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  1. WhiteNoise

    What are you playing?

    Just ESO. Haven't played anything else recently.
  2. WhiteNoise

    How much do you care about achievements?

    I don't care about them at all. I never try to earn them. I should say I never go out of my way to earn them. They mean nothing to me.
  3. WhiteNoise

    Atari is working on its first console in more than 20 years

    @CJCerny Speak for yourself lol I'm only 46 and had the 2600 when it released...I'm no old grumpy 50 something yet! :laugh:
  4. WhiteNoise

    Atari is working on its first console in more than 20 years

    Price seems a bit much. Not sure I see the point at that price. I hope the MSRP is just that...an MSRP and the actual cost is a bit easier to take.
  5. WhiteNoise

    Need a big TV for gaming

    Some of us don't care about the performance being the very best as long as I get 4k at 60Hz, HDR 8, 10 or 12 bit and as low input lag as possible (which my screen does all of it) then I'm a happy camper. My user experience is fantastic! :)
  6. WhiteNoise

    Need a big TV for gaming

    If it is just for games that you'll use a controller for then I would assume not any competitive FPS style games. 60Hz 4k would be all you need as long as your video card can pull it off. Then you can just enjoy a big screen.
  7. WhiteNoise

    Picking up an Oculus Rift S

    My favorite games: Lone Echo Onward Arizona Sunshine Chronos Star Trek Bridge Crew Vader Immortal Great Games: Vox Machinae Robo Recall Blade & Sorcery The Climb Eve Valkyrie Elite Dangerous Project Cars Subnautica Superhot I expect you to die Games I'm looking forward to: Defector Rogan...
  8. WhiteNoise

    Best SFF GPU for Overwatch

    I have an RX 560 in my sons computer and it does play Overwatch without issue.
  9. WhiteNoise

    Could someone help me find out finding an old Disckman/Walkman from sony?

    I still buy CD's. In fact I prefer them over anything else. I do buy HD audio too but I always prefer tangible media and I have a beautiful CD transport to play them on.
  10. WhiteNoise

    Ebay GPU woes

    I run two Ebay stores. As a seller I have had people try and scam me several times. I have learned that if I put every single detail about the item, what it is and isn't used for, multiple disclaimers and such in my ads and then I do stand a decent chance of beating some of these people. Also...
  11. WhiteNoise

    Picking up an Oculus Rift S

    So never did take pictures but I did spend a lot of time with the Rift S. It's awesome. I also hooked up my old Rift to my other gaming rig (the one my daughter uses) and while setting it up I could immediately see a difference in visual quality. Then loading up into the main menu / room where...
  12. WhiteNoise

    Picking up an Oculus Rift S

    I'll snap some pictures of the Rift and Rift S tomorrow but I can lay down a few thoughts right now. The LCD screens looks good! I was worried that going from OLED to LCD would be a mistake and though I have to admit that blacks are blacker on the Rift, it is close with the Rift S and the Rift...
  13. WhiteNoise

    Picking up an Oculus Rift S

    Picked it up tonight on my way home from work. Love Newegg will call. Hooking it up soon.
  14. WhiteNoise

    Picking up an Oculus Rift S

    I own the Rift and love it but setting up the 3 sensors is a pain in the rump...all the cords too. Now that the Rift S is out and Ive read many reviews I think it is a fair trade off moving to it and placing my Rift in storage. Just the inside out sensors alone make me want to make this...
  15. WhiteNoise

    Cyberpunk 2077 will launch in April 2020

  16. WhiteNoise

    Your PC ATM

    bad picture...the window is reflecting everything and the light is poor but...this is my main rig. That one stick of ram, right side near CPU lights up too...all those lights go on and off alternating surge type thing... Ok yeah....I need to clean up all the wires lol Here is the whole desk..
  17. WhiteNoise

    It's official Baldurs Gate 3!

    I never played Baldurs gate. But I did play DOS I & II. I too will look forward to this.
  18. WhiteNoise

    Apple v Pepper

    The main reason I only buy iphones is because apple does not allow all those garbage apps on their store. I never have any issues with apps on my iphones unlike all the crap on android. This has always been a big selling point for me.
  19. WhiteNoise

    What are you playing?

    Went back to ESO over the past weekend. I hadn't touched this since official release. Back then the game was crap with loads of bugs, poor performance etc... Now? Loads and loads of content, runs great at 4K with maxed out visuals (100+ fps) graphics/art style looks great and I'm digging this...
  20. WhiteNoise

    Which games haven't you finished yet?

    "ALL OF THEM!"
  21. WhiteNoise

    A Plague Tale: Innocence: My Mini Review.

    I bought this game at release. I have not installed it yet. Reviews state 8 hours to complete it. I'm fine with that considering the price and how good the reviews are.
  22. WhiteNoise

    Are these appropriate games for a 12 year old child.

    I'm not overly strict on the types of games my kids can play. My son is only 4 so I do only allow him to play 'kid' friendly games but my daughter plays games like Ark, Atlas and other survival type games. I prefer games with no swearing but violence is ok as long as it is not overly bloody. My...
  23. WhiteNoise

    Are these appropriate games for a 12 year old child.

    Me too. My daughter now thinks she knows everything...it's funny watching this with my own memories reminding me how I used to think too. Like you I learned a long time ago that 1. My parents actually knew what was up. 2. I don't know a fraction of what I thought I did.
  24. WhiteNoise

    Are these appropriate games for a 12 year old child.

    I have a couple of kids and my 9 year old daughter does these dumb fortnite dances and I cringe every time. Maybe it's my age but damn what is up with all these stupid dance moves?