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  1. Edgarstrong

    GTX 560 TI 448 vs GTX 570 question.

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how much better 570 is compared to 448 cores version of 560 TI? I was planning to order one and here are the prices available to me atm: Asus 560 TI 448 - 252,60 Euros (-+ £210) Asus 570 - £237.98 (-+ 285 Euros) So the difference between the two is £28/...
  2. Edgarstrong

    Problems with AMD 960T TDP.

    Hello, I have just finished assembling a new PC for my GF and decided to take a look at CPUz data. What puzzled me, is that instead of promised 95W TDP I see 107w. I then ran Core Temp and it showed the same 107w. Never had this problem before with any other CPU and would really appreciate any...