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  1. Thompson5439

    The Inevitable BSOD (MSI P7N Platinum)

    I do not know why you traded in a 780i with a 750i but o'well. Anyway, I have the MSI 750i and will try to help. Fist which bios version are you running? Latest is 1.1, also is this a vista 32 or 64 install. If it is 64 and you have 4 Gb of ram then pull 2 gb out until OS is installed and...
  2. Thompson5439

    NVIDIA CUDA PhysX Engine Almost Complete

    So my questions is what about those of us (fools) who own a physic card. Are our cards obsolete or will they work with CUDA.
  3. Thompson5439

    The official Q9300,Q9450, Q9550 thread

    Well, I have made some progrss. overclocking my Q9450. I was not aware of the FSB hole issue but that was what I ran into. I found that if I leave my memory in linked that all my over clocks work. Currently I am up to 352 FSB which is 3.0 GHz and stable. I hope to get a stable 3.2 after a...
  4. Thompson5439

    The official Q9300,Q9450, Q9550 thread

    So far not impressed with this Q9450 on a MSI 750i motherboard. Any changes to FSB show up in the BIOS but not in windows. Then any CPU stress and system freezes, that is even changing FSB by 5 mhz. I have tried various voltages for cpu and NB. I have tested all BIOS versions from 1.0 -2.0...
  5. Thompson5439

    The official Q9300,Q9450, Q9550 thread

    My Q9450 was shipped fron tankguys.com yesterday, should be here Friday.:rockout:
  6. Thompson5439

    SLI: 750i vs 780i

    I have been running my MSI 750i stable for a month now with a x6800 at 3.4. I just ordered a Q9450 from tankguys and will report back on how well it overclocks. Should get the Q9450 by the end of this week.
  7. Thompson5439

    ASUS GeForce 9800 GTX Pictured

    It is too bad that you can not SLI one of these with a 8800GTS for a three way. That would be the boom!:respect:
  8. Thompson5439

    Just completed The Witcher

    I am currently in chapter 4, and love it so far. One thing I do not like about it is the lack of armor upgrades. Also sword upgrades do not seem to matter much. O'well it still is fun to play, and the nudity helps to smooth out some of the wrinkles.
  9. Thompson5439

    anyone even seen these chips in stock

    Tankguys.com is taking per-orders: Wolfdale Pre-Order Intel "Wolfdale" / "Yorkfield" Preorder Information Processor Pricing / ETA Information: Core 2 Duo E8500 - BX80570E8500 $304.99 - Unknown Core 2 Quad Q9450 - BX80569Q9450 $349.99 - Unkown
  10. Thompson5439

    Q9450 will be shipping around the 17th.

    Guys, just a heads up, the web site tankguys.com is taking per-orders for the Q9450. It cost $5 to get on the list which is non-refundable. :rockout: