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  1. Arrakis+9

    Your PC ATM

    new motherboard... not sure how i feel about the gold accents, kind of clashes with the black and silver thing going on in here. was thinking maybe some semi gloss black paint would "fix" it? what do you guys think?
  2. Arrakis+9

    [WTB][US] GPU Upgrade

    https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/soundcard-and-rx-480-8gb.239452/ Incase you didn't see it. Ken is a nice guy you might be able to work something out with him :)
  3. Arrakis+9

    [FS][US] Soundcard and RX 480 8gb

    How is the battery life? Also how much does just the laptop alone weigh?
  4. Arrakis+9

    [FS/FT][US] Computer hardware/various hardware for sell

    Wish you would have posted that board combo two days ago :(
  5. Arrakis+9

    Thrustmaster Pays Homage to Ferrari with Wood-Crafted 250 GTO Wheel Add-On

    more like $150 for materials and $250 for that logo
  6. Arrakis+9

    DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan

    Would you consider doing a review in the future with some noiseblocker eloop fans for comparison?
  7. Arrakis+9

    [FS/FT][US] Sold

    hes looking for a vega card.
  8. Arrakis+9

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    The add in card should work fine. And Intel 4/5 series processors have nvme instructions to work with it. Unless there is some sort of frimware lock on the card it should work just fine.
  9. Arrakis+9

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    Basically this. The 5775c is a gem of a cpu.
  10. Arrakis+9

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    Was thinking about getting an Intel 900p and an i7 5775c to turn my pc full beast mode. Hearing allyn talk about the 900p in his pod cast made me have to have it after comparing it to the 960 pro and Intel 750. The 5775c seems completely op when you disable the igpu and use the eDRAM as an L4...
  11. Arrakis+9

    [FS/FT][US] Sold

    How is this not gone yet? Free bump for a good deal.
  12. Arrakis+9

    TechPowerUp and Rosewill Nebula Headset Giveaway: The Winners

    Thanks guys never won anything on one of these contests before feels good winning for the first time :D
  13. Arrakis+9

    Good airflow case recommendations

    if your local store carries any cooler master products you can request them to get it for you.
  14. Arrakis+9

    Vertical GPU orientation - the sky's the limit

    If you don't mind importing stuff from China; flying elephant on aliexpress has some pretty neat vertical mounts that have more 'traditional' mounting methods. The quality of their products are very good and the prices are reasonable just don't get the free shipping, it took 6 weeks to ship...
  15. Arrakis+9

    Good airflow case recommendations

    Cooler Master h500p Should be launching this month
  16. Arrakis+9

    Z97 Gaming 5 RAM Issues

    Have you tried re seating the processor in its socket? I had some memory issues similar to yours recently and taking the processor out and putting it back in magically fixed all of my issues. It's worth a try.
  17. Arrakis+9

    heatware not working?

    Still doesn't seem to be working? @heatware
  18. Arrakis+9

    NZXT Hue+ - Worth a buy?

    Hue+ has addressable led's as well. the lighting controls are fantastic and powerful but you have to install the cam software to get it to work, wich is all well and fine but the software itself is on the heavy side and takes forever to load even on an ssd. Over all I'm happy with my hue + but I...
  19. Arrakis+9

    Your PC ATM

    Shunt mod time :) Super easy maintenance mode Laying down liquid electrical tape Nice and purty Liquid metal down Finished :toast: Brought my power limit down 15% or so
  20. Arrakis+9

    [FS][US] Samsung wonder ram

    sold. Thanks for the space.
  21. Arrakis+9

    Piriform Hacked, CCleaner August Versions (v5.33.6162) Injected, Compromised

    Not as bad as loosing 143m users personal info then failing to report on it for months.
  22. Arrakis+9

    Jonsbo Intros the TW Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

    I expected as much with the design layout but I'm also intrigued by the build quality. Have you ever tried any of lian li's V or X series cases with the 3mm aluminum parts? I like mine :)
  23. Arrakis+9

    heatware not working?

    remember seeing this posted some where in here but that was a few days ago and its still does not seem to be working in the B/S/T forums. just thought i would catalogue it in its own thread, Thanks :)
  24. Arrakis+9

    Jonsbo Intros the TW Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

    where in the states can you even get their cases? they are the japanise equivalnt to lian-li