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  1. Ferrum Master

    Blue Introduces Yeti X, Professional USB Microphone With Blue VO!CE Software for Creators and Streamers

    No, you are mixing up things. You are talking about pop filter. He is kinda talking about the sock of fur used only outdoors(windsock), really for wind noise suppression. Well it would look kinda funny on this mic, it would look like a true troll not a yeti. But indoors.......
  2. Ferrum Master

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Forgot to take your pills again? It is actually a sad thing. And I hardly doubt he will change anything. Especially in the rural US for few peps in remote areas...
  3. Ferrum Master

    TechPowerUp and Thermaltake Present Massive Giveaway: Level Up to RGB

    I predict W1z asking what browser :D
  4. Ferrum Master

    Plugged Rear Speaker, All i can hear is non Vocal Bad quality Music :((

    I just set it to four full range speakers, and use foobar for music... it has mapping feature stereo to 4 channels.
  5. Ferrum Master

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Around nothern and eastern Europe speed and prices are not a concern. The corruption of goverment + influence of big companies is the problem in certain areas, not lack of competition.
  6. Ferrum Master

    Taking Case Reviews To The Next Level

    I want something too. Distances... How fat can be the rad placed in front, side or upper sections with a fan, or can you do push pull... it's very important for water cooling setups. I end up scratching my head on those way too often. Like giving distance from top and to that ATX screw...
  7. Ferrum Master

    ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming Motherboard Starts Selling

    I am not fond of Cyrillic naming on the heatsink shroud... especially if one of the names is actually a linguistic barbarism also...
  8. Ferrum Master

    Gears 5 Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    At 2K leaving a 1.2K Euro for a 2080ti gives me additional 15FPS... Well... I don't know if to laugh or cry about it.
  9. Ferrum Master

    UPS Battery replacement help

    Yes. Batteries are often used as ideal element at school. But it has parasitic properties, even noise, chemically caused. It has internal resistance. Due to that there is simple math with inrush current. The steeper the current, the more voltage will sag. Physically smaller battery has higher...
  10. Ferrum Master

    Bitspower Introduces New Mono Block for ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero

    Basically with taxes around 200€? Hard pass...
  11. Ferrum Master

    BIOSTAR Launches the New X470MH Motherboard

    It would be more wise to use DVI-I imho!
  12. Ferrum Master

    BIOSTAR Launches the New X470MH Motherboard

    And VGA? :D
  13. Ferrum Master

    UPS Battery replacement help

    The battery internal resistance is higher with smaller batteries as the anode and cathode surface areas differ. There are protections and under high load the smaller one can trigger soft battery error or simply shut down as the voltage may sag. It will work for most times, especially with...
  14. Ferrum Master

    New Gigabyte 2070 Super faulty? (underperforming help)

    The temps are arse. Simple as that...
  15. Ferrum Master

    Intel Core i9-9900KS to be Available from October

    That's not the only 512k Pentium III. The first ones were Katmai SLOT1, they had dedicated IC's... For Tualatin on die yes... Also the SMP capability tagged along.
  16. Ferrum Master

    Intel Core i9-9900KS to be Available from October

    It is not the first time for the S moniker to appear... First was the Pentium III-S 1.4GHz... It is no use to dig it really... it is just a name.
  17. Ferrum Master

    Latest Adblock Update breaks images on TPU

    Dunno, I use the integrated in Opera Browser... do not burden myself more.
  18. Ferrum Master

    Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

    It it has USB 3.0 headers... Then the point could be to have included USB3 to USB2 adapters for older/cheaper motherboard headers. Cheaper board and Lian Li usually doesn't go in one sentence often. But the stated negative kinda is pointless and undeserved this time.
  19. Ferrum Master

    Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

    How this can be a negative for a case review? :confused: If it would be missing or worked like crap and poor quality.
  20. Ferrum Master

    Microsoft Confirms Latest Windows 10 Update May Decrease Performance in Certain Gaming Scenarios

    Express your gratitude in feedback hub and upvote existing problems, so the dev team picks them up as priority. You can shove this anger elsewhere... Sheesh... full of dandelions here as usual...
  21. Ferrum Master

    Der8auer: Only Small Percentage of 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs Hit Their Advertised Speeds

    Splitting hair over 100MHz.... WTH people?
  22. Ferrum Master

    1MORE Dual Driver BT ANC In-Ear Headphones

    KRIEG. Scorch them!!! As we usually see, some are happy with 10$ and let them be... we can only be envious for that, as we are spoiled brats. I hate in ear plugs as such and don't recommend them due to medical reasons also. As usual... a review based on subjective... well... Here is an...
  23. Ferrum Master

    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    It is kinda slow(wifi) and low range(depends how bulky and sealed your camera is). Idea itself is nice, but nope. For the price I got a 128GB Sandisk card...