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  1. Roph

    Elgato 4K60 Pro Capture Card Lets You Record 4K Footage at 60 FPS Flawlessly

    Lol? Ridiculous price. You can buy an RX 550 that encodes 4K in h265 and h264, simultaneously. £350 for an HDMI input, eh?
  2. Roph

    Razer Phone Unveiled, First Smartphone with 120 Hz Display

    $250? You can get $60 devices with fingerprint scanners, it's not an expensive tech to include at all. My $150 daily driver has one.
  3. Roph

    Razer Phone Unveiled, First Smartphone with 120 Hz Display

    120hz phones have been around for a while already in Japan. This isn't the first by a long shot. And it's also missing the headphone jack, so it can get lost.
  4. Roph

    Noctua Introduces Chromax Line Fans, Cables and Heatsink Covers

    So so overpriced :kookoo:
  5. Roph

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Overclocking to be Restricted

    I'm sure Nvidia is salivating for a future where they can milk customers with "K" versions of GPUs in a few more generations time. $499 1660, (gotta keep selling midrange for flagship prices too of course), $599 1660K.
  6. Roph

    Ex-Valve Writer Marc Laidlaw Releases Would-be Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Story

    I'm guessing in time, modders will team up and create this story as an unofficial ep 3 :)
  7. Roph

    ROCCAT Dips Its Paws on Game Development, Presents Sick City

    If it's anything like their hardware it will break after a few months and their support's only reply is to simply buy it again.
  8. Roph

    Roccat Kone EMP Gaming Mouse

    Nice joke :laugh:
  9. Roph

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 16.12.2 Beta Drivers

    It should be noted that AMD has removed the colour settings with the ReLive update. I.e. saturation, brightness, gamma etc are all gone.
  10. Roph

    Intel Readies Skylake-X As its Next High-end Desktop Platform

    It's not like the bandwidth is needed for dual GPUs. Look at TPU's own PCIe bandwidth tests.
  11. Roph

    Roccat Unveils the Suora FX Gaming Keyboard

    But being Roccat, it's probably going to fall apart in a few months and their support will tell you to piss off :laugh:
  12. Roph

    Swiftech to Launch Custom Water Block for AMD's RX 480

    2x 8pin? Funny looking 480 :p
  13. Roph

    Silicon Power Launches the Ultima II USB Flash Drive

    USB 3 is backwards compatible. Perhaps the next frontpage TPU poll should be "Should we stop posting "news" about random new flash drives?". I'd wager on the overwhelmingly popular answer being no :)
  14. Roph

    AMD Dragged to Court over Core Count on "Bulldozer"

    I'd like to see such a graph generated on a Phenom 1, as you scale up and starve it of its pathetic cache. Is that not a quad core?
  15. Roph

    AMD Dragged to Court over Core Count on "Bulldozer"

    I think you're wasting your breath. I remember back when this thread was started he was talking about the iGPU found on the FX chips. News to me :laugh: It's a frivolous lawsuit. The GTX970 comparison isn't comparable; nvidia outright lied about things such as ROP/TMU count. The 3.5 + 0.5...
  16. Roph

    Colorful Announces Line-Up of GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Cards

    What's the point in releasing a 10501060 with such a large cooler and 3 fans? :shadedshu:
  17. Roph

    MSI Also Unveils the 970A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard

    What year is it.jpg
  18. Roph

    Sapphire Also Unveils the Radeon RX 470 NITRO+ Graphics Cards

    Ordered it within minutes of availability in the UK, next day delivery :) I'd like to try that but it seems the Trixx 3.0 software isn't released publicly yet :/
  19. Roph

    Sapphire Also Unveils the Radeon RX 470 NITRO+ Graphics Cards

    Already got mine. 4GB, Hynix memory. 1800Mhz is the highest wattman will go for memory OC, no extra voltage needed. The 1300Mhz core I pulled off while also undervolting, pretty nice :) It still stays solid at 1.3Ghz under load.
  20. Roph

    MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8 GB

    Why do you need sales figures? Nvidia creates a price range - $250-300. So you could argue that a $299 1060 isn't "overpriced" because the founders edition is even more overpriced. AMD's got a single MSRP - $200 for 4GB and $230 for 8GB. I'm waiting to buy an AIB RX480 here in the UK, there...
  21. Roph

    Kingston Digital Announces the UV400 Series SSD

    Harder to trust kingston after they were caught sending reviewers high speed NAND-filled V300s and selling shitty NAND V300s to consumers.
  22. Roph

    Futuremark Teases 3DMark "Time Spy" DirectX 12 Benchmark

    Presumably nvidia begging for there to be no async, and instead using overly aggressive tessellation? :laugh:
  23. Roph

    NVIDIA Introduces ANSEL In-game Photography Tech

    Lemme guess, instead of a standard way/API for games to support this, it's NVIDIA proprietary?
  24. Roph

    Presenting the New TechPowerUp

    Yeah, android app still broken. I assume it pulled from the site's RSS, which you've changed in this update?