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    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 680 Listed for Pre-Order

    reviewers should peel off the stickers to see if it says gtx 660 underneath :laugh:
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    GK104 Dynamic Clock Adjustment Detailed

    sound like a way to compare a heavy overclocked card to a stock 7970 card "oh look 10% faster"
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    ProView Open To Talks with Apple Over iPad Trademark

    ipad 3 just went up 20%
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    ASUS Launches the Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card

    now if i could just find two in stock, i'll try them with air but they will probably end up with EK blocks
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    ASUS Launches the Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card

    surprised they would put something in that would void the warranty to use didn't think asus allowed cooler change just xfx hmm is for ln2 http://rog.asus.com/75602012/guides/whats-inside-the-asus-radeon-hd-7970-directcu-ii/
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    ASUS Launches the Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card

    hmm from newegg pics anyone have a idea what the add on heat sink is for
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    The Level 10 M Mouse by Thermaltake and BMW Designworks

    it looks like a skill saw
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    HP's Hackable Printers: The Lawsuit

    to bad this won't make HP put out full windows 7 drivers for their printers
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    Secure Apple Macs Fall Prey To Linux DDoS Trojan

    next up apple patents the firewall
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    Dual GPU on a single PCB vs true CrossfireX or SLI

    in a few games at stock and alot more with oc http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/powercolor_hd5970_lcs/7.htm
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    AMD Evergreen Awaits Gala Unveiling Aboard USS Hornet

    hehe i still think ati forgot where amd was :laugh:
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    AMD Evergreen Awaits Gala Unveiling Aboard USS Hornet

    it is funny they are doing it 32 miles from nvidia's headquarters :p
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    CrossFire / SLI still just gimmicks

    with two 4890's i get from 50% to 80% performance boost with my q6600 no oc at 2560x1600 how old is your xp install with xp and cf any time i've had a problem with a cf setup i pulled my boot drive and try a fresh install on a spare drive the one thing about vista is i've had less cf problems
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    SAPPHIRE Launches Special Water Cooled ATOMIC HD 4870 X2 Video Card

    with that small rad on it, add a open Reservoir and you can use it as a egg cooker too:laugh:
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    GeForce GTX 200 ''Worst Product Launch in the History of NVIDIA'' - Vendors

    hmm amd stock was the same all this year up and down 4$ to 6$, now nvidia 30 day ago was 25 now 11 and falling be more like intel to buy nvidia
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    Radeon HD 4870 X2 Previewed, AA Performance a Trump Card

    what gtx280 gx2 it would need 5 power plugs and a spark arrester
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    ATI R700 DH.net Preview

    in one review at 1280x768:laugh: cpu bound
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    ATI R700 DH.net Preview

    lol look like All other games can be played at 2560x1600 with 4xAA with one x2 so why pay more for 2-280
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    ATI R700 DH.net Preview

    i don't think 3- gtx280 will beat 2- 4870x2's and x2's will cost less
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    ATI R700 DH.net Preview

    on the 4870 about 33% why dose gpuz show clock at 900/1000 but they say they can only get +15/+30
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    ATI R700 DH.net Preview

    they probably have the fan set low like the 4870 but turn it up and temps run fine
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    R700 Supports 4-way Crossfire X?

    i think 2-x2 for most games on my 30" lcd will be more than enough for 2560x1600 well maybe not crysis:laugh: but this 8 gpu's may get DreamWorks back
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    R700 Supports 4-way Crossfire X?

    most breakers are 15 amp for plugs and lighting and can service more than one room
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    R700 Could be Rushed in

    it says the reviews are moved up, but cards come out 2 weeks latter
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    Diamond HD 4870 XOC Premium Black Edition: First Picture

    25 years ago, they wouldn't tell me who it was but i'll still pop him in the mouth if i find out:laugh: