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    AMD Retires the Radeon VII Less Than Five Months Into Launch

    To be precise, the production of this GPU has never started/stopped because of R VII, these cards have been the repurposed units from MI50/60 on the first day. They just stop doing that as now there is Navi.
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    Intel 2019 Computex Keynote: Live Blog

    They are so desperate to tell people to wait for something they don’t even know is coming. I have absolutely zero pity on Intel’s situations, this is a consequence they have spent over 6 years, essentially since Sandy Bridge, building up.
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    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Things are little crazy here:
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Released: TU117, 896 Cores, 4 GB GDDR5, $150

    Not much to add, only to say that comparing to 1660 the difference is huge. I was expecting something around the level of 580
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    ASUS and ASRock AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards Listed

    You might be right to believe most people will be happy with PCI-E 3.0. In reality, the move is driven by the computing, in particular AI market. Bringing it to the gaming board probably is just a by product, but lots of “gamers” let me tell you: many. Maybe not the main frame of the school...
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    ASUS and ASRock AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards Listed

    I am not sure what makes you think a gaming board cannot do serious work, you need to read more about computing in general, not limiting yourself to the headline. There are tons of homelab builders and even laboratories using gaming grade computer components to run experiments with GPU. Oh...
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    ASUS and ASRock AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards Listed

    Quit thinking gaming is the only purpose/use of GPU already. There is a thing called compute.
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    Vega 56 to WX Pro 8200

    What's the motivation? I thought now the Pro driver just works with gaming cards. And for the FE, it is a Pro card and shouldn't show too much differences except for the ECC part from 9100 iirc.
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on Radeon VII: "Underwhelming (...) the Performance is Lousy"; "Freesync Doesn't Work"

    The poll is one of the best follow-up I have seen.
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    AMD Announces the Radeon VII Graphics Card: Beats GeForce RTX 2080

    Exactly what I think, if they are able to sell lower bin chips at a price similar to a competing product, why not? As the users this may not be a wonderful new product, but it is at least an option.
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    AMD Announces the Radeon VII Graphics Card: Beats GeForce RTX 2080

    Depending on the FP64 performance, this can be a hell of a card for compute, though it would have been perfect if it comes with PCI-E 4
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    ADATA Launches UE700 Pro USB Flash Drive

    There is really little reason not to get Silverstone MS09 and a so so so cheap SATA M.2 SSD nowadays. I can't be happier with my Intel 545s portal drive.
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    NVIDIA Presents the TITAN RTX 24GB Graphics Card at $2,499

    Tesla is still worth it for DP, just not HP anymore.
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    Intel Core i9-9900K

    As someone who writes his own code who can do multi threading, there is no hesitation choosing 2700x over this. And then if I game, I can choose 8700k or even 8600k for their almost identical single threaded performance as 9900k. It’s a premium to pay to get the best out of both world; more...
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    Intel Officially Launches 9th Generation Processors Including the 8-Core / 16-Thread Core i9-9900K

    That’s one more thing Intel learnt from AMD’s Vega launch, apart from the number of cores and TIM.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Benchmarks Allegedly Leaked- Twice

    It depends on your pocket but with that price jump I can’t say it’s worth it. Especially 1080Ti are now significantly cheaper.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Pricing Founders Edition Revealed

    That’s what it looks like when competitors are all dead. I hope AMD could do something, like they are doing on the CPU side.
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    Intel Teases Their Upcoming Graphics Cards for 2020

    The question is simply how fast it can manage - Intel already has GPU if you count the iGPU+onboard memory, except then it has hardly reached 1 TFLOPs FP32, where AMD is easily 2 TFLOPs north with their seriously nerfed 2400G.
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    Lian Li Announces LANCOOL ONE Chassis

    Now that's a Lian-Li case I am interested again.
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    MSI Announces the MEG X399 Creation Motherboard

    I don't think so, they probably mean a maximum of 128 GB just like any other X399 boards, in particular they said 8 x DDR4 memory slots, support up to 128GB which will make sense with 16*8 configuration.
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    MSI Announces the MEG X399 Creation Motherboard

    The article said 2048 GB RAM support, does it support registered ECC? PS: reading from MSI website they mentioned 128GB in the spec.
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    New GFX card or wait?

    Everytime I wanted to buy the card, comparing the MSRP and the current price always cure my itch. Plus, the new ones are coming out in maybe 20 days, even you don't want that (expensive) the old cards will again get cheaper. Very reason to wait imho.
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    ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/ac

    Not trying to judge TPU's review as I think it has already addressed most questions of potential buyers, but as a comparison, when I am about to buy a motherboard I often refer to the tests done by Tweaktown: (for example)...
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    ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/ac

    It has, from the first pages spec.