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  1. Zenith

    nVidia Fanboy Here - Moving on from GTX 760 2GB - Should I go AMD?

    Bought 980Ti month ago, if I would be buying at this moment I'd buy 1070 gtx for sure. Less heat, newer tech, better OC, less power consumption, 980Ti performance, cheaper....
  2. Zenith

    PCH high temperature, what causes it? P67 Gigabyte

    Hi all, what could be cause of my PCH being quite hot lately? Yesterday I upgraded RAM to 16GB only 2 DIMM banks are populated. I also have LSI 4 port Sata card on PCIex4 slot and GTX680. Before PCH was just warm, now it gets into near 60* degrees. I guess RAM is controlled by CPU since...
  3. Zenith

    Official TPU 2013 Chimp Challenge Thread

    Going to fold :)
  4. Zenith

    TechPowerUp Video Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    The most epic part of TR 2013 (IMHO) kJmjhyxPM8w&hd=1
  5. Zenith

    High pitch noise from PSU

    My Antec also emits high pitched noise when loaded (I guess more wattage more noise, since with 5850 is almost silent, with 680 is quite noticable, if 680+i7 are folding it is almost a whistle sound). I guess I will RMA mine. Also will record it and put it on the Youtube and send to Antec.
  6. Zenith

    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    NFS : Hot Pursuit 2010
  7. Zenith

    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    Pure (in 3D, gren/red)
  8. Zenith

    TPU's F@H Team

    Thanx :o Is 28K PPD ok for this "monsters"? Folding without CPU.
  9. Zenith

    TPU's F@H Team

    Back with folding. Got my 680 running on -502 core and -502 mem for non coil whine operation. These new cards all whine like pigs when 100% loaded.
  10. Zenith

    GTX Titan Owners

    Ok, Venera Shop - The biggest erotic shop in Slovenia Visit out shops across Slovenia and see out our great offering of erotic gadgets :p, erotic underwear, lubs :toast:, massage oils, stamina tablets :laugh:, gifts , etc, etc... Subscribe for out catalog :pimp:
  11. Zenith

    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

  12. Zenith

    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    Tomb Raider 2013
  13. Zenith

    GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H Owners Thread

    I got to RMA my P67A-UD5 since all SATA2 port are dead. Maybe I will get UD5H as replacement since P67A got to be out of stock. :)
  14. Zenith

    Water & Wood (GTX 580 tri-SLI)

    Beautiful. Your patience and knowledge have payed off.
  15. Zenith

    What to anticipate going from GT210 to 6850 xfire

    Enabling Crossfire in CCC and you are ready to go.
  16. Zenith

    Best of the Best: PSUs

    And third 590 would sing herself a lullaby cause nothing to do. :pimp:
  17. Zenith

    Powercolor HD 6870X2 On Newegg... Only..

    Wonder what frame rate would this card have in Harbour when you jump on the ship, W1zzard. I always get massive frame drop there, from 60 to 40 on high.
  18. Zenith

    Is my drive a Blu Ray writer or not.

    Try using Nero Info tool. There you can get all info about you optical drive capabilities.
  19. Zenith

    PCI-e lanes, populating and speed?

    Sorry, in my case Gigabyte P67A-UD5.
  20. Zenith

    PCI-e lanes, populating and speed?

    I am wondering and searching over the net about speed of PCI-e lanes in case if you populate 16x, 8x and 4x PCI-e lanes on a motherboard. Lets say the case I wanna discuss is in 16x lane you have discrete graphic card in 8x some SATA controller and in 4x lets say audio card. Will graphic...
  21. Zenith

    2600k@stock/NH-D14 high temps. Any suggestions?

    Pea method all the way. I am having my 2600K+D14 overclocked to 4.7GHz with 1.35Vcore and not exceeding 32*C in idle with all power saving options OFF.
  22. Zenith

    5850 performance

    But still, your 5850 is still quite bottlenecked by cpu which depends on a game you play.
  23. Zenith

    X58 vs P67

    My point exactly
  24. Zenith

    X58 vs P67

    Sandy Bridge vs Q9650 is like 60% boost in favour of Sandy. Both overclocked.
  25. Zenith

    Good HDD Cloning Softwre for Win 7?

    Norton Ghost.