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    Your captain has been here since this team was started on 2/20/09. Stuck with it and kept the encouragement up enough to make TPU WCG number 35 in less than a year!!!! Nice work Dave To the captain :toast:
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    Top 100

    When this happens in approximately 18 days I will be moving on to another team. We have a great bunch of CRUNCHERS assembled here. I want to :toast:all who gave some or a lot. Ya'll can be a powerhouse if you want to be one. Somebody besides A novice needs to step up and claim the...
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    How not to recruit new members

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    Crunching tips

    1 A dedicated cruncher doesn't need more than 1 gig of RAM.1 stick is best.The single channel penalty is easy to make up with increased CPU clocks.CPU speed rules in these projects. 2 Timings and RAM speed don't matter much.Again go for CPU speed. 3 x64 OS and 64 BOINC client will get...
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    RAMMIE's challenge

    See here. http://forums.techpowerup.com/showpost.php?p=1360783&postcount=18 any challenges should be posted here.