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    Scythe Katana 4

    I have a Scythe Kama Angle rev B...I want to know if i want to upgrade should i go for 30-35$ coolers zone or go for middle ground like Ashura or Mugen 4...Thank you My rig: I5 750 stock 8gb ram 6950 2gb W7 x64
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

    The fastest iPS i know of is 3.4ms and is the newest Eizo Gaming monitor http://www.eizo.com/global/products/foris/fs2333/ Unfortunetly it doesn't support G-sync..Also G-sync is limited to Nvidia users only. 1ms IPS is still in future ... The chances the Asus would be a TN are around 90%...
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    AMD to Webcast GPU '14 Product Showcase

    Do AMD give AMD cookies with AMD taste on 25 sept. ?
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    ASUS 7870 underperforming?? Am i bottlenecking??

    I hope you consider also an I5 on 1156..Easy to OC and cool also...and cheap because is old... When i bought the 1156 kit i also got a mainboard from premium segment for a very good price.. Asus maximus III..Of course im using only 10% of it's options but is a very nice way to get a glimpse on...
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    ASUS 7870 underperforming?? Am i bottlenecking??

    I upgraded long time ago from a PII 940Be to an I5 750 because the 940be got very hot when oced and my cooler (Scythe Kama Angle rev B) couldn't cope with the 3.7Ghz heat emanated by the oced PII..The I5 750 got better overall and cooler so i have decent oc headroom until i reach the cooler...
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    PC Shipments Post the Steepest Decline Ever in a Single Quarter, According to IDC

    It will be nice a CPU's shipment table, a VGA shipment table and mainboard shipment table...
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    Cisco Reports Third Quarter Earnings

    I done CCNA 3.0 but didn't atend to final exam and also i have on my home network a Cisco 1811 with two clients..I bought it cheap to expose myself to Cisco gear... CLI have a tremendous "advantage" for Cisco..They sell courses and trainings for it..It's command line like a C language or like...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Cancelled

    X-ray engine is way way more advanced for a "rusty" feeling of Ex-soviet union stuff.. Crysis graphics is too cartonish and colorfull...Is good for mario or rayman but not for Stalker Also Falout 3 graphics is better for SF games with spaceships and stuff because every corner of Falout...
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    AMD to Drop Support for Pre-HD 5000 GPUs with Catalyst 12.7

    I want windows 2000 pro support for 6950 .... do i want too much ?
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    ASRock Introduces Fantastic Scout Mode in its Top Gaming Sound Card - Game Blaster!

    I have a broadcom gigabit lan in my PC in PCIE 1x 5751 model..
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    Now GOG.com Joins Opposition to SOPA and PIPA

    I am from EU and i want to vote too against SOPA
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    Arctic Announces Accelero Twin Turbo II Universal VGA Cooler with G-1 Thermal Glue

    Yes because arctic have 2 coolers on different price segments..This is why the twin turbo II don't have the compatibility with very high end vga's like 580.On the other hand on the bottom of the page there are special kits for specific vga's..
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    Arctic Announces Accelero Twin Turbo II Universal VGA Cooler with G-1 Thermal Glue

    Why you guys are talking crap instead of actually looking on arctic site http://www.arctic.ac/en/p/cooling/vga/18/accelero-xtreme-plus.html?c=2182 this cooler cools the very high end market of vga's..Also take a look at mounting kits available.I think you can buy an nvidia kit for Twin...
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    AMD Radeon HD 6950 Can be Unlocked to HD 6970

    Next step... Accelero Extreme plus but the problem is when the memory kits will be available and i should try other sets of memory kits..The memory dimension should be standard.The only problem is the VRM cooling...
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    AMD Radeon HD 6950 Can be Unlocked to HD 6970

    Sapphire 6950 unlocked succesefully here. There was glitch that ended: At the Physics first test in 3dmark11 i ended up with black screen and the mouse cursor and freezed there.The pc didn't freezed completly so pressing space throw me back to desktop and i got an error from 3dm11 saying...
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    Galaxy Readies Single-Slot GeForce GTX 470 Graphics Card

    I bet the air behind the card will be omlet friendly..My 5850 air is pretty hot but is suportable and is dual slot.I am thinking how the air for 470 on a single slot... grrrrr
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    Leadtek Brings WinFast Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Cards to Online Gamers

    iam: Packets are on the wire travelling..It's not like a hand that push them faster... Yes the point is Qos or packet prioritization so as i said you can play an online game simultaniosly downloading a torrent and streaming a hd movie Tavix: what i said above... Because the user can access...
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    Leadtek Brings WinFast Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Cards to Online Gamers

    Ya it's about latency that is eliminated by switching the all packet processing to NIC CPU only instead of walking around the PC.. The price is the worst thing about this card.This is a "server" card for gamers.The market didn't have something like this and like a market for Velociraptors people...
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    Leadtek Brings WinFast Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Cards to Online Gamers

    What LAN_deRf_HA said is the purpose of the card.Is an Offloading NIC that optimizes at maximum the potential of the network.It doesn't matter if it's gaming, firewalls or other program the point of this card is Offloading..From offloading and prioritizing gaming packets you get the lower...
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    Leadtek Brings WinFast Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Cards to Online Gamers

    I think this card is missunderstood a little.The company is at fault with this.They should market the card as a something like a multi purpose NIC to use like a torrent storage, server card and programming different networking stuff and and the gaming part should be adjacent.The company know...
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    Leadtek Brings WinFast Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Cards to Online Gamers

    The NIC control the packets that enter in your computer.It can't control the packets over the ISP network or external networks.All this NIC can do is to cut 3ms or maybe 5ms because do not travel around your computer.If your remember hardware dial up modems this card basically do the same...
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    ASUS ROG Ares Specifications Surface

    LOl ... i like the design.The colors are ok but a black cooler instead of red stripes was better..Anyway i am fan of big trucks so maybe this is why i like it :D ...
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    Thermaltake Launches New Version of the TR2 RX 450W / 550W PSU Series

    I have a Thermaltake TR2 470W model and is powering FINE my rig: PII 940BE oced to 3.6ghz BIOSTAR TA790GX A2+ 4gb ram Mushkin radeon 5850 Asus Xonar audio card. WDC 640AALS caviar black Actually i powered an A64 4200+ oced to 3ghz and 2900xt with a Thermaltake Purepower 430W that died...
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    CRT or LCD....?

    I own a EIZO F931 21 inch CRT for over 3 years and unless i buy an S-PVA i wouldn't change it.I saw many 100-300$ LCD at my friends and i don't like them at all.The colors are not natural and there is an artificial brightness all time..Is like you put a lamp with white light behind the...
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    Razer DeathAdder Problems

    Hello and thx for the answer. The thing i tested on Windows 2000 Professional Sp4 with all udates installed and the stairlike movement is present.This test was plain and simple..Plug in the mouse without any drivers and stuff..I swapped the razer with A4tech x718BK gaming mouse and this one...