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  1. kn00tcn

    Motorcycle Game

    technically burnout paradise has superbikes, i like to use those with the first person camera to get the tilting action
  2. kn00tcn

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 crashing

    i was skimming, but is the framerate capped? no reason to have hundreds or thousands of fps, full load, etc
  3. kn00tcn

    RX 580 No Longer POSTing

    according to sapphire's site, some nitro+ models have UEFI bios, others do not or have legacy+uefi, i'm not sure if this is a hardware difference but it most definitely is a bios difference in your bios settings, you may have options for 'uefi' vs 'uefi+legacy', maybe try enabling legacy also...
  4. kn00tcn

    System Shut Down By ASUS Surge Protection when Gaming/3D Load

    980ti is more performance & uses more power, it should be seen in reviews, just check shoot, but 1800x is probably kind of a lot more power than 3770... it's not like the asus thing would be wrong if the psu is giving unstable power, but we need to confirm this, you have to look at the...
  5. kn00tcn

    ASUS Z390 Motherboards Automatically Push Software into Your Windows Installation

    doesnt seem so hidden if the option is in one of the top level menus, do people not take a quick skim of their bios settings? you have to in the first place to enable XMP or set boot order connecting to the internet is unnaceptable before windows updates, not to mention malware installing...
  6. kn00tcn

    AMD to release 7nm Vega gaming card and a Polaris refresh by end of 2018?

    wccf stated vega was for apple, navi is for ps5, the development & launch schedules are based on them rather than amd running its own schedule vega is strange that it only has low end or maximum end, mid with gddr5 is completely missing, that's the main problem with it, that's what 580 should...
  7. kn00tcn

    **FIXED** MSI RX 570 4GB issues

    dont (good) miners alter their bios to use very specific clockspeeds & memory voltages/timings/etc? too low memory voltage would be unstable for games but could be fine for mining, you might as well flash an official bios just to be sure since you have a known mining card, it's of use to...
  8. kn00tcn

    AMD to release 7nm Vega gaming card and a Polaris refresh by end of 2018?

    mighty, i can answer you (yeesh everyone is so hostile) so you're eager for amd rumors, but how come not for nv rumors? meaning, you accepted what jen said at computex without cross checking the rumors & context, of course he needs to assure press & especially shareholders, it's risky for a...
  9. kn00tcn

    Palit GTX 1070 ti Dual Bios request

    what a disgraceful reply in #4! i havent bothered to sign on in months due to users/posts going to crap, but this had to be called out OP did gave more details & asked a valid question because we DONT need every sticker, we shouldnt be putting serial numbers in public, we only needed the...
  10. kn00tcn

    Are your Browsers subject to Cryptojacking ? Test within!

    i gave two browser results of the topic's current test & detailed the multiple blocking methods that already block or unintentionally allow mining, it's not exactly an on/off standalone feature/issue the thread can easily evolve into a mining information thread as new checkers/methods pop up...
  11. kn00tcn

    Upgrade 2500k

    do you really think there will be a major problem in only two years where multiple games are using so much cpu specific processing that they need more than 4core8thread just to be playable? is this on a 1060? in an age of dx12/vulkan? what about everyone on the 6c6t or 4c4t coffee lakes or...
  12. kn00tcn

    Are your Browsers subject to Cryptojacking ? Test within!

    i disabled filters in ublock/umatrix, still says protected in FF, didnt bother trying to disable the addons entirely (edit: or enabling third party cookies), do note that modern secure FF comes with some disconnect (addon) & extra anti-tracking features built in the only other thing i have...
  13. kn00tcn

    Upgrade 2500k

    ME is a hassle yes, maybe you can find someone to do it or mod the bios with known settings (because that's all it is, a bios file mod, the hassle comes if you do not have a way to download a bios or recover during a problem, but some mobos have dual bios, brands give you a download, users...
  14. kn00tcn

    Are your Browsers subject to Cryptojacking ? Test within!

    you think i dont read the changelogs? that's exactly why you need to update! we've been warned for like 2 years about the plugin change, that's not news https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox/ what about these notices, oh dear they must be important, so much red...
  15. kn00tcn

    AU Optronics To Begin Shipping 8K TV Panels In 1H18

    a single model PANEL or two from a company that makes tons of different sized panels & you think they dropped everything... you people are insane if you're not spending money on manufacturing, why does it matter? 4k wasnt usable in the early days either, two cables with vertical tearing &...
  16. kn00tcn

    AU Optronics To Begin Shipping 8K TV Panels In 1H18

    yes? there's no reason to be so strongly talking about price/availability of high performing gpus (what games, is this even 60hz?), high bitrate videos, high speed internet, how elite it all is... you want to stop advancing? large tvs ant something everyone buys either, no matter which...
  17. kn00tcn

    EA Publisher Sale on Origin and Amazon with Discounts Up to 75%

    hope T2 has usable player counts for at least a few years, T1 still has enough for a couple full lobbies no they arent? unless you're talking about amazon.ca, but digital games arent sold there bf1 $12.x on origin, t2/mec $6.5 on origin, etc EA on pc usually has mostly fair currency converted...
  18. kn00tcn

    Is this Nvidia GeForce 660 ti fake?

    you have some idea, it's not an msi branded card, it's not a reference cooler either there arent that many choices, go through every asus product if you have to, only a few will look like this photo or just ask the seller
  19. kn00tcn

    "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" Year's First Gaming Blockbuster, Sells a Million

    as i understood it, it's people that worked on arma, so it's not out of nowhere like pubg was (maybe i should check to confirm who pubg devs are before saying that)
  20. kn00tcn

    Is this Nvidia GeForce 660 ti fake?

    um, if the model of the listing (i dont care about the title, it could say 'gaming graphics card', same situation) says GTX650TI-OC-2GD5 & it looks like the GTX650TI-OC-2GD5 i opened on newegg, then that means it's a GTX650TI-OC-2GD5 doesnt it? did you price check every other potential...
  21. kn00tcn

    IBASE Announces Embedded Devices with EPYC 3000 and Ryzen Embedded CPUs

    would be nice if the marketing designs of expensive industrial products caught up to the price
  22. kn00tcn

    Upgrade 2500k

    management engine, the back door junk that already had a major security issue in the summer there's nothing secure about adding more holes/complexity to OSs (win10) & mobos (ME), just because they probably wont be used by their creators doesnt mean some malware cant appear to utilize them, a...
  23. kn00tcn

    AMD Provides Support for BIOS Update on 2nd Gen Ryzen - Boot Kit Available

    challenge accepted! how hot can it possibly get? it's not being loaded & will throttle itself... or at least... hope it does... has anyone ever proven if cpus/gpus require drivers or an OS to use their power states? we know nvidia gpus boot at idle clocks but that's about it
  24. kn00tcn

    Lunar Sale, Wishlist Tweaks Hit Valve's Steam Platform

    my wishlist is over 5,200 items, it's much more responsive now & i can delete items without reloading the page (part of the reason i didnt remove items before), i can search & filter which again didnt exist before, it's very much two steps forward MAYBE one back, but not one forward two back at...
  25. kn00tcn

    Intel, NVIDIA Join Forces Towards Garnering US Government Support for AI Field

    heh, odd choice of code screenshot, it's a WP theme https://fruitful.fruitfulcode.com/