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    Free Games Thread

    in steam get for free team fortress 2, and gotham city impostors also, the complete game blackmesa (needs source sdh 2006 2007 from steam free) blacklight retribution too
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    LucidLogix and ORIGIN PC are Exclusive Launch Partners of VIRTU MVP Mobile for EON

    i would add gamers can enjoy tons of crashes also low end cheap gamers can enjoy increased system performance
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    What is your favourite Skyrim mod ?

    you could look top 100 mods, or filter by downloads i remember some........ calientes skyrim hd water high
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    AVI to DVD help?

    freemake video
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    How to install windows xp in a new sata drive ?

    use nlite to integrate sata drivers, burn a new xp cd or put bios on ide mode
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    Doom 3 BFG Releases October 16th

    just wanted to let you know quake1 and doom1 have mods to be played using doom3 engine ----- for me, this game is boring like hell, the graphics were nice, but gameplay so boring, really serious sam has a better gameplay than this crap half life 2, far cry, fear, COD, area way better...
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    Skyrim Texture patch?

    there is the official one and another one in nexus website, the later is better, but at least for me the game crashed a lot
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    Most Polygons Per Area/Character Game?

    maybe the cars on some racing games? like gt5 about most polys on a scene...hmmm maybe gta4
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    USB 3.0 in case

    yes you need a usb3 mobo, and usb3 external headers since they are not the same as the old usb2 headers, this means old cases with front usb will be usb2
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    Windows 8 Consumer preview up for grabs

    i just tested this windows vista millenium 8 and all i can say it that it sucks the only good: fast install, and really faster booting from ssd than win7, amazing actually, the same ram and disk space use (around 1.2gb with pagefile off in iddle, 12gb of space with some tweaking), nothing else...
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    FarCry mods

    farcry1 has tons of mods, hd textures and stuff there are also more mods with gameplay, level, history, etc, i believe they were called matoo or matto, they were like 4 chapters and they are kinda long and nice
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    The RAGE Megathread

    too much AA i ran the game perfect with the 2 updates, but also i ahve nvidia cuda (don´t know if that helps) and a ssd, i played with 4xmsaa
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    Free Games Thread

    i only know nexuis a cool fps, like a unreal tournament clone, graphics are very nice like ut2004 so so neverball cool golf fun game
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    The Big Useful List Of Free Useful Programs To Use Usually For Free

    inksaver prints more light than the fast setting from hp, still you can read very well
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    The Big Useful List Of Free Useful Programs To Use Usually For Free

    domdomsoft manga downloader (a manga downloader XD), also they ave a manga reader freemake video encoder, a great an easy free app, mediacoder and super are better in quaility, but this thing is very gast, uses cuda, and it is so easy , but so easy to use, wow faststone image just a image...
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    Win 7 and DX11... Impress me please

    unigine is the only thing dirt2, just for the watter, nothing else, the rest of dx10/11 games are just lies (alien vs predator, hawx, f1 2010, lost planet 2) also dx11 is just for cuting framerates in half in dirt3 i can run dx9 all maxx with full max AA 60fps perfect, on dx11...
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    WintoFlash. Making installing Windows Easier?

    yep, it works just like winsetumfromusb
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    Simple feature request

    thanks, will do
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    Simple feature request

    maban, my startup folder is clean, i am using ROG gpuz, or what shorcut do you mean?
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    Simple feature request

    maban thanks, but i don´t autostart it in that way, i just use the menu in gpuz (load on windows), so an option in the gui to start it minimized should be nice chvalr1c thanks, will disable the stuff i don´t care about, but an excel output should be nice too, like coretemp does
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    Simple feature request

    another feature request load on windows startup in nice, but i want to start it minimized
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    Simple feature request

    hi, wizzard, thanks for gpuz i just want a simple feature "% of overclock" if you submit online, you can see it, but not in gpuz that is all, thanks -- also someday, i wish the log was better, like the one in core temp in excel, there is so much info, everything becomes a...
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    Does Anybody Have Star Wars - The Force Unleashed Frame Unlocker File ?

    i just played sw unleashed 2, and still 30fps, stupid lucas arts, there is a 60fps .exe in taringa, don´t know about sw fu1
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    Warning About Daemon Tools Lite

    i trust filehippo, they are great, been using them for many years, fast downloads and no crap like other sites
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    ATI Video Converter?

    yes fraps videos are encoded great and awesome fast i just wish i could encode youtube flv and mp4, for me mediacoder is way better, also i wish i could use it in win7 but for some reason it doesn't work