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  1. drade

    Computer Upgrade King Continuum Micro Gaming PC (Ryzen 7 2700 + RX 580 4GB)

    Wouldn't waste my money... look at the GPU sag, that is horrendous..
  2. drade

    Searching for a new monitor, recommendations?

    I have a 27” . I’d just like something newer. I’ve had this screen for years and would prefer a screen that is 31” or so
  3. drade

    Searching for a new monitor, recommendations?

    More than 24” 1440p IPS (TN doesn’t seem to have a good rep these days) I will definitely test it out. Been looking at MSI and AOC
  4. drade

    Searching for a new monitor, recommendations?

    Hello TPU, I have not been active in the tech sector for quite some time. I am upgrading my screen but am lost due to the variety out there; it’s overwhelming compared to four years ago. My budget is 400$, any help would be greatly appreciated. Primary uses include gaming and MS products. My...
  5. drade

    Intel Tried to Bribe Dutch University to Suppress Knowledge of MDS Vulnerability

    Fake news intel a transparent company
  6. drade

    be quiet! Dark Rock Slim

    Buy Noctua not this garb
  7. drade

    Crypto Exchange Binance Hacked, $40M+ Stolen in Bitcoin

    Bitcoin stupid
  8. drade

    U.S. Hikes Tariffs on Electronics Imports from China by 2.5 Times

    Go back to middle school and learn proper mathematics , lawl. Read some credited resources and see how the Chinese and global economies have been affected by the trade war. Your just stating anecdotal BS
  9. drade

    Corsair Unveils Carbide 175R RGB Mid-tower Case

    So you buy a case, have to open the front panel, potentially remove it, remove dust filters, and the grill to get suitable fpm? It's a simplistic fault that manufacturers continue to make... Go back to the basics, its that simple.
  10. drade

    HyperX Pulsefire Core

    I never, ever, eveerrr read peripheral gaming reviews. But this one caught my attention. Wow, what a great value. From the cable, to the buttons. The sensor is impressive, even though its not "top of the line." The software can be tweaked, but I agree, 1+ gb is steep.
  11. drade

    MSI Issues Clarification on Next-Gen AMD CPU Support on 300-series Motherboards

    Hate to break it to you: First article = Fake News. Reddit is not a credible source. Must verify multiple sources with measurable objective evidence to make such a claim. The wording was quite bias, and frankly, inappropriate. Good for MSI. Quite disappointed here.
  12. drade

    Intel Achieves Gender Pay Equity Globally

    All their 3rd world manufacturing slaves are all paid dirt.. but oh hey lets focus on equal pay for the more marketable, tenured professionals. Love my 8700k, but other than that, I could care less about this news.
  13. drade

    Intel's Core i7-8700K Generational Successor Could be 8-core

    I'd sell my 8700k for this. Thank you AMD.
  14. drade

    ASRock DeskMini GTX1060 (Z370)

    Hi why the giant power brick ?
  15. drade

    Editorial Confessions of a Crypto Miner: Green(er) Mining

    Agreed. Especially dislike mining and the propaganda this OP keeps swaying. Mining is cancer - Die.
  16. drade

    Finished basement, wireless not reaching several areas

    Thanks for the replies! I will take all of this into consideration. Sounds like a new router is in store! Do you folks find that spending 200$+ on routers is unnecessary? I like the idea of a gaming router, though, I see that the brand and advertisement of these routers are more hype vs...
  17. drade

    Finished basement, wireless not reaching several areas

    Hi all. Long time member here. Just recently finished our basement. We have a router supplied by Spectrum (yuck) on the first floor. The signal barely reaches devices in the basement. I had the electrician install a cable jack and phone jack downstairs. Would it make sense for me to buy a new...
  18. drade

    Cryptocurrency Report: 46% of 2017's ICOs Have Failed Already

    Lawl.... mining is aids, and needs to die like the very virus it is. Waiting for RTBs dumb post backing an industry that not only pollutes but puts national security at threat. Good, die mining.
  19. drade

    Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck Hacked, Biggest Heist in History of the World

    Boy does this make me smile. Mining needs to die.
  20. drade

    Editorial Confessions of a Crypto Miner: Efficiency

    I will say it over and over again with no regrets. Mining needs to die. I enjoy watching hackers steal electronic currency. The amount of power consumption produced by this senseless and selfish market is eye opening. Respectively, mining power use exceeds that of indoor marijuana grows. The...
  21. drade

    CaseLabs' Popular Magnum SMA8 Case Undergoes Transformation

    What an ugly m f'n case man. Are you serious? What are we back in early 2000's where Lian Li produced cases like this every year for hundreds of dollars? This case is nothing compared to what the new Magnum series consists of. You couldn't create an epic custom loop set up in this case compared...
  22. drade

    Can't decide on a gaming mouse..

    Still love my g403 wireless !