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    Ati X850 Xt Pe Pci-e

    Sorry if I seem a bit of a noob, but PM's? Not sure what that means.
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    [Case Gallery] Modded Dell dimension 8400

    I guess I'm not gonna win any applause by saying any positive about Dell in this forum--there are no doubt issues in the way they design components, etc. but I will say this--I have been using there tech support for over a year now, and have found service to be top notch. They don't always have...
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    Ati X850 Xt Pe Pci-e

    Thanks MikeLopez for that--saves time not having to figure it all out without any help menu to use--one question--I was just playing UT 2004 Demo, and went back to desktop to check temp. on card.The game did not minimize fully, but rather left parts of its screen showing as well as part of the...
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    Ati X850 Xt Pe Pci-e

    Re the ATI tool fan settings--I just first used this last night to get my Saphire X850XT temps. down--(they were in the eighties C while gaming).I set the ATI tool at 18% for above 49C and watched it while running the 'Show 3D view' in ATI Tool to see if my fan went faster if the card hit 50C...
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    Overheating in x850XL...how to fix

    Many thanks to all for the helpful info on ATI tool fan settings, and working with the card's BIOS settings.Last night I figured out how to set fan speeds in ATI tool and as an experiment put it at 100%--my card under load dropped from 83C or even higher to a max of 68C--problem solved!!Also, it...
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    Overheating in x850XL...how to fix

    I posted today with the same problem--Saphire X850XT running too hot--over 80C under load.I would like to know exactly how to manually set fan speeds with ATI tool (which I downloaded today), or how ro access the card's bios and change fan settings there. In ATI tool I can see under 'Properties...
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    Saphire X850XT OEM possibly overheating

    Hi--I installed a new Saphire X850XT about three weeks ago--idle temps fluctuate between 47C to 51C.Under load I have seen as high as 91C while gaming(HL2 EP 1)a couple of weeks ago.After this I updated the chipset driver for the motherboard, and have seen max temps of around 83C since then.I...