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  1. coxon

    Which of these three GTX460 1GB?

    hi. i have the gb gtx 460 with 1gb and must say, its a really good and really quiet card. im glad to have sold my msi hawk and spend my money for the gtx 460! but atm there some problems with dcp latency in idle state and bc2 runs not as well as it should. gigabyte and nv are informed...
  2. coxon

    Powercolor PCS HD 4850 512 MB

    Oh, there were hidden in overclocking area. Something im not interested first time. Thank you. :)
  3. coxon

    Powercolor PCS HD 4850 512 MB

    Hello. Thanks for the review. But im missing the temperature. Is there no thermal diode on this card? cox