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    Why isnt my PC stable?

    3.15 because it's FSB is 1400Mhz I am enough sure because you can put more information through 1400fsb then 1280fsb those 0.05 mhz is minor.
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    Why isnt my PC stable?

    You might can change multiplier but it seems motherboard, bios or processor don't love it. Only I can tell you find default value in bios need it for overclock and use his default multiplier and find the highest clock you can get it and start of it,but I think 6x400 it's too much for your...
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    Why isnt my PC stable?

    You see I had Penrium D 915 2.8 Ghz and I can overclock it up to 3.6 Ghz (14x260=3640)now I have Q9300 2.5Ghz and oc it up to 3000 Mhz(7.5x400=3000Mhz) without increase any voltage default is 1.22. E4400 2.0Ghz 800Mhz FSB your multiplier is 10 (10x200=2000Mhz)You wroth At 3Ghz (300x10) 800Mhz...
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    Why isnt my PC stable?

    What is your processor type and memory. Your Cpuvcore-1.43v it seems to be to high. I told you before you must be specified, If your memory 667 then you should put it in ratio 333/667 1:1 or if is 800 then 400/800 1:1 because it is default value and there will be no problem with memory even...
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    New PC Built, Overclocking help please

    I have Q9300 OC on 3000 Mhz without increasing cpu voltage default 1,2200 your 1,4 is too mach and it is to hot. I wait for water cooling for some serious OC temperature can not exited 65 C or 55 C by core. Volt of your NB is too high you don't do OC well that's your oc is not good enough.
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    speedfan won't detect speed of case fan

    Sory seems thath server make double post thats all.
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    speedfan won't detect speed of case fan

    Do you read your mbo manual you will find right cooling fan connector. If you don't put in right connector bios or speedfan can't read it.
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    Why isnt my PC stable?

    You must be specified , more detail about problem you are so confusion. But first you must find default voltage for every parameter in bios which is necessary for overclocking clear cmos then try again.
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    Overclocking Q9300 on P5E

    I have Q9300 on DFI X48 T2R but I overclock it only on 3000 Mhz without increase voltage default is 1,2200V just put fsb on 400 mhz whit mem 1:1 ratio. I wait for water cooling for higher clock. Something overclock depends about cpu itself.
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    Information about Overclocking Pentium D 2.8Ghz CPU.

    I had pentium D 915 on 2,8 GHZ and I can overclock it up to 3640Mhz 14 multiplayer * 260 FSB with cpu voltage about 1,3 V sometimes 3.7 Ghz whit fsb 266.
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    Q6600 g0 Overclock

    http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3129&p=8 use this site and you will learn how.
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    Need help overclocking a Q9450 on a DFI X48 T3RS

    http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3129&p=8 on this site you will find what you looking for. I use DFI too.Because bios for all df is similar.i
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    need help with clockgen

    you should use SETFSB program in it you can find your PLL because I use DFI too www13.plala.or.jp/setfsb
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    Overclocking my quadcore

    You are very lucky man on this site you will fine what you looking at in detail http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3129&p=8
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    overclocking my q9300

    You are vary lack on words. What is your motherboard and BIOS and memory we can't read mind,because I soon buy Q9300 and DFI UT X48 T2R and overclock processor on 3 GHz easy by pushing FSB on 400 mhz and memory ratio 1:1 I have mem on 800 mhz with default cpu voltage 1.2200. Ones I wrong and put...
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    why cant i overclock my ati radeon hd2600 xt?

    ste2425 if you have not fan try put some on the rare of case parallel too graphic . Everything is about cooling when is cooler is in my room highest overclock I can get. I put another fan parallel with graphic card to blow a air to fan to improve cooling because temperature can get til 70 c...
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    why cant i overclock my ati radeon hd2600 xt?

    My Gigabayte 2600XT DDR4 default 800 Gpu 1100 Memory I can overclock it up to 850 Gpu 1165 memory
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    Q9450 and DFI X48 T3RS!Need some help

    I shortly buy Q9300 and DFI UT X48 T2R . My in idle is 40C BIOS show 44 C depends about temperature in room and cores are about 54C 56C 54C 56C my cooler GeminII Your temperatures are just fine. For overclocking you can use site http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3129&p=8 it is good...
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    why cant i overclock my ati radeon hd2600 xt?

    I have the same Gigabyte card but whit ddr4 memory. Whit older ATI drivers 8.4 when you move slider in Catalys Control Centar of gpu or memory in Current Clock Settings show that new settings but whit new like 8.5 don't but the GPU-Z.0.2.6 will show you that new settings still take new overclock...