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  1. xtremesv

    Do you plan on using DirectX 12 mixed GPU in the future?

    I had used SLI for 3 years, first with 2 GTX 660 Ti and then with 2 GTX 960, until I got tired, the first experience with a multi GPU setup was very good most of the time but with some recent AAA games getting poor SLI support out the box (Batman Arkham City for example not getting multi GPU at...
  2. xtremesv

    High-end SLC SSDs No More Reliable than MLC SSDs: Google Study

    30-80%? Don't you think that's a rather large margin to come up with a conclusion. Well anyhow, if that study is valid then the part of SSD age being more critical than use worries me.
  3. xtremesv

    Mantle Enables Significant Performance Improvement in Battlefield 4: AMD

    I don't see how pointing out a fact can be trolling. Mantle has gathered that much attention because it coincided with the release of new gen consoles not due to a revolutionary idea being implemented for the first time. Forgive me if I don't have faith in Mantle the way you do.
  4. xtremesv

    AMD Sued for Overestimating APU Success to Investors

    Stock exchange is a type of legal gambling. One hour you win, the other you lose. I don't see how these poor investors have a case.
  5. xtremesv

    Mantle Enables Significant Performance Improvement in Battlefield 4: AMD

    Remember 3dfx Glide? Well it's not hard to guess how Mantle could end.
  6. xtremesv

    "Vishera" End Of The Line for AMD FX CPUs: Roadmap

    Yes, probably APUs are the future but until they are more powerful and fully flexible they are not viable for enthusiasts. And speaking of Mantle I don't really think it will become relevant, the only way it could succeed is if Nvidia ceases to exist.
  7. xtremesv

    "Vishera" End Of The Line for AMD FX CPUs: Roadmap

    The reality is sad, practically AMD is saying goodbye to performance and enthusiast PC builders. We won't see anytime soon an APU with 8 physical cores, Haswell-level IPC and R9 290X-like performance. They just threw in the towel. The immediate result: no competition, high prices, slow innovation.
  8. xtremesv

    What's the hottest new GPU technology this season?

    I'd go for DX11.2, even though the new tiled resourcing feature is nowhere to be seen in games yet, the perspective is appealing, vivider, larger and more complex environments.
  9. xtremesv

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

  10. xtremesv

    DirectX 11.2 Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

    My same thought exactly, people were forgetting that is not just Win 8.1 + DX 11.2 games, nvidia and AMD must play as well and certainly they're going to release their compatible GPU's but not every gamer out there buys every generation of graphics cards. DX 11.2 might become relevant in 2...
  11. xtremesv

    Editorial Windows 8.1, and Why You Should Let Go of Windows 7

    The reason I left Windows 8 was the horrid bugs I found, one of them, which annoyed me so much, was when I plugged my external hard drive, my copy of Windows got disactivated warning me I had to validate it again :mad: once I unplugged my HD Windows reactivated itself again. And I won't speak of...
  12. xtremesv

    AMD's Answer to GeForce GTX 700 Series: Volcanic Islands

    This doesn't change a thing. AMD is incapable of delivering a competitive GPU relying on 28 nm process as nvidia could (not talking about pricing though). Instead of developing a more efficient GPU to fit current technology, they must wait for others to do their job. I know perhaps I'm being too...
  13. xtremesv

    AMD Works on Next TWKR Chip Based on Vishera

    My point exactly, this is not the typical Intel vs. AMD consumer battle, it's not even an all-around enthusiast matter. Actually I could think about extreme overclockers as a niche within a niche. If we keep AMD word about their future, Steamroller would be 15% above Piledriver but as Intel...
  14. xtremesv

    Corsair Hydro Series H110

    My local DIY retailer got the H110 last week, I was tempted cause I would like to push my 3570K a little further but that radiator simply don't fit into my case and I've never considered a naked rig :rolleyes: The guy from the store told me they'll be getting H100 in one week, maybe I'd go...
  15. xtremesv

    MSI Announces Gaming Series Motherboards Market Availability

    It's a pity Intel is in the chipset business as well, pushing consumers to buy new motherboards to get minor upgrades every tick tock. I mean really, what makes the diference among 1156, 1155 and 1150 sockets. At least we should thank Intel didn't come with a 1152 socket for Ivy Bridge. BTW...
  16. xtremesv

    Intel Core i7 "Ivy Bridge-E" HEDT Lineup Detailed

    And don't forget , IB has cheap TlM and SB-E fluxless solder. For some people this has become a feature.
  17. xtremesv

    ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini Smiles for the Camera

    Why only East Asia? Don't western people use mini-ATX also? Well, I suppose the same thing happens with some car models being just released in specific markets. Maybe I miss the days when high-end cards needed a tiny fan and one PCI slot :rolleyes:
  18. xtremesv

    6 GB Standard Memory Amount for GeForce Titan

    $900!!!??? Anyway considering I would buy the 770 instead but if this price is right for the 780 then the 770 would cost around $700!!! I ain't paying that gentlemen.
  19. xtremesv

    Modbook Pro Gets Double the Pen Pressure, Solid-State Drive and Memory

    My Galaxy Note 10.1 has also a 1,024 presure point pen and costs $550. For $3,500 that thing should teleport you wherever you like. Well I'm not a designer so I don't appreciate that kind of stuff nor I know the real value.
  20. xtremesv

    Windows 8 Arrives

    So far so good with Win8. I messed a little with "Modern UI", it may be fine for touch enabled devices but as I don't have one, I had no choice but ditch it. I used Classic Shell to hide tiles and get my classic Start button back :D
  21. xtremesv

    Wolfenstein 3D Celebrates 20th Anniversary with a Browser Edition

    I think I'm gonna have to buy a GTX 690 if I wanna max-up quality settings on this game :roll: I remember those days, most of the graphics were software rendered and you enjoyed the games, now you have to spend hundreds of dollars just to barely make 30 fps on a console port :pimp:
  22. xtremesv

    Apple Seeks to Patent MacBook Air Design, OLED Brightness

    When was that toilet produced, someone knows? That could be used as "prior art" to debunk Apple's intentions :laugh:
  23. xtremesv

    Apple Seeks to Patent MacBook Air Design, OLED Brightness

    The problem here is a problem of concepts. The true origin of ideas and then innovation. Apple made the iPhone and the iPad but didn't come up with the core ideas behind those products. No one can claim the purity of a concept, no such thing exists. Through history, people have built their...
  24. xtremesv

    Sony Will Cull 10,000 Jobs By The End of 2012, Seeks Return of Executive Bonuses

    Long are the days when "It's a Sony!" meant something. Back in those days, if you bought a Sony TV, you were getting the greatest. Sony has learned the hard way that there is no a single all-mighty corporation, not even Apple will remain powerful if bad decisions are made and if chiefs rest...
  25. xtremesv

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Kepler 2 GB

    I don't know why people are asking for $100-150 price reduction when GTX 680 is just 5% faster than 7970 on average, that'd mean a price tag of $475 ($75 reduction) for AMD offering to be competitive. Am I the only one who is not really impressed by this new card :confused: