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  1. WarhammerTX

    Call of duty II mouse ?

    What the heck I went and got one if its any count and they lower the price anymore I may go get the rest of them
  2. WarhammerTX

    Call of duty II mouse ?

    I just saw my local Wally World has the Steelseries Call of Duty II mice clearanced out for 30.00 reg 69.99. Ive been thinking about getting a new mouse for a while Ive got a logitech g9x now but have really never liked it much from day 1. Anyone use the cod II mouse and how do you like it or...
  3. WarhammerTX

    The next gen of gaming consoles - PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U - Which would you choose?

    If I had to choose it would be the ps4 the xbox seems to be just a crappy htpc
  4. WarhammerTX

    GPU or built in scaling option

    Do you guys use the GPU or built in monitor scaling option in the ccc.
  5. WarhammerTX

    Post your Router

    D-Link 4300
  6. WarhammerTX

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    Nothing impressive about the video to me its single player footage typical tactic to entice you to pre order a game. Its the multiplayer thats important to me. You can do a lot of things with a single player clip that are not possible or will not be implemented in the multiplayer aspect of the...
  7. WarhammerTX

    Is this Hisense 50K360G 120HZ 50" LED TV any good ?

    I bought one 2 weeks ago at my local wally world gave my 50 zeneth to my daughter because I wanted a 120hz tv. So for it looks great I cant believe the difference the 120hz makes its thin and weighs about 1/2 of what that 7 year old zenith weighs. How long it will last who knows but for me it...
  8. WarhammerTX

    [WTB] Motorola Droid X2 Verizon

    found one thanks guys
  9. WarhammerTX

    [WTB] Motorola Droid X2 Verizon

    Any one have one of these phones they want to get rid of I need to replace my daughters sony xperia play that is a piece of crap I would rather get it from you guys than buy one on egay
  10. WarhammerTX

    Google Android users clubhouse

    Hey guys whats the best family tracking software to use I have tried family 360 but its not very accurate
  11. WarhammerTX

    Influential cards throughout history (Good & Bad)

    I agree and then ati released the 8500 that made them a contender in the video card market
  12. WarhammerTX

    The WarZ

    I saw that not going to use it until they get the game under control
  13. WarhammerTX

    Far Cry 3 - Island Survival Guide

    Anyone else not able to connect to the farcry3 servers there forums say they have been down for a couple of weeks got the game xmas and have not been able to play co-op or multiplayer yet.
  14. WarhammerTX

    Enemies of Vaas Clubhouse

    Anyone else having issues connecting to the farcry3 servers got the game x-mas and havent been able to connect to the servers to play any multiplayer or co-op. I checked there forums and evidently the have been down for a couple of weeks with no word from ubisoft. There is about 25 pages of...
  15. WarhammerTX

    Giveaway: END of YEAR Shibang!

    Thank you
  16. WarhammerTX

    Giveaway: END of YEAR Shibang!

    My most memorable Christmas was when I received a Ti-99 system Im in for Space Marine
  17. WarhammerTX

    8MS G2G for gaming?

    I have this monitor and yes the color is fantastic and I havent seen any lag yet in any game here is a good review http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/dell_u2312hm.htm
  18. WarhammerTX

    The WarZ

    Im just waiting on the Private Server rentals to start back up playing again for 15 bucks its not really that bad Ive paid 60 for games that were worse.
  19. WarhammerTX

    Antec Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker doesn't have headphone jack

    Or just get you a y-adapter they cost about 4 bucks
  20. WarhammerTX

    The WarZ

    Servers are back up to 240 with 70 player limit
  21. WarhammerTX

    The WarZ

    It was kinda fun on the 40 man servers not so much now. They say the reason they shut down 100 servers was do to opening up slots to rent it appears they are going to try and host the rental servers themselves. I know the community is really PO at the devs right know for the server change. I...
  22. WarhammerTX

    The WarZ

    I dont see how you guys can stand to play that game wasnt to bad with 40 people in the servers but with 70 its stupid its not really an mmo now more like a terrible fps.
  23. WarhammerTX

    The WarZ

    Been playing it since it first came out its different and alot of fun only problem right now is the pk ing is pretty bad but after the 30th it should be better. Playing at night its pretty creepy as far as killing the flashlight does take a few more hits I can usually kill a xombie with 2-3 hits...
  24. WarhammerTX

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has YouTube livestreaming built-in on 360, PS3 and PC

    It will effect it real bad people think bf3 has lag issues they havent seen lag yet. Was reading in the black ops II forums last night evedently the uk is already playing it and some of the US guys can join they said the lag and stutter was pretty bad even for the uk folks. I know mw3 was a...