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  1. ortizimo

    Gateway MD7820 Battery Issue

    not really. the laptop is in perfect working condition. nothing is broken nor is the a/c adapter bad. all is good. the battery is just being seeing by win7 as not charging. it seems its a very talked about issue and that gateway knows about it. thnx though.
  2. ortizimo

    Gateway MD7820 Battery Issue

    cannot seem to find anywhere about getting the battery on a gateway 7820 to charge up. It just stopped one day and I bought a new one and still says that the battery will not charge. Any help is appreciated. Thnx.
  3. ortizimo

    Mayhem Aurora Dye Issues?

    Anyone had any gunk/staining issues with Mayhem and their Aurora/Nebula Dyes?
  4. ortizimo

    Best Fluid for Liquid Cooled PC?

    so you get gunk from glycol?
  5. ortizimo

    Best Fluid for Liquid Cooled PC?

    have you used or heard anything about the VS.C version?
  6. ortizimo

    Best Fluid for Liquid Cooled PC?

    wait...that doesn't make sense. why sell it as distilled if it gets "contaminated" as soon as you open it? If so, then I'm back at square one!
  7. ortizimo

    Copper/Aluminum rig. Are you an anti-corrosion expert?

    well I'm not an expert but what I have found is that aluminum and copper in the same line are not good together. One will start stripping the other out of material and you will have corrosion and eventually lickage.
  8. ortizimo

    Best Fluid for Liquid Cooled PC?

    I'm thinking about PrimoChill ICE Non-Conductive Liquid but is there one that is better? I have a nickle plated water block and the norm radiator with brass tubes. Pos/Neg comments welcomed! Thnx.
  9. ortizimo

    Radiator Recommendation

    hello all! just trying to get recommendation of the best rad for the $. I need a x2 120 rad and I'm between the swiftech mcr220-xp or koolance high flow. basically i understand the difference between them one having a brass core and the other copper. while brass has a thermal conductivity of...
  10. ortizimo

    3/8 v G1/4 Threads

    Would like to know what is the upside of the new G1/4 standard. I though that the 3/8 has a better flow because is wider. Anyone changed from 3/8 to G1/4? Is it better now?
  11. ortizimo

    Need ideas for WC a CM 690II

    thnx...i guess a monsta rad is out of the question for the top portion? also do you recommend the Swiftech MCR220-xp?
  12. ortizimo

    Need ideas for WC a CM 690II

    Hello everyone...I need some ideas if you have them of how to proceed with water cooling a coolermaster cm 690 II. I've looked around but it seems its not a very popular case and I do not want to fork up $200 for a new case when I can use the $ for something else. This will be my 3rd WC...