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  1. ViperXTR

    Cooler Master is introducing the MasterCase H100

    i wonder if you could fit in a 2.5 slot graphic card there
  2. ViperXTR

    Building a CAD Workstation for work

    Good day all, Planning to build a desktop for our work in the office, mostly for GIS (SpatialNET through AutoCAD). Based from our experience for years in using the system, it uses tons of memory and it's saturating our 32GB ram on certain tasks (Huge map rendering, huge data extraction from...
  3. ViperXTR

    Cyberpunk 2077 Official Trailer Releases

    John Wick 4.0
  4. ViperXTR

    Cooler Master Announces New Peripherals at Computex

    Imagine something getting stuck inside that mouse
  5. ViperXTR

    AMD Computex 2019 Lisa Su CEO Keynote: Live Blog

    R5 3600 where? My target cpu, hopefullly an RX 5800 as well
  6. ViperXTR

    AMD Confirms Launch of Next-gen Ryzen, EPYC and Navi for Q3

    My upgrade has been delayed it seems
  7. ViperXTR

    Denuvo Performance Cost & FPS Loss Tested

    would like to see actual old processors results, the difference in architecture and the instructions sets denuvo used may come into play, i remember back then when monster hunter world pre patch, wouldn't even boot up on older cpus that lacks certain capabilities that denuvo requires (FMA3). I...
  8. ViperXTR

    Devil May Cry 5, Capcom accidently releases Denuvo free version (and its 20 fps faster than Denuvo version) LOL

    Killer rigs indeed if we are using PS4 and xbone as baseline since majority of games are still being developed based on those, once the next gen appears things could change but may take a while before devs take advantage of it Dark souls 2 was around 30fps on ps3 and xbox 360 back then...
  9. ViperXTR

    Devil May Cry 5, Capcom accidently releases Denuvo free version (and its 20 fps faster than Denuvo version) LOL

    Assuming they are more focus on pc, consoles for now are more on 60fps and most engines target that, other than fps focused ones such as battlefield frostbite and CS GO and maybe them battle royale games. Was skyrim and other creation/gamebryo engine patched yet? i remember their physics go...
  10. ViperXTR

    Devil May Cry 5, Capcom accidently releases Denuvo free version (and its 20 fps faster than Denuvo version) LOL

    Is RE engine tolerable on fps higher than 60? I remember on other engines, anything beyond 60fps introduces weird physics and damage values, dark souls 2 comes to mind whetr weapon degradation is faster when you have higher fps and re engine itself in re2 makes the knife very powerful when...
  11. ViperXTR

    Devil May Cry 5, Capcom accidently releases Denuvo free version (and its 20 fps faster than Denuvo version) LOL

    Im playing it and its not noticeable for me because im playing lock 75fps vsync (max monitor refresh rate, highest cpu usage is around 70% so far, 3770k 4.2ghz), and probably the only folks who would notice are cpu limited ones
  12. ViperXTR

    USB Promoter Group Announces USB4 Specification

    Usb 3.2: This is not even my final form
  13. ViperXTR

    Resident Evil 2

    That's typical resident evil for you, the original 3 had the same amount of gameplay time, im fine with shorter games as long as its fun, some larger games tend to get meh the longer time you spend on it.lucky for us, my region costs half of the price mostly vs other regions Re2 barely uses any...
  14. ViperXTR

    Resident Evil 2

    Capcom described it as Re imagining rather than a remake But yeah, its a really nice game, some folks are rather stressed out at Mr. X though, the tyrant that always coming after you, imagine Nemesis now with this Engine, he sprints and has a rocket launcher!
  15. ViperXTR

    Resident Evil 2

    Long time Resident Evil fan, Pre ordered it, played it, got wrecked and finished Leon A (6.5hrs) and Claire B scenario (5.5hrs) on a blind run, will try 4th survivor later but im doing claire A run now trying to beat my time and get some infinite ammo weapons :V Runs very well on my machine at...
  16. ViperXTR

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 417.71 WHQL Drivers with FreeSync Support

    I hear this doesn't support Windows 7? and dodgy for some on HDMI instead of DP? would like to test if my LG 23MP68VQ-P + GTX 1070 works but it seems i have these limitations, would have to test it once i get back home. I was able to enable freesync on the monitor though, because it unlocks up...
  17. ViperXTR

    Alleged AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPU Lineup Leaked by Russian E-Tailer

    Gigbyte also listed it it seems but was removed later on or just shopped
  18. ViperXTR

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC, Early Build Filmed?

    Doesn't look legit
  19. ViperXTR

    What is your REAL gaming resolution?

    As a 1070 user, it's mostly 1080p 75hz with high to max settings on newer ganes, upscale to 1440p for older games
  20. ViperXTR

    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    is it just me or did the kulve taroth update made framerate and frametimes bad? im getting heavy framerate dips on areas and fights that i didn't have before
  21. ViperXTR

    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    Im out of town this weekend but made sure to catch up from the event using a laptop (just ignore the 100c cpu :O) Broked her tits and mount her hard (Using ulrich as name)
  22. ViperXTR

    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    Update is out, Kulve Taroth is upon us (gold trails all over the maps for investigation), will start november 2 Let the farming resume
  23. ViperXTR

    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    i use 3 weapons, Charge blade (non elemental tyranis 2), Bow(flying kadachi, cera coilbender, legia snow, anja arch) and Lance(fiendish tower, garon dhara 2), along with all their respective loadout armors, and tried a bit of weeb sword and LBG in the initial parts. Solo'd all T1, T2, T3...