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  1. Ralfies

    What would you like to see in CPU reviews?

    Although multi-gpu seems to be becoming less relevant, I too would love to see some benches in CPU reviews. It doesn't need to be a ton, just a couple of games that have good support (I don't own any 2016/2017 games so I can't recommend any).
  2. Ralfies

    Games that you hated but everyone else loved?

    Oh, boy... I'm going to regret this... The Witcher 1 and 2. I haven't tried 3. I probably just needed to put more time in, but I found the story unengaging and the gameplay unenjoyable. I played about 5 hours of The Witcher and tried Assassins of Kings for a couple. Also the Bordelands series...
  3. Ralfies

    Games you loved but everyone else hated?

    Clive Barker's Jericho. I'll admit it isn't a great game, not even a good one really, but I thoroughly enjoyed the setting.
  4. Ralfies

    4K Stop-gap Card - R9 Fury?

    Yeah, as long as SLI is working, the 780Ti's should be a little faster than a 980Ti. Well, it's looking like I should just try to be patient and wait, no matter how much I want a new toy.
  5. Ralfies

    4K Stop-gap Card - R9 Fury?

    B) A 1080 would preclude me from upgrading when true 4k cards come out. If the 1080 were $100 cheaper or 25% faster I would get one. C) If all I did was game I'd agree with this, but the extra screen space is fantastic for CAD. A) Good advice. Thank you. :) Edit: It's weird that I can vote on...
  6. Ralfies

    4K Stop-gap Card - R9 Fury?

    Thank you for all the opinions. I'm leaning towards picking up a Fury since the expense will be very little out of pocket and I will get to try out FreeSync. I also won't have the SLI headache. Gupsterg, the Fury I'm looking at is a Tri-X so it's good to hear those have a high chance of...
  7. Ralfies

    4K Stop-gap Card - R9 Fury?

    Waiting it out is certainly the most pragmatic thing to do. I'll admit I have an upgrade itch to scratch, so I'm not being the most patient. I've had good experiences with both vendors, so brand isn't really a concern to me. You could call this purchase a testing of the waters to see if I want...
  8. Ralfies

    4K Stop-gap Card - R9 Fury?

    Pretty much my feelings exactly. The card will be replaced once AMD and nVidia release their big guns, so the cheapest option is the most attractive. If I sell my 780 Ti's I can probably recoup the $200 out of pocket I'll be spending. I realize there will be a performance hit in games that have...
  9. Ralfies

    4K Stop-gap Card - R9 Fury?

    With the news that Vega won't be releasing until 1H 2017, and the 1080 Ti nowhere on the horizon, I've decided to buy a stop-gap card to replace my 780 Ti's until I do a rebuild in 2017. The 780 Ti's perform relatively well, but they run out of Vram quickly and I have to depend on SLI. It seems...
  10. Ralfies

    MSI GeForce GTX 1060 OC 6 GB

    You probably didn't mean to include this in the pro's since the 1060 doesn't support SLI. Thanks for the review!
  11. Ralfies

    Sapphire Radeon RX 460 NITRO OC Pictured

    Did anyone else notice the card only supports PCIe 3.0x8? It's missing half the contacts on the connector. Seems like a smart move for this performance range if it saves on cost.
  12. Ralfies

    Meet the New Titan X (Pascal)

    That price. :( With the Titan now at $1200 what will the Ti be priced at? $850?
  13. Ralfies

    MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6 GB

    Using the same settings for all cards makes comparisons easier. W1zzard cannot bench his huge assortment of cards with different settings for each review. I don't think there's one right way to bench, so we're lucky to have many sites with different methodologies. This isn't directed at you...
  14. Ralfies

    ASUS Announces the GeForce GTX 1080 Turbo

    It seems like vendors have finally figured out how to make nice looking blowers. I'd love to see one reviewed so we can see how it stacks up to the FE.
  15. Ralfies

    AMD Radeon RX 480 Clock Speeds Revealed, Clocked Above 1.2 GHz

    Do we know yet if this is a cut down or full fat P10? 36CU's seems a little odd. I'd love to see a 40CU version with higher clocks and GDDR5X for $299-329.
  16. Ralfies

    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Cards

    I personally prefer blower coolers, especially with SLI. I'm guessing this card will be priced close to $599, making it a much better buy than the FE.
  17. Ralfies

    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Cards

    That Aero version looks very nice. I hope W1z gets one for review.
  18. Ralfies

    Got some queries TPU's test methodology on GPUs

    @W1zzard lists the drivers used in every review on the "Test Setup" page.
  19. Ralfies

    AMD Throwing the Gauntlet at Intel for releasing biased & unreliable benches.

    I think the last paragraph in the article sums things up nicely. It seems to me AMD's benchmark is far more biased, considering it doesn't single out the product they're actually trying to sell.
  20. Ralfies

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Haven't tried this mod out yet, but it seems to be aimed at fixing many of the lighting issues people are discussing. Looks good in the screenshots. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2139/? I've taken a break from FO4 to finish Trails in the Sky SC. I'll probably come back to it and start...
  21. Ralfies

    Best online marketplace to get p c game keys

    These are pretty good places: http://store.steampowered.com/ http://www.gog.com/
  22. Ralfies

    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Coming Sooner Than You Think?

    I have that pen at work. It sucks. Uni-ball vision elite is where it's at. The card is adorable.
  23. Ralfies

    Brother is getting long hitches in games - help me troubleshoot.

    Totally agree. I run a scan about once ever few months too and I haven't had anything pop up in years. Probably why it didn't initially occur to me. I'm now remembering having to work on my ex's laptop all the time because it was constantly getting infected. Now that I think about it, I wonder...
  24. Ralfies

    Brother is getting long hitches in games - help me troubleshoot.

    It seems he figured it out last night. He had some malware that was eating up resources. After running a scan and removing it he reports no more hitching and much better fps. That should have been the first thing I had him do! Thanks for all the help guys.