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    Crypto robbery with a difference .. ??

    http://bitcoinist.com/man-robbed-1-8-million-ether-gunpoint/ kind of scary when you think about it.. trog
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    Litecoin seems to be a star performer..

    its now at about $220 per coin.. up from around $50 three or three weeks back.. i bought some rather hoping that bitcoin being so high litecoin might do the same thing.. so far its looking good.. especially today.. you never know i might be lucky.. he he trog
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    nicehash has been down all day..

    its also lacking in any real information as to why.. anybody any ideas.. :) trog
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    bitcoin now over $6100 and looks set to go higher..

    other coins seem to be going lower.. maybe there is a big move to bitcoin.. it seems that way.. trog
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    my new 7700k dosnt run that cool even on a lower vcore

    maybe not a fair comparison but at stock which seems to be 4500 mhz on 8 threads with the vcore showing at 1.184 volts its at 68 C whilst running the cpu burner from furmark.. my old de-lidded 4790K at 4.6 mhz with the vcore at 1.28 volts doing the same thing would be at around 58 C.. this...
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    grrr.. first my pc dies on me and then.. grrr

    £700 quid on a new cpu motherboard and memory and now MS tell me it aint activated.. and the studied xxxx tell me my phone number is invalid.. it does not seem to recognize a UK one.. any clues on how to get round this one.. trog
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    CCleaner and the latest win 10 update..

    the last windows (14/12/2016) update seems to have stopped ccleaner from loading.. it now comes up with a message saying it dosnt work on this version of windows.. the message came up after the first post update boot up.. i used it a while back to get rid of the "windows old" stuff.. its been...
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    Built in batteries.. good or bad..

    they are becoming pretty common but are they a good thing.. :) cons.. the life of the device is governed by the life of the battery.. pros.. a thinner device and cheaper to make.. trog
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    win 10.. delay opening windows explorer..

    just something i have noticed over the last few weeks.. when i first click something that needs to read a disk and show me files i get a five second delay or so.. this only happens the first time i do this after a boot up.. the windows pops up but remains empty for this five second before...
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    why does small win 10 update take so long..

    i have a small 8 inch phablet currently doing the latest one.. its been sat there stopped at downloading %66 for the last ten minutes.. the entire process will take at least half an hour or more to complete.. which is pretty normal.. i cant figure out why.. i am just talking about the normal...
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    Move EFI partition

    i have a dual boot (win 10 and android tablet) it only has a 32 gig system drive with a 16 gig partition for win 10.. the 16 gig is not enough for windows updates.. i dont need or use android so i have deleted all the android partitions.. so far so good i have another 10 gigs of space on the...
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    Windows 10 upgrade rant..

    i have couple of weeks old win 10 tablet.. it has 32 gigs of solid state ram.. this is the C drive and cant be extended.. MS wants to upgrade it to the new anniversary edition.. it tells me i need a free 16 gigs of drive space to do this.. not that easy when all you have is 32 gigs in total...
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    Back up restore mystery..

    i have used s system image restore several times over the past months.. its always worked without problems.. a couple of days ago i f-cked up my win 10 install using CCleaner to get rid of some "windows old" remnants.. just being tidy.. he he.. the machined refused to boot afterwards.. i...
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    Old Laptop upgrade..

    i have just given my old but very nice condition Lenovo X61 Tablet an upgrade.. it now has a 1 T ssd drive and a couple more gigs of memory making 4 in all .. plus windows 10.. he he.. now it isnt lumbered up with vista and has a solid state drive it even seems quite spritely.. it will get...
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    Far Cry Primal..

    i downloaded it last last night.. my first thoughts.. its a very small download of 12 gig.. i was expecting a much larger one.. the install folder shows 16 d gig.. seconds thoughts.. its does seem a bit heavy on the hardware.. i havnt played it yet just had a quick look at the benchmark and...
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    Bios crash.. can it happen.. ??

    my system has suddenly developed a strange fault.. about ten minutes after a cold boot whilst doing nothing other than opening a browser window it suddenly shuts down or resets.. its done it over the last couple of days.. when it attempts to restart it fails and comes up with a boot failure...
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    Does gaming at 4K make sense.. ??

    i dont think it does with current hardware but many seem to think otherwise.. i see many things to be lost by 4K gaming and not a lot to be gained.. so why are people doing it.. ?? i can think of only one valid reason.. someone owns a 4K monitor for other purposes and wants to play games on...
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    Strange win 10 issue..

    basically my main win 10 install seems to be okay and works okay but.. most things install on it and work okay.. but a couple of things dont.. one is the Logitech gaming software the other is the Corel paint shop pro 8 software.. i dont think its a hardware problem because i have couple of...
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    latest win 10 upgrade.. a default app has been reset..

    has anybody else been getting this message.. every so often it pops ups since the last win 10 update.. i have read about it.. but oddly for me i get the message but all my defaults apps remain the same.. he he trog
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    Does fast gpu make up for a slow cpu.. ??

    i am bit bored so i am fiddling.. people say there is no point in having a fast gpu with a slow cpu.. without making any other changes i have just dropped my multiplyer from 45 to 30.. it does knock by 1440 firestrike extreme score down to 12000 odd from 14000 odd.. still pretty quick though...
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    more open win 10 update history..

    this may be of interest to some.. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/update-history-windows-10 trog
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    Boss level dificulty

    maybe its me that just aint good enough but.. i find progressing through a game and getting stuck at overly hard boss levels f-cking annoying.. mostly i dont get stuck but having to have a dozen or so goes (and some luck) just to kill one dude i find f-cking tedious.. he he i wonder how many...
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    an airflow pic..

    its off the artic website.. it give a good idea of various options and how all the bits get affected with different arrangements trog
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    How many frames per second is enough.. ??

    most gpu tweaking software has a frame rate target.. by default its set at maximum.. i have just tried capping mine at 75 fps.. as a result i see a nice steady 75 fps with far less heat being generated less power usage and less fan noise.. does anyone think i am losing something (apart from...
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    geforce experience takes an age to load..

    from click to being ready to use.. 50 seconds as i just timed it.. is it as slow for everyone or just me.. ?? what the f-ck is it doing for all this time.. it takes longer to load than my entire f-cking operating system.. he he trog