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  1. Munki

    What will you do after January 14, 2020?

    I will continue to ignore it. Just less times i'll have to reboot :roll:
  2. Munki

    Here is a new networking product that might have everyone's interest

    It's cool, but useless for the previously mentioned reason.
  3. Munki

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

  4. Munki

    {Build Log} Ultra-Lizar

    wow, haven't seen that case in awhile. Looks good Snap.
  5. Munki

    AMD Announces Second-Generation A-Series Desktop APUs

    That depends on the type of server and its function.
  6. Munki

    Pioneer Announces BDR-PR1M series Blu-ray Writers

    Good information. However, I would like some proof that my data will be on that disc 50 years for now. Up comes the question of do you trust putting your valuable data on a companies claim.
  7. Munki

    Chiclet keyboards, like or horror?

    I like them for the look, but not for typing (Although, I have adjusted)
  8. Munki

    New IE vulnerability.

    A lot of businesses.
  9. Munki

    Dell Unveils New Business PCs Designed for the Evolving Workforce

    No business in their right mind would use something like this for productivity. The touchscreen is a waste for 90% of businesses (the other 10% are food joints).
  10. Munki

    Recommendation for a CompTIA A+ study guide?

    Common sense is key. The only tricky thing about the test is they want "their answers" there could be a couple that could be acceptable, but it's flat wrong unless its the one they want. I bought a CompTIA A+ study guide book then killed a spider with it THEN went to take the test..bam...
  11. Munki

    I-O Data Unveils a 2 TB Portable HDD

    $325? Yeah, okay.
  12. Munki

    [US] |Free after rebate|- PC Backup & Recovery s/w

    Looks like free software and a penny profit. Assuming you ever actually get the rebate. Mail in rebates tend to scare me away because i've never gotten my rebate on several occations back in the day.
  13. Munki

    Fraud involving a video game distributor?

    Oh no, I didn't intend it to be the same. I was just showing you that you aren't alone in thinking they are shady.
  14. Munki

    Fraud involving a video game distributor?

    Apparently you aren't the only one that is having issues if they are on a fruadulent list. http://forum.notebookreview.com/gaming-software-graphics-cards/635928-greenmangaming-fraudulent.html
  15. Munki

    Steam's Big Picture

    Why didn't you just put it in the news post? I may be alone here, but I don't see a point in this having it's own thread. http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=171971
  16. Munki

    Fraud involving a video game distributor?

    Well since they are closing your account I would see if the bank can retract the payment. I'm not accountant or anything close, just a thought.
  17. Munki

    User titles

    Oh, nevermind then. Guess I got two posts out of it anyways :laugh:
  18. Munki

    Windows Server 2012 Powers the Cloud OS

    I'm most excited about having a GUI for the Active Directory Recycle Bin. :laugh: No moar typing powershell commands to recover the n00bies mistakes!
  19. Munki

    User titles

    Damnit. You've crushed my dream of having a custom title. I've been working towards a custom title since I joined. :cry: Munki now has no reason to live <insert emo smilie here>
  20. Munki

    Cisco Training

    Very cool man! Gotta be honest Cisco is one of those things that will require 110% of your time. Realistically, I had two classes (one being Cisco and the other was some BS no need to study class). I got on average ~30 minutes of sleep during those classes per night. Ocationally, I could sneak...
  21. Munki

    Cisco Training

    As a Networking Major in college (I've been through CCNA I-IV, CCNA Security, and CCNP Routing) you are only prepared to take ANY test on the subject if you know EVERTHING in the chapter like the back of your hand. Cisco is no joke (as you will see when you take the CCNA cert test). Cisco makes...
  22. Munki

    LAN Port stopped working suddenly

    Doesn't seem likely that this will help you at all, but I had an old board that did that. I disabled the NIC in the device manager and then reenabled it. Whatever happened with that it fixed it.
  23. Munki

    [FT][US] SSDs for GPU

    It's not what you wanted, but figured i'd offer it up anyways.