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  1. TIGR

    VESA Dual 32" Vertical Mount

    Haha the little monkeys did cross my mind, as did the thought that great, I'm basically getting them their first stripper pole. A struggle for a different day haha. Buy quality, buy once looks like the way to go in this case, even if it means holding off a little bit. Meanwhile, the BenQ on a...
  2. TIGR

    VESA Dual 32" Vertical Mount

    A floor stand might just be perfect for me. My desk already sits away from the wall for acoustic reasons. Will dig some more on that. And I'm returning the desk mount I got. Thank you! …although ouch, pricey! Yet if that's what it takes…
  3. TIGR

    VESA Dual 32" Vertical Mount

    Haha yep, hopefully I've got a year or so before the twins start wrecking the joint. Since those brackets have the monitor mount in the middle, I'm assuming I'll only be able to use half of the 3.25" range each provides. In that case one definitely won't be enough—maybe two won't even be...
  4. TIGR

    VESA Dual 32" Vertical Mount

    I'm looking to desk mount two 16x9 32" monitors vertically, so I bought this. Unfortunately, the highest and lowest settings for the arms aren't high and low enough for the monitors to clear. I chose that one for its weight rating of 9kg per monitor, as I'm running a PD3200U at 8.5KG and C32HG70...
  5. TIGR

    [WTB] Paulieg getting back in the game

    I don't have anything for you right now but it's been a while Paulie and I've been gone for about the same period of time. Just getting back into the madness as well. Good luck sourcing your components!
  6. TIGR

    Discrete vs Integrated Sound: Latency

    The discussion that originally made me wonder this was about CoD4 which I suppose does goes through Windows audio. I'm using Windows 7 and integrated Realtek sound and when I go to the Windows mixer I can set CoD4 levels. This brings up another question: does using Realtek "enhancements" like...
  7. TIGR

    Discrete vs Integrated Sound: Latency

    Hi TPU, been a long time since I posted here. I'm not much into computers and tech any more but do still game once in a while, and in a gaming forum I frequent, the superiority of sound cards over motherboard-integrated sound was brought up. This was specifically in regards to sound quality. But...
  8. TIGR

    Calculating Video Bandwidth/Signal Frequency

    Reporting back. A user at OCForums (where I also posted this query) posted the following response yesterday (link): Generally I wouldn't revive an old thread like this but it's a good explanation for anyone else who comes searching for answers in the future.
  9. TIGR

    Programming Links, All Levels and Types

    Updated and re-vetted. Let me know if I missed anything. :) Added new section for video game programming/development. Thanks, added! PM'd.
  10. TIGR

    DAW, NLE & CAD Drives and Drive Configuration

    For those of you working with multimedia workstations in a professional or prosumer environment, what configuration of HDDs, SSDs, and RAID do you use? I'm curious about what you use for boot drives, working drives, source and result drives, and if you've done some testing to see what...
  11. TIGR

    Programming Links, All Levels and Types

    Updated, re-vetted, and reformatted!
  12. TIGR

    Dealing With Difficult Game Server Admins/Leaders

    Haha well, this isn't so much about my particular experience. In this particular case it was a server that I rarely visit and don't care about getting unbanned from anyway. But I imagine some people here have stories of frustration about getting banned from servers they really liked.
  13. TIGR

    Dealing With Difficult Game Server Admins/Leaders

    I was just banned from a CoD4 server. If you're interested, there's an ongoing thread about it at the web site for that server (get some popcorn :laugh:): http://fusiongamers.com/forum/index.php/topic,3391.0.html And I was thinking it might be interesting to swap stories and experiences...
  14. TIGR

    What is the point of two Ethernet ports on my motherboard?

    True, however I was just saved by having two ethernet ports when one on my one of my servers failed. This is not statistically significant but it's true that if it does, you'll be glad to have two.
  15. TIGR

    Keyboards With Full N-key Rollover

    I thought about doing so but since there is good info available elsewhere (including the link Fourstaff provided), I just linked to that. Hope it helps. :)
  16. TIGR

    Keyboards With Full N-key Rollover

    I bought a Deck Legend in April 2010 and since then it has performed flawlessly. It has been used by a few people regularly, treated with respect, and was taken apart (easy) and cleaned once so far. Between the people who use it I suppose it's seen 4 hours of gaming and 8 hours of typing...
  17. TIGR

    Damn, going to have to sell. :-(

    Sorry to hear it Stinger. I don't have any suggestions but I've been there and wish you the best of luck. Will take a look at your FS thread.
  18. TIGR

    Science Fiction or Fact: Could a 'Robopocalypse' Wipe Out Humans?

    I don't think the demise of humanity will be as simple as a "'Robopocalypse". I see homo sapiens branching off into multiple species, some continuing to evolve "naturally", some genetically modified, some augmented with technology, some being liberated from fixed physical form completely, some...
  19. TIGR

    Scientists Invent First Functional Single-Atom Transistor

    I would be very careful with that word if I were you.
  20. TIGR

    17 Retro Games You Can Run on Modern PCs

    Well-stated, and true for many old games, though not all.
  21. TIGR

    Game Statistics

    What's the best way to compare the number of people playing different games? In this case I'm particularly interested in comparing the number of people who play multiplayer CoD 4, MW2, Black Ops, and MW3. From Steam we have the game stats page which shows only the current day's current and...
  22. TIGR

    Google: Let There Be Light

    I didn't know that and I don't know why but more power to 'em.
  23. TIGR

    A note from qubit

    Count me among them. All the best to you in your writing future, qubit. :toast: The haters will be long forgotten while you're still writing. Edited because I'm not sure if I was supposed to share the link to the new site.
  24. TIGR

    Antec Announces the High Current Gamer M PSU Series

    IMO a 400w 80 Plus Bronze PSU should not sell for $70 at Newegg. Maybe I'm too stingy.
  25. TIGR

    Genius Announces DeathTaker MMO and RTS Gaming Mouse

    Have I been living under a rock? I'm totally unfamiliar with this "leading maker of computer peripherals".