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    MSI Aegis Ti Multi-GPU PC

    Hey MSI, 1999 have called and they want their PC case back.
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    Thermaltake Pacific Series Radiators Now Available

    As other told, ALUMINIUM .... fail TT, FAIL !
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    EK Vardar F2 vs Gentle Typhoon AP-14 vs Swiftech Helix 120 - 3 Video inside

    I really dont thik these holes cause any noise. What we can hear is a motor noise, not a wind/turbulance noise. I still have to test these on PWM since the vardar are PWM fans. My lamptron work internally as a PWM controller but it's still a "voltage" controller in the end. The Vardar may do...
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    EK Vardar F2 vs Gentle Typhoon AP-14 vs Swiftech Helix 120 - 3 Video inside

    First, there is what it take on my Lamptron FC5 to start these fans. Next, single fan testing. And then, 3 fan testing. The camera is a Zoom Q4 with the mic at HIGH sensitivity. Overall, i'm still impressed by the kind of cheap Helix from swiftech, they produce a nice wind sound at high...
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    Ankyz(rafael piassi vilela)

    Great ( insane? ) hardware / Correct Build
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    BTTB_RVE - Function over Fashion

    Thanks alot
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    BTTB_RVE - Function over Fashion

    ;) Thanks !
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    BTTB_RVE - Function over Fashion

    Thanks delamalte ;)
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    BTTB_RVE - Function over Fashion

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Asus Rampage V Extreme X99 Intel i7 5930K 6c/12t Swiftech WCed G.Skill 4x4gb DDR4 2400mhz SLI 2x Zotac GTX 780 + Accelero Xtrem3 OS -> Plextor M5S 128gb Games -> 2x Agility 4 256gb EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 Tecnofront HWD BenchTable Surround 3x LG...
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    Lizard Desk

    Insane ! Magnifique ! But, way too much photoshop on the pics ( but it's just me ). really nice work man.
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    Mean Green FT03 Mod

    An i3 but with a 780 ? This is a weird spec but well, an i3 is still able to push some good numbers.
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    ASUS Stacker build

    Is it me or you dont have anything on the "basement" ? Maybe some SSD/HDD but it seems useless to have it right now.
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    HAF 932 R3.0

    Excellent but i would have loved to see more overall build pics.
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    Project : Performer

    I'd like to see more non badly photoshoped pics to rate this build correctly. More pics of the actual thing with all this baldy melted white background.
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    OvercloQc - WaterCooling The Guide - 3 Video - French

    For those of you who speak french, there is a watercooling guide i made a few weeks ago. Enjoy ! First part - The hardware WaterCooling Le Guide - Part 1 - Les composantes. ... Second part - The installation WaterCooling Le Guide - Part 2 - L'installatio... Third part - The results +...
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    [Case Gallery] Haunted House Case Mod

    I was totally amazed until i saw this pics. So this is simply an hounted house with a case stuck in it ? Not an actual "case mod". The house is well made, its a great overall job but not a "case mod" IMHO. My 2 cents ;) great work BTW !
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    [Case Gallery] Dark RiG

    DO i see a huge and empty case ? Were's the computer ! ;)
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    [Case Gallery] Nepton System

    You could work the cable management and i found it's a weird parts selection. AX1200i for 2 7870 XT and 3770 ( non k ? ) Could have got a much cheaper and still good PSU, then buy a K proc + 7970s or 7950s
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    [Case Gallery] Adrenaline™: Poison-Ivy™

    Clean build. Only question, 1200w, single 680 ? This rig wont pull more than 300-350w under load. My 4770k and 780 pull ~325w at the wall while gaming. All OCed.
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    Coolaboratory CLU-CLP removal and installation - Video

    Longest ive run to date is ~3 weeks with CLU on the die/ihs and CLP ihs/hs. Removal was EZ. Swipe dry then swipe with alcohol and voilà !
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    Coolaboratory CLU-CLP removal and installation - Video

    Thanks ! Merci ! I've done alot of thermal paste testing on the die/ihs and ihs/hs, thats why ive done 7 or 8 CLU/CLP application in the past month.
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    Coolaboratory CLU-CLP removal and installation - Video

    I'm on my 7th or 8th apply and i never had issue.