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  1. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Your PC ATM

    sick ram my dude
  2. Sir B. Fannybottom

    AMD Ryzen Discussion Thread.

    I don't remember this
  3. Sir B. Fannybottom

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    whos ass do i gotta eat for a free copy
  4. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Going from 18.5" 1366x768 to a 22" 1920x1080, will it be great?

    Nah, its gonna suck. You should get 800x600 17"
  5. Sir B. Fannybottom

    nVidia Shield Tablet K1

    I actually went the reverse of you! Had a shield and was tire of the poor batterylife and got a memopad 7 for cheap. I rooted it and its pretty snappy with great batterylife
  6. Sir B. Fannybottom

    $650 used gaming pc?

    Thats a pretty good deal, go for it!
  7. Sir B. Fannybottom

    8th gen top end Kindle to be announced next week (now out)

    Still on a 4th gen Kindle. The only possible reason i would update would be if it had a backlight, physical buttons, and was under $100
  8. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Valve now censoring Pirate Bay links in Steam chat client

    Yeah, I really don't see how this is surprising to anyone, they own the system and they can do whatever they want with it. Steam is in the business of selling video games, I don't see why they would want people talking about ways to get those games for free
  9. Sir B. Fannybottom

    **ENDED**Giveaway Time-**Dark souls 3**

    Played the shit out of dark souls 2 on playstaion, I would love to get the 3rd
  10. Sir B. Fannybottom

    A Memorial to Kreij - Gone 4 years but not forgotten- check out the latest build(s)

    @Sir B. Fannybottom In for the cougar x3 In for Fallout 4 Season pass my keyboard's P key is failing and makes passwords difficult :c
  11. Sir B. Fannybottom

    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    Just got back into this game, I'm not sure if its because ive had a few too many knocks to the thinkin cap but it feels like quests are a bit too vague... I was told to go kill this fella in this star system, so I travel over there and theres like 30 frickin asteroid belts and mining stations...
  12. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Taco's back (back), back again

    Taco's back (back), back again
  13. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Dash Camera Shopping... What to get?

    http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00ICHCMD6?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_ G1WH is the best sub $100 dashcam for those who just want one thats works perfectly. I have one and the night video isnt the greatest stuff but its clear enough to see the reflection of my face in the...
  14. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Eyefinity or Ultrawide?

    As someone whos had both, ultrawide and a secondary monitor is the way to go
  15. Sir B. Fannybottom

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    Going through all the posts are ya octopuss?
  16. Sir B. Fannybottom

    OFFICIAL Rust (Discussion)

    no boolets may pass
  17. Sir B. Fannybottom

    OFFICIAL Rust (Discussion)

    Alex post me with the bear
  18. Sir B. Fannybottom

    OFFICIAL Rust (Discussion)

    I swear im not a slut, i dont give everyone that kind of view
  19. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Oil filled water cooling loop?

    bruh chill its just internets why u heff to be mad?
  20. Sir B. Fannybottom

    GAME GIVEAWAY to End 2015 and Begin 2016

    I feel like I'm a little late but I'd love a copy of Nazi Zombie army, or life is strange
  21. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Teamspeak TPU PLEASE READ

    i dont have the storage space to install any more programs i only have 12 mbs free and i plan on using that for photos of tina fey
  22. Sir B. Fannybottom

    deez nutz are never done

    deez nutz are never done
  23. Sir B. Fannybottom

    WINNER!! Game Giveaway: Assassin's Creed -Syndicate

    Try and find the time to play Unity, if you can deal with the shitty frames its the only one I've actually liked since the Ezio trilogy
  24. Sir B. Fannybottom

    WINNER!! Game Giveaway: Assassin's Creed -Syndicate

    1970s California, the bush must have been amazing