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  1. m&m's

    The costs of Intel gaming vs AMD gaming, who wins? Actually Intel this round, cheaper and faster.

    1- You paid $110 for the ASRock Steel Legend Z390. You can buy the ASRock Steel Legend B450 for the exact same price. 2- Since you bought a non-k CPU, it does come with a boxed cooler but a loud and poor performing one. The Ryzen 7 3700x comes with the Wraith Prism which is a decent cooler. Most...
  2. m&m's

    G-sync on Freesync?

    Windows 7 support ends in 6 months (January 2020). I don't think it's a crappy move by NVIDIA. There is no good reason for them to waste time and money to support an EOL OS. You can still upgrade for free using the Microsoft upgrade tool if you have a legit Windows 7 licence. You can disable...
  3. m&m's

    Radeon 7 is Released, What Would You Buy?

    I voted "Nothing, I am disappointed with current stack of GPUs" because of the current prices. $700 for the Radeon 7 or $700 for the RTX 2080. Here in Canada, it will probably translate to ~1000CAD... lol Not interested. I don't care if it's 3x faster than the previous gen, I'm not paying that...
  4. m&m's

    80°C on RTX 2080

    Get the case out of the cupboard for testing purposes, if temps are still this high then it's not the cupboard. If temps do improve then you'll know why it's so high.
  5. m&m's

    80°C on RTX 2080

    No, it's not. Considering that it only is loaded @67%, it shouldn't hit 82°C. What exact model are you using and what case is it in?
  6. m&m's

    Need to upgrade for more FPS

    You mention that your FPS dips below 50 when tanks explode, cars crash, etc when your FPS hovers around 60 to 70 when it does not happen. When you FPS drops, 2 things can be happening. 1- Your CPU is bottlenecking (or single channel memory). 2- Your GPU is not powerful enough. 1- If your CPU...
  7. m&m's

    Need to upgrade for more FPS

    Thus why, I asked if your GPU usage dips (not CPU) when your FPS dips. You can use GPU-Z, MSI Afterburner or similars to monitor your GPU usage. You want to know if your CPU will bottleneck a better GPU then you need to know if it's the CPU or the GPU that is currently causings the frame dips.
  8. m&m's

    Need to upgrade for more FPS

    Irrelevant, GPU usage is what matters.
  9. m&m's

    Need to upgrade for more FPS

    When your FPS dips, does your GPU usage also dips? If it does, then you're CPU (or memory bandwidth (Single Channel vs Dual)) limited and if it does not then you're GPU limited.
  10. m&m's

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Series Now Available

    It actually is the best looking RTX 2070 I've seen yet.
  11. m&m's

    TPU Site Issues 2018

    Isn't it what it should do? If you enter a keyword it overrides everything you could have entered in previous fields.
  12. m&m's

    TPU Site Issues 2018

    Works without issues here using Firefox 62.0.2 on Windows 10 1803.
  13. m&m's

    Intel 600P going bad?

    The only way you'll know for sure it's the drive is by using it in another computer. OR Find another NVMe drive to test your computer.
  14. m&m's

    Problem with both my HD 7790 and R9 280x graphic cards.

    This is not a R9 280X. This is a R9 280. The BIOS you need is either this one: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/158557/sapphire-r9280-3072-140508 or this one: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/162073/sapphire-r9280-3072-140508-3 Try both and see what happens, one of them should work.
  15. m&m's

    Strange lag issue persistent throughout multiple windows reinstalls

    Move the 4GB sticks to slots #1 and #3 and put the 8GB in slot #2. Some times just by moving the ram around it solves itself. The thing is you're using 3 different RAM sticks of 2 sizes... You're only fix might be to remove the 8GB stick... If it still isn't fixed, try with only 1 stick in slot#...
  16. m&m's

    Razer mouse for 20 eur?

    It's either a copy or a version which was only offered in asia. To my knowledge Razer Deathadder always had 2 side buttons. The mouse linked doesn't have them. Even the Deathadder from 2007 had the side buttons. So all you get is the look and ergonomy. It uses a infrared sensor while current...
  17. m&m's

    EVGA gtx 780 no picture

    Be more specific, when does the screen goes black? 1- Can you get to the BIOS with the card installed? If not then reset the BIOS to factory default. 2- You can see the computer post but it fails to load Windows? = Bad drivers or corrupt Windows. Try to boot in safe mode and uninstall what you...
  18. m&m's

    A PC for a friend

    Yes. Huge one. https://www.techspot.com/review/1574-amd-ryzen-5-2400g-and-ryzen-3-2200g/page8.html
  19. m&m's

    CPU for 144hz Overwatch

    Is your CPU clock fluctuating while your gaming? With 4 cores active, it should turbo to 3.7GHz. But on most Haswell boards you can lock the chip to the max turbo boost which is 3.9GHz. So you could get your 4 cores to stay @3.9GHz.
  20. m&m's

    Mic Stopped Working Suddenly

    Updated to Windows 10 1803? If so you need to make sure "Let apps use my microphone" is On. Pic I found on google:
  21. m&m's

    Windows 10 update being enabled.

    The only things I've done to prevent Windows from doing whatever it wants are disable 90% of the stuff with O&O ShutUP10 and set my connections as metered. Only rare security updates get installed without my consent (which are updates that shoudn't be delayed anyway). Everything else needs me to...
  22. m&m's

    I need an Android app for creating Win bootable USB or DVD!Please help me!

    Is your phone rooted? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.softwarebakery.drivedroid If not, I believe you're donzo.
  23. m&m's

    Stuff I'd like to be tested

    Hi Here is some stuff I asked myself after seeing the recent Ryzen reviews. First, I'd like to start with a suggestion for next CPU reviews, in my opinion, average (and minimum) FPS aren't enough to show how a CPU feels or perform in games so I'd like if frame consistency could be showed. You...
  24. m&m's

    Ryzen 7 2700x voltage

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it's normal behaviour but to make sure I'll tag @Johan45 and @Psychoholic because they have the exact same board and CPU as you do. Not sure if they'll answer but I can always try. ;) Does it seem normal to you guys?
  25. m&m's

    Ryzen 7 2700x voltage

    First gen ryzen can get up to 1.6v on auto/XFR, so I don't find it abnormal it hits 1.45v. I looked around the web and there are multiple reviews of this board with a 2700X and the BIOS always seem to report between 1.4v to 1.45v...