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  1. Apocalypsee

    How many fans do you have on your PC case?

    Two intake two exhaust; two at the front, one at the back and one at the top. All 120mm.
  2. Apocalypsee

    FarCry on Windows 10...No? [Solved]

    Yeah I still remember all those. Those monkey Trigens are so OP even Jackhammer don't do jack shit. If you replay it make sure you do the quicksave quickload mod (just a simple ini edit to assign buttons), the checkpoint in this game are terrible because of its huge map. Sometime the checkpoint...
  3. Apocalypsee

    Borderlands 3 Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    Hopefully by the time this game released on Steam all this issues are ironed out.
  4. Apocalypsee

    AMD “will consider adding support” for RIS on Vega, but has no plans to right now

    You misunderstood, 16GB of RAM is plenty. I just don't like to have additional software just to run a simple filter. nvidia Ansel can be run with default driver install why don't this?
  5. Apocalypsee

    Which games haven't you finished yet?

    Hey thanks for this, I got AoD from game bundle when buying Powercolor 9600XT waaayyy back in 2005 but I never install them that time. I installed it last year and greeted by how horrible the game control was, only played it like 15 minutes before uninstalling. Can't really list game I haven't...
  6. Apocalypsee

    AMD “will consider adding support” for RIS on Vega, but has no plans to right now

    From the article it said Freestyle Sharpen only on supported games, and through GeForce Experience by pressing Alt+F3 while in-game to apply the filter. I never installed GeForce Experience because IMO its just a bloatware. I don't want to install it just to enable a simple filter.
  7. Apocalypsee

    False sapphire pulse rx 560 ??

    My quick Google on the chip part no it is indeed Polaris21 chip, but I suspected the BIOS might have been edited for some reason (mining etc.) so official driver can't be installed. Try to use ToastyX AMD Pixel Clock Patcher by following the instruction below
  8. Apocalypsee

    Intel Says Its Upcoming Gen12 GPUs Will Feature Biggest Architecture Change In A Decade

    Intel need to improve their driver if they want to get serious about graphics, not just pure hardware performance. Last time I'm using Intel HD 4600 I got some problems in some games (like no reflection in water, poor texture filtering quality etc.). They need better control panel to configure...
  9. Apocalypsee

    Is your current main PC Intel or AMD

    Ryzen 1600 on main PC A10-9600p for laptop All AMD for me
  10. Apocalypsee

    RyZen 3000 Boost Issue: What's your take?

    Welcome to TPU. Its just how people talk to each other in this board.
  11. Apocalypsee

    Editorial Windows 10 1903 Has a Nasty Audio Stutter Bug Microsoft Hasn't Managed to Fix

    True, if you go mATX for AM4 they dont even put a decent audio codec, my board use that ALC887. I saw ITX board uses ALC1220 because the lack of expansion slots.
  12. Apocalypsee

    3DMark Introduces Variable Rate Shading Benchmark

    IMO VRS ON and OFF visually looks like it just dropped anisotropic filtering and use bilinear
  13. Apocalypsee

    Editorial Windows 10 1903 Has a Nasty Audio Stutter Bug Microsoft Hasn't Managed to Fix

    This is a bug where if you have it, it will annoy you. From reddit, the current X-Fi Titanium HD driver have problems with 1903, but I don't have it (popping, cracking every few minutes etc.). Perhaps because I disable HPET in BIOS and Windows? The only bug I have is when I plug my mic, I will...
  14. Apocalypsee

    Editorial Windows 10 1903 Has a Nasty Audio Stutter Bug Microsoft Hasn't Managed to Fix

    Does the disabledynamictick has something to do with HPET?
  15. Apocalypsee

    NVIDIA Beats Intel to Integer Scaling, but not on all Cards

    I bet this will probably be available to older cards just like Fast Sync and RTRT on later driver revisions. Gotta put some smile to Turing owner first. I see no reason why this isn't possible on older cards when a software solution like Lossless Scaling is available for quite some time now and...
  16. Apocalypsee

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Dumps NVIDIA RTX

    RTRT is still in very early stage of its life in gaming, this happened before during early days of pixel/vertex shading when Microsoft introduced it in DirectX. As long as there is a segregation in the product line (Ti-DX8 MX-DX7, RTX-accelerated RTRT GTX-no accelerated RTRT) this won't get...
  17. Apocalypsee

    Biostar A10N-8800E

    For some reason anandtech just review this board too. Link below. They comparing it to Athlon 200GE https://www.anandtech.com/show/14368/biostar-a10n-8800e-motherboard-review
  18. Apocalypsee

    Windows 10 1809 with New Ryzen Chipset Drivers

    I just upgraded to 1903 after delaying it for some time, mainly because lack of X-FI Titanium HD driver. After updating major driver that supported for new Windows (chipset, graphics and sound) I done some benches, the differences were almost nil. But overall its snappier while in-game, most...
  19. Apocalypsee

    What will you do after January 14, 2020?

    I use whatever Windows that was optimal for my hardware. Both my Ryzen desktop and Bristol Ridge laptop currently using Windows 10 while my old Core 2 Duo HP 6910p will be using good old Windows XP, Windows 7 works on this laptop but the GPU driver works better in XP than 7. My wife PC using...
  20. Apocalypsee

    Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 56 GAMING OC 8G

    Whatever you do DONT BUY that Gigabyte card! It have a lot of issues. You can read some here.
  21. Apocalypsee

    Falcon Northwest Adds RGB Offerings to Its Product Line

    Yeah no kidding. Last I saw them is through ads in 3DMark2001SE loading screen.
  22. Apocalypsee

    Fan life expectancy on GFX cards

    Thats right. I still have AGP TNT2 M64 and Radeon 9600 Pro with working fan. The warranty sticker on TNT2 note that the card is from 2001.
  23. Apocalypsee

    Wrong specs for Radeon R7 M340

    The driver I'm using is the Adrenaline 19.4.1 (April3 from the driver file name) Thank you for quick reply w1zz
  24. Apocalypsee

    Wrong specs for Radeon R7 M340

    I just wanted to post that the Shader count, ROP and TMU count is wrong for R7 M340 cards. I don't know if its a bug but I already disabled Crossfire (it could Crossfire with A10-9600p iGPU). Here is the screenshot. Others like bus width, memory type and brand, clockspeed is correct.
  25. Apocalypsee

    AMD's Latest AGESA Update Removes PCIe 4.0 Support from Pre-X570 Motherboards

    You guys forgot AMD released AGESA that unlocked their Athlon 2x0GE line when it supposed to be locked? AMD did one thing and people accusing they start pulling 'Intel' on us. This could be temporary, who knows?