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    NVIDIA Rolls Out GeForce 310.54 Beta Driver, Performance Improvement Across the Board

    I can't wait for the WHQL version of this driver to come out. I can't seem to get the Windows 8 Netflix app to work with beta nvidia drivers :confused:
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    Bethesda Softworks Announces The Elder Scrolls Online

    Great... another MMO. **sarcasm off**
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    Thrustmaster Shows Off Replica A-10 C Stick

    This is more geared towards flight sims like DCS A-10 (http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/series/warthog/), which are considered "Study sim".
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    HIS Launches a Wide New Range of Radeon HD 6950 IceQX Series Graphics Cards

    Wouldn't the HIS 6870 IceQ X Turbo X just be a HD 6970 then? Maybe the ram speed is bit different, I'm not 100% sure.