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    New speakers, old problem

    I just received and installed my new speakers today, they are amazing, but I'm still getting this weird sort of distorted glow on all of my sounds. This problem also occurred before I had these speakers, so I'm thinking it has to do with my soundcard or other hardware, but im not sure, any...
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    Everything sound, speakers headset and card!

    I'm not satisfied with my broken speakers and broken walmart headset, so I'm looking for a good set of speakers and gaming headset, as well as upgrading form onboard sound to a Soundcard. I'de like suggestions for the three categories if it would be possible, I have a decent amount of money...
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    Fuzzy sound?

    I usually have my headset plugged in and it sounds crystal clear, but today I decided I wanted to blast some music throughout the house from my speakers, and when I plugged them in the music was fuzzy and distorted, so I rebooted and it was the same deal. I figured it was my speakers because...
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    Videocard Cooling?

    I have the BFG Tech 8800GTX and it runs a bit hot, but no big deal because it is meant to run hot, but I was curious what ways there are to cool it down. It has a stock fan on it, but it doesn't do much really. How can I cool that sucker down?
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    Using Controllers for games?

    Is there really any benefit from using a USB controller or something of the like for games on the PC? I saw a Xboc 360 controller for the PC in bestbuy today and was wondering what you would use it for, or how many games are compatible with it anyway?
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    Monitor is bugin out on me!

    I hope this isn't the same as last time. About two months ago my CRT monitor broke, but before it did the screen kept zooming in and zooming out and making noises and then it finally would just be solid black, so I replaced it with my old CRT monitor from 2000, lol and now I fear the same...
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    Watercooling vs. Aircooling

    I am trying to decide whether I should go with watercooling or air cooling, I barely know anything about watercooling, except its quieter and offers a greater amount of cooling overall. I just finished my nice brand new system with the 8800gtx and the works, so someone told me I should get...
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    Monitor suggestions!

    I have my nice new computer with my new 8800GTX card and I am now looking for a new monitor, can anyone suggest any nice monitors for gaming with a max of around $350 US? TIA!
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    Nvidia Firewall is the devil. please help lol

    My new computers motherboard came with the firewall on it, and I made the biiig mistake of installing it, only to find out that it causes issues with programs, internet and blue screens of death lol. Anyway so I was trying to use bittorent but it conflicts and won't allow bittorent to work and...
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    Issues with CS 1.6 and DoD.

    When I run either of the two programs (Counterstrike 1.6 or Day of Defeat) the initial menu will be the correct colors, but then after about 5 seconds it will turn a multitude of different dense stripes of colors... I thought it may only be the menu but when I went in game, it seemed as...
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    3dmark06 scores!

    This is my first run through, nothing overclocked. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/chrisbierilo/3dmarkscorepreclocked.jpg 7560 marks, dunno if thats good or not :) Mobo http://www.newegg.com/product/produc...82E16813131568 Video Card...
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    Attempted to install OS, Error recognizing HDDs.

    I set up the RAID array and set it to striping and 16k to start. Now I stick in my OS disk to install Windos XP and it goes to the blue loading screen, and loads a bunch of crap, and then it asks me if I would like to continue and I hit Enter, and it goes. NOW " Setup did not find any hard...
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    Connecting two WD Raptors in RAID, need help

    Installing one harddrive was super easy, one SATA cable plugged from the Hdd into the SATA1 spot on the mobo. My question is how do you connect the two drives and connect it to the spot on the mobo that my book labels as RAID? I can provide pictures if needed :)
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    All drives created equal? confused, please help.

    This is my first computer build, and I am to the point where I have to insert my optical drive into the external 5.25 drive bay. Now, I decided I would just use the drive from my 3 year old Dell. So I mounted the brackets onto the sides of the drive, and now when I go to slide the drive into...