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    [FS] Iphone 6s Gold 16gb

    Phone is in great condition and was used on the Sprint Network. I can have it internationally unlocked for the buyer. Condition in great , screen isn't new but some very minor scratches. I can send more pics if needed. Sold
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    [FS] i7 4770k, Saphire 7970, Antec kuhler 620, ASUS H-97 Pro Gamer Mobo

    I accept pay pal . Everything works fine I just did an upgrade. 4770k SOLD shipped without heat sink or box Saphire 7970 SOLD shipped Antec Kuhler 620 SOLD shipped I have the intel bracket only Asus H-97 SOLD shipped most access. included
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    [SOLD] Getting rid of my stuff

    I sent you a message regarding the 980Ti
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    how long have you had the 980Ti and does it have any warranty remaining on it?

    how long have you had the 980Ti and does it have any warranty remaining on it?
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    [FF] ENDED - Giving away Windows and Office keys

    I would like an Office key if you have any left
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    SSD will not reformat

    I got it solved. TY Solaris 17 and you to Schmuckley for the offer
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    SSD will not reformat

    yeah it would not boot. I will do what you said and I do appreciate the help.
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    SSD will not reformat

    I will have to try it, not sure
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    SSD will not reformat

    this is what is list as. I am not using it any longer as I have upgraded and it only shows in the manger area. IT is DISK 1
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    SSD will not reformat

    It is the has the MBR attached to it and it will not allow a reformat. I have tried to clean the disk through dos and also tried to convert it to a GPT drive through windows and all options have failed. Any ideas
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    [FS] A10 5800k/MSI A78 M mobo

    These are both brand new and unused purchased a few weeks ago . Looking to get $140.00 shipped.
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    Migrate/Cloning help

    I am trying to clone my excisting 256gb ssd to my new 480gb and when I go through the process it clones fine but reduces the size of my new ssd to 256. I think I am overlooking something so any help would be appreciated. I am using Macrium Reflect free version on a windows 10 64bit system
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    [FS] Asus maximus extreme IV / i5 2500k combo and more

    I am open to trades on this as well i5 2500k CPU only ASUS Maximus Extreme IV Combo SOLD no IO plate or driver CD Samsung SSD 256 SM841 256gb $50.00 shipped OBO << SOLD >> FX 4130 quad core CPU $50.00 shipped OBO LGA 775 Set up Pending shipped obo ASUS P5W DH Deluxe with IO plate Core 2...
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    [FS] SSD / FX 4130 / LGA 775 set up

    bump , prices reduced
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    [FS] SSD / FX 4130 / LGA 775 set up

    Samsung SSD 256 SM841 256gb $50.00 shipped OBO << SOLD >> Heatware is under Rapidfire48
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    [FS/FT] AMD radeon gold reward ( 3 GAMES )

    what are the game choices I maybe interested
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    [FS] 4gb mem kit

    AMD memory kit $35 shipped My heatware is under Rapidfire48
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    [FS] AM3 Combo

    I sent a pm did you get it?
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    [FS] MSI Twin Frozr III 6950 1gb

    Bump, Today only $145.00 shipped to you...