" Review

    Right on. I never knew if they had anything extra in the PC version or what not. I suppose it'd be worth a DL for some high res screenies
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    No cross hairs?

    No crosshairs on the scope? may be a texture issue with your game. I know though, that CoD has an open to turn off the regular crosshairs in normal gameplay, which I like. Ironsights ftw
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    Jelle's "Assasins Creed ( PC )" Review

    the question is. Worth getting if you've played/beaten it on a friends console? I dont know if the PC version has anything extra, but If its the same as the consoles I wouldnt think so =/
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    9600GT oc clock speeds w/wo v-mods

    I got one of those faulty Evga cards that produce those infamouse black screens of death. so I'm running it at 750/1900/2100 but any higher on the shader/core will bug the card out unfortunately =/ wish I went with XFX or someone else >.<
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    8600GTS Overclock & Power

    Unless you're doing the benchmark in CSS, you would be able to accuratly tell if you're losing or gaining. so I wouldnt think you're making anything worse.
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    Issues with the GeForce 9600 GT card

    http://evga.com/forums/tm.asp?m=272011&mpage=1&key=%F1%84%AF%BE A lot of people are having this problem
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    Tabula Rasa Trial Key give aways!

    that does suck =/ it was a fun trial. good game.
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    Issues with the GeForce 9600 GT card

    He might also be having the "9600GT Black screen of death" issue.
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    Movie: Unreal Tournament 3 - DM-Loxi3Beta1a

    No... no it wasn't :P
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    Developer console in CS:S?

    then there is something wrong with your game/keyboard. lol goodluck :P
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    AMD Indexed Overclock Speeds

    * X2 5000+ Brisbane * 2910 MHz * HTT 5X * Multiplier 13 * FSB 223.9 * CPU Voltage 1.375 * Mobo: Acer EM61SM * Samsung PC2-5300 * Memory speed 447MHZ * Memory timings 5-5-5-10 * Stock HSF
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    Movie: Unreal Tournament 3 - DM-Loxi3Beta1a

    Awesome music bro. Always love to see some same taste in music :) good vid too, loved the AK :P reminded me that I need to go pick up UT3
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    Developer console in CS:S?

    No command needed. in the options, under keyboard, there should be some "advanced" or something, a button to press. there you can enable quick weapon switch and the console which is default bound to ~
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    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    W.t.f. Gg devs, what were they thinking.. Actually.. I know what they were thinking... lol