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    ARRIS Reveals Company's Upcoming Next-Generation Broadband Gateway Devices

    Personally I prefer to have a dedicated modem connected to a wifi access point of my personal preference. For spotty cell coverage a cell phone that supports speech over wifi is nice.
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    EK Launches Giganormous 420mm and 560mm CoolStream Slim Radiators

    if that's "Giganormous" then what is a MO-RA3 then? Mine takes 9 120 mm fans, on one side, the same on the other. The biggest one is for 9 140 mm fans push, and 9 in pull. Or the Aqua computer Airplex GIGANT 3360 No, these are just slightly longer than normal 140 mm radiators, and thin ones...
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    DOCSIS 3.1 Makes 10 Gbps Downstream & 1 Gbps Upstream Speeds a Reality

    You Americans are really getting screwed over at those prices. I pay equivalent of 30 USD/month for 250/20 witch puts me in DOCSIS 3.0 territory. Some places has the godlike 1000/1000 for 110 USD/month, or full speed DOCSIS 3.0 (1000/100) for 80 USD. They actually lowered the prices around here...
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    EK is Releasing a New Combo Unit and Two Reservoirs Fitted with RGB

    then you and i have a subjectively different understanding of "quiet", as i hear a large difference between the pumps, and i find any fan at over 500 rpm to be too loud for idle pc usage. i am not saying that the DCC is unfit for water cooling, but the D5 is better.
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    EK is Releasing a New Combo Unit and Two Reservoirs Fitted with RGB

    Because i have both a D5 and a DCC here in my apartment, and two D5 emit less noise than one DCC at 20% PWM, while still keeping the water cooling loop at the same temperatures. Only reason to go for a DCC is if you don't have the space for a D5, since a DCC with top is about half the size of...
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    Drevo Introduces Low Profile, Wireless Vrangr Keyboard

    Probably nice for the ones that does not like normal keyboards, personally i don't like the layout. But touting that the keyboard is lighter than usual? Heavy is good in keyboards, makes them sturdy and keeps them in place when in use. also the name sounds like "Vrang" in Norwegian, meaning...
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    MSI Announces Cubi 3 Silent and Cubi 3 Silent S Mini Desktops

    nope, the TV does not receive a sound signal. went with a AMD system that has been flawless from day one, only reason i do not make it completely passive is i then will hear the server out in the hall, was toying with the idea to fill it up with 2 TB SSDs until i figured i would cost...
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    EK is Releasing a New Combo Unit and Two Reservoirs Fitted with RGB

    Maybe because the D5 is better suited for water cooling? with noticeable less noise than a DCC.
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    MSI Announces Cubi 3 Silent and Cubi 3 Silent S Mini Desktops

    Has Intel fixed their HDMI drivers to allow for more than two channels of sound over HDMI now? that was the main reason i got AMD when i built my HTPC.
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    Custom-design Radeon RX Vega Cards by Mid-October

    that is because all of the cheap ones have gone to Norway, and i am not kidding, as of writing komplett.no has had this https://www.komplett.no/product/945230/datautstyr/pc-komponenter/skjermkort/pci-express/xfx-radeon-rx-vega-64-black# card in stock, continually for weeks, at launch price...
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    Synology Unveils New XS, Plus, and Value Series NAS

    There is a "S" missing in the start of the press release.
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    R9 290x issues

    Have two 290x water cooled for some time now, have not filled the fan header on my cards. what kind of block are you using? the ram on a stock 290x does not need active cooling, but the chip and the power delivery requires it. most full cover blocks has ram and power delivery cooling, but...
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    Trouble with turning on PC by pressing power button

    yeah, its the PSU. Have the same PSU and the same problem. BeQuiet does not know what is wrong. On the upside, mine has been like that for over a year, and is still working.
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    Mazdas new petrol engine doesn't need spark plugs and is 30% more efficient.

    yes, that is petrol engines (Otto cycle), running on a different but equally volatile fuel as petrol. The Dual fuel engine i was describing is a diesel engine (Diesel cycle). The new Mazda engine is a mix of the two cycle styles.
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    Vertical GPU orientation - the sky's the limit

    Well, sleeve bearings get worn out much faster if they lay horizontally, ball bearings and rifle/fluid bearings do not care. Have not been using the coolers the cards come with in over 10 years so i have no idea what kind of bearing is normal for GPUs, but vertical mounting is either not going...
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    Mazdas new petrol engine doesn't need spark plugs and is 30% more efficient.

    That reminds me of the Wärtsilä dual fuel engines. Originally a diesel cycle (burning MDO or just straight crude oil) they could change over to run on natural gas after is was started on MDO. the trick was to use a small pilot injection of MDO at the start of the power stroke and then follow up...
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    How much are you willing to spend on a keyboard?

    The advantage with the RGB capable ones is that you can sett the colour you prefer, and then leave it at that colour all the time.
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    EK Releases New Vardar EVO Fans with Start-Stop Function

    That is nice, a fan that has almost the complete range i like. 500 to 2000 RPM is good, 400 to some high number had been better. i am getting tempted to switch, and then i see the price, €16,95 x 18 = €305,10 All of a sudden the Arctic Cooling F12 i am currently using are "good enough" (600 to...
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    AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.4 GHz

    but then the i3-7100 also should be up at the same level, where its down at 55 FPS. also, i do not think a i7-7700 will throttle to that much under Fallout 4.
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    AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.4 GHz

    How does the I3-7300 at 4 Ghz beat everything in fallout 4 on 4K ? not only does it it beat the i7-7700k it gets a significant higher score as well, 14 % higher average FPS. from page 13
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega Put Through 3DMark

    I think we are almost in agreement, my point was that if chip A i designed for a Tj of 95 °C while another is designed for 70 °C, if the power consumed by both chips are the same, say 125 W a cooler that is capable of cooling chip A at 125 W will exceed the Tj of chip B, therefore, your line in...
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega Put Through 3DMark

    And here I was hoping that the RX vega would be really good, guess it is down to pricing now. At a given ΔT for the system, so the same cooler rated a 125 W for a chip with a ΔT of 80 degrees opposed to one with a ΔT at 60 degrees will be lower, it will actually be at 93,75 Watt. how you ask...
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    Where's My Storage? Viking Technology Begins Shipping 25 TB, 50 TB 3.5" MLC SSDs

    So now the trusty old HDD only has price to compete, as price, speed, power usage (i guess) and component life all favour SSDs now i can not see heat beeing a problem, the nand chips will consume some power, but the bulk of the power consumed is by the controller, and since its not the fastest...
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    MIT, Stanford Partner Towards Making CPU-Memory BUSes Obsolete

    Well, if you look at a Hawaii based chip you will notice the insane PCB AMD was using. Trace length is a limiting factor, and together with the slot with for DDR3 and DDR4 you get longer traces on the edges, and since DDR still is a parallel interface the shorter traces will need to be...
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    NVIDIA Laying Groundwork for Multi-Chip-Module GPUs

    Nvidia could be using on package NVLink for the MCM communication. As for the dispatcher, one could have a central dispatch core that uses NVLink or infinity fabric to send jobs to a number of cores, with each core having a memory interface and dedicated L1 and L2 memory with access to a shared...