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  1. miksanity

    [Case Gallery] Rev. 3

    lol, no really buy a motorcycle. youll see why theres no point of arguing over computers when do you
  2. miksanity

    [Case Gallery] Rev. 3

    I voted 1/10 because: you are a pussy bitch to other people. its a fuckin computer. go buy a gsxr 1000 and live life
  3. miksanity

    [Case Gallery] Rev. 3

    I voted 1/10 because: lulz User withdrew this vote on: Jul 8 2008 11:44
  4. miksanity

    [Case Gallery] Apollo MANAGMENT

    yea, i just did it. i dont know what i was thinking for the past 2 years, i guess i must have thought the fan was exhaust...when it was intake LOL
  5. miksanity

    [Case Gallery] Apollo MANAGMENT

    IS it wrong? from other cases, i thought THEY had it the wrong way...but thats judging from my hand and air flow. the fan is the intake right? im changing it now
  6. miksanity

    [Case Gallery] Apollo MANAGMENT

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: 4400 @ 2.67 1 gig 400 850xtPE Mods: cable management. hardcore cable managment
  7. miksanity

    4850 vs 3870x2

    Id say get the 4580. It uses way less power, and if you buy the 3870x2 youll be freaking out on your power bill if you do alot of gaming. plus, its much smaller, airflow in your case wont be blocked by such a huge card.
  8. miksanity

    AMD HD 4850 launched

    DDAAMMNN look at those numbers! It beats a 8800GTX, which, as some remember, was all the rave a year ago - and it only costs 200 bucks! I will sell my 850xtPE to my friend for 150, and add 50 bucks, and be playing cod4 maxed on a 22! ATI- 1up for you guys!
  9. miksanity

    Dell Vostro 1310 Keyboards Come with Different and Incorrect Keyboard Layout in UK

    There's W,A,S,D, CTRL, spacebar and Q....whats the big deal ?!:laugh:
  10. miksanity

    Need Help With Dvd/handycam/making Movie!!

    Hey guys, just made a movie on my friends sony handycam. i finalized it. i put it on my comp, and i get video_ts files. what can i do to get each clip separate and be able to edit the clips into a movie? thanks.
  11. miksanity

    Alienware Adds CrossFireX Option to the ALX Desktop System

    noviceware is for NOVICES
  12. miksanity

    CeBIT 2008: Akasa

    HOLY PC!!! 3 3780's, and im guessing around 4-8g's ram and dual dual/quad cpus? wow, tlak about money.
  13. miksanity

    what do you think of this memory?

    hittin such hihg speeds....im still using ddr400, BEAT THAT NIGGA
  14. miksanity

    ATI Catalyst 8.3, Hybrid CrossFire and CrossFireX Announced

    SICK! but my 850 plat will hold me off untill 2010 or longer
  15. miksanity

    ASUS R.O.G. Pinot Noir Motherboard Previewed

    Water cooling for a MOTHERBOARD....uhhh
  16. miksanity

    which 22" WS monitor to get????

    if you get the S panel, your set. if you get the A panel, your somewhat fucked
  17. miksanity

    which 22" WS monitor to get????

    Dude, get the asus, the 2nd one. i hear its amazing, and theres no panel lottery with such as with the samsung. plus, its cheaper. im going to buy it in a month
  18. miksanity

    Should i get the A+ Case El Diablo or a different case?

    im saying the A+, it looks more well built, ya know? go for it bro.
  19. miksanity

    New Guy Modding case from scrap:)

    loving that counterstrike hat, that case is HUGE though
  20. miksanity

    Far Cry 2 Tech Trailers Released

    Looks amazing, but they gotta fix those fiziks. and the deagle looks sooo nice
  21. miksanity

    Foxconn to Display Quantum Force Destroyer at CeBIT

    sexy, but wheres the love for a soundcard if your quad GTX'ing?
  22. miksanity

    PQI Prepares New 4GB DDR2 Memory Kit for CeBIT 2008

    That is some RAM with CLASS.
  23. miksanity

    Toshiba Launches New 1.8-inch SATA Drives

    MAN are those tiny....they seem good to put 2 in a laptop and RAID 0 them
  24. miksanity

    Dell Launches XPS 630 Desktop

    ewww....dell....get that off tpu!:roll:
  25. miksanity

    Emotiv Building Brain Controlled Gaming Device

    if that device works, wont every shot be an instant headshot in cs? i mean think about it, you see some one and you just think about their head and then what happens...? wheres da skillAT? if the generation of gamers after us turns into these mind controlling creatures.....