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    AMD Confirms Key "Summit Ridge" Specs

    Not that I feel comfortable spending $1700 for a CPU, but if you look back in 1993 when Intel released the Pentium 66MHz cpu they priced it at about $1000. Looking at the price of inflation, we're very close to a $1700 CPU back then. Technology has gotten CHEAP compared to back then...
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    XFORMA Presents the MBX MKII Limited Edition PC Case

    Wow. That is INSANE. That's about DOUBLE the price of a Caselabs case (AWESOME cases btw. I have their SMH10 case that just kicks arse.
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    Microsoft to Revamp Activation System with Windows 9

    Great. And I was so looking forward to what Windows 9 had to offer. Thanks M$ for causing huge head aches for your legit customers.
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    ASUS Z97 WS Socket LGA1150 Workstation Motherboard Detailed

    Pffft....so you can spell out BOOB, silly.
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    Watercooling radiators question

    I remember trying this a long time ago (read GTX 480 SLI) Didn't make much of a difference. Wasn't worth the hassle. Water can hold a LOT of heat, and can only cool so quickly, and the 1/2 degree that it is cooler before it hits the GPU won't make much of a difference. Where you place the...
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    Gyration Goes Retro, Re-Introduces Classic Keyboards

    My thoughts exactly. :rockout:
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    Intel Haswell Platform Faces USB 3.0 Issue: Report

    I would love....*LOVE* to believe Haswell-E is coming out in 2013. Socket 2011 just isn't worth the upgrade from my 1366 (that has been such an awesome platform...). But, as someone so eloquently said on another forum....I want a new shiney. :D
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    SLI with different cards

    In that thinking, you could SLI a GTX 670 and a GTX 680. But you can't. with regular drivers. They have to be the same model #, but can differ in clocks (EVGA GTX 680 with EVGA GTX 680 SUPERCLOCKED can work)
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound Card

    So, I had a chance to play Borderlands 2 and watch a few movies (tv-stereo and DTS movies). I got the base model. I don't need the highest-end inputs, and the ACM is redundant for me. I went from a Titanium X-Fi PCI-E to this. I was expecting to have buyer's remorse, but nope. Popping...
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound Card

    I bought a Sound Blaster Z (base model) off Amazon. I'm coming from a Titanium X-Fi that's had some driver issues and popping. I'll post back with my findings later this weekend.
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    Western Digital Expands Its Highest-Performing Desktop Hard Drives To 4 TB Capacity

    If you absolutely NEED 4TB in one drive it does. The best/biggest/etc has always had a price premium on it... Wake me up when we have $339 8TB drives and the 4TB drives are $100 each. :D
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    Creative Introduces the Sound Blaster Z-Series Sound Cards

    I've had a sound blaster card ever since the first one was released waaaaay back when 25MHz 386's were the top of the line. I've enjoyed them all. But I must admit....driver support has been very poor for my X-Fi card. Drivers on the CD had horrible problems installing, forcing me to remove...
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    NETGEAR Introduces Industry's First 802.11ac WiFi Router

    The main reason I'm wiring my house with CAT6. :D Wireless is great...but nothing beats a physical cable connection.
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    Intel Introduces CPU Replacement Plan Targeting Overclockers

    Hmm.....suicide runs take on a whole new meaning. 3.0 VID i7-3960X anyone?
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    PNY Launches Brick Attaché USB Flash drive

    A Train...a snake...a stick...anything your mind can come up with, as long as its straight. :D I can't wait for some choo-choo action on my desk with theses babies! :rockout:
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    R&D: 15 nm Circuits Have Wires Just 150 Atoms Apart

    Its 2011. I want my damn 10GHz air-cooled CPU.
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    4 TB Hitachi Desktop Hard Drive Starts Selling in Japan

    :laugh: math fail. =) I remember the good old days with my 80MB hard drive and Wing Commander taking up 10MB of that (with speech pack/addons)
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    IBM to Produce Micron's HMC in Debut of First Commercial, 3D Chip-Making Capability

    Didn't IBM develop an internal micro-channel liquid cooling tech? Let me google... LINK
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    VIA Releases VIA VE-900 Mini-ITX Mainboard for Digital Home Media Enthusiasts

    Question is, is there any fundamental difference between a wired ps/2 keyboard and a **wireless** USB keyboard? :cool:
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    VIA Releases VIA VE-900 Mini-ITX Mainboard for Digital Home Media Enthusiasts

    Hey VIA...2000 called, they want their motherboard back.
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    Intel Acknowledges SSD 320 Series ''8 MB Bug''

    +1 Better that you buy a possible bugged Intel drive than crap a OCZ drive. OCZ deletes your posts/threads on their forum to cover their asses. Its WHEN, and NOT IF, your OCZ SSD goes on the fritz... I've had the Vertex 1 and 2 drives. Both of them were problematic at best.
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    TRENDnet Makes Available First to Market 500 Mbps Powerline AV Solutions

    I have three of the 200Mbps ones. In the same room, I get 192Mbps. The room just downstairs from my office I get 68Mbps. Not great, but good enough for streaming media, the internet, etc. Why no wireless? I have that too (for just in case), but it interferes with my wireless mouse and keyboard.
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    I need an answer in 24 hours

    +1 on SSD