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    Rumored HD8970 or maybe HD7980?

    to me if you look really close it definitly looks like 2904 on the top one, compare the bottom of the 3's compared to the 9's and see how the bottom of the numbers are curved differently
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    Whats best out of these 2 cards?

    lol NO WAY
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    x800gto high pitched noise

    mine did that when i first got it i don't think it's anything to worry about
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    Keep or flash??

    Hey guys i got an Connect 3D x800 gto its already flashed to 16 pipes should i take it to the next level and make it a powercolor x800xt? or keep it a GTO and oc it?
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    x800gto dead??

    Hey guys today when i got home i tried to flash my Connect 3D x800gto to an x850xtpe my card was already flashed to the 16 pipelines modd so i flashed it and after it got past the DMI verification screen it would give me a blue screen with white letters it gave me no errors but said it shutdown...
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    cpu usage problem again

    it shouldn't because you can always reisntall the drivers!
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    cpu usage problem again

    hmmmm well at this point iam gonna ahve to think about this but ill get back to you!!
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    Journey to 6260 3dmarks: Connect3d X800 GTO unlocking

    what bios did you flash it with??
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    cpu usage problem again

    another possible reason could be Something Like Cool N Quiet what my XP 2600+ did while it was idleing the cpu would go to 100% cooling itself
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    Connect x800 Gto cant unlock

    whoa my connect 3d x800gto can be modded to an x800xt?? if it can will it make a improvement even know i unlocked my 16 pipes?
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    connect 3d x800gto unlocked to 16 pipes

    yup i wil ahve to say this card is the $h*t with its unlocked pipes my battle field 2 graphics are on high and rocks F.E.A.R.
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    connect 3d x800gto unlocked to 16 pipes

    i can go pretty high i know it was about the same as yours i think
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    Connect x800 Gto cant unlock

    mine unlocked =)
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    connect 3d x800gto unlocked to 16 pipes

    here it si guys the proof